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Seishin, Takeru

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Seishin, Takeru

Post by Sloth on Thu Jan 15, 2015 12:12 am

"I have read the RP Rules and agree to follow those rules or accept the judgement of the administration for any infractions I may cause. If I have any concerns or questions, I understand to refer to the aforementioned regulations or ask the staff before proceeding further. I understand that I am responsible for my character's information and actions in the story."
~ Your Username

(This part is mandatory in any character sheet, otherwise, we will not judge your application. Don't take it the wrong way, we just want a guarantee that you'll act kindly in the future. We hardly ever have issues, but when we do, it's kind of distressing, so hopefully this will scare those people off.)

*Changing the character due to the loss of the character sheet.

Name: Takeru Seishin
Nickname: Gold
Title: TBD
Race: Pure Shinigami

~Personal Information~

Appearance: -Optional if you have an image-

Gender: Male
Nationality: American|Japanese
Birthday: July 11th
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 195 lbs.
Build: Athletic; Ripped
Skin Tone: Olive
Eye Color: Tan
Hair Color: Brown
Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single
Tattoos: Tribal Sleeve; Right arm
Blood Type: O+
Medical Disorders: N/A
Physical Disabilities: Blind in one Eye

Unique Characteristics:
Scar over Right Eye:
Eye Appearance:

Familial Ties:

  • Kane Seishin
  • Naomi Seishin
  • Klarie Seishin

Education: Shinigami Academy

Personality: Takeru is the definition of a leader. He never tires of helping someone perfect themselves. Takeru does not care about what Race/Species the person is, if he notices how they can improve he tries to help them out. This even carries over into battle. He has a deep bond with all that he encounters as if he had known them since they were young. Many Shinigami even say he is like a father to them.

He is a man with odd ways and never lets out his true intentions. Putting it simply he is a mysterious man, not only that but he is kind hearted and loyal. He constantly thinks of the well being of the Shinigami as a whole. If he gets wind of a shinigami being hurt he is as fierce as a mother protecting her child, but he doesn't show his anger. Takeru prefers to stay calm, cool, and collected.

He is a talkative man to a extent, while at times he is quiet and analytical. When he is relaxed and around his "children" he is like a average silly Father, while when in more serious moments he doesn't talk and lets his powerful presence speak for itself.  Speaking on his lighter side more, he likes to mess with the other shinigami in his squad pointing out any little thing that may embarrass them. A example would be him pointing out how two squad members different sexes spend a lot of time with each other. He likes to keep the atmosphere positive cause he has seen how negative thoughts effect morale.

Takeru is a strategist at its finest. He knows he has a great amount of power, but he prefers not to rely on it. He feels because there is always someone out there stronger than you or someone who has the perfect abilities to counter yours. In battle he is extremely graceful, but has devastating attacks at the same time. Putting it differently this man is a graceful as a leave fluttering in the wind then gently landing in the middle of a pond sending soft ripples outward, and as powerful as a Silver back Gorilla that feels threatened.

Background: [gonna just do recent history]
After meeting Asuna and Junko, Shinigami of Squad 11, Takeru found himself locked in combat with Asuna. The two Shinigami were gought against a hollow who had made its way into the Rukongai. After losing his eye to said Hollow Asuna and Takeru managed to defeat it. Later down the line after going on hiatus to train his skills Takeru returned to the Seireitei to find that his friend Asuna had become a Captain. He would quickly join her squad and attempt to rise through the ranks in order to become her Lt after vowing he would do such.

~Profession Information~

Occupation: Shinigami
Affiliation: Gotei 13
Previous Affiliation: -
Operating Base: Squad 5 Barracks
Team: Squad 5
Rank: TBD
Partner: N/A


Primary: Zanpakuto: The trademark weapons of the Shinigami. Capable of cutting spiritual bodies, they are amongst the few weapons which can be used to combat Hollows. Each Shinigami carries a Zanpakuto, and each Zanpakuto is unique: as the swords are both reflections of a Shinigami's soul and power, and sentient beings unto themselves.

Other: (Only if applicable, and subject to administrative review. Hollows do not have starting equipment. Reiki users are subjective.)

(List what other equipment or devices you wish to give the character. They must pertain to the character and their race, and must have a purpose in the operation of your combat techniques, or are gained over time and given admin approval. If the character has no secondary equipment, simply put "None" in this section.)

~Combat Information~

Combat Style: Takeru's zanjutsu abilities are more ferocious than it is graceful. He strikes for the most incapacitating blows he can without killing the opponent, depending on who they are. He aims for the Achilles heel among other places. When he decides to kill he tries to get it over with as soon as possible. Takeru normally aims for the jugular and other quick finishing spots.

Takeru's hand to hand is full of graceful movements. He uses his opponents force against them to through them off balance. He does this to land devastating blows to the opponent. Takeru uses powerful palm strikes to also knock his opponents off and incapacitate him. He uses every part of his body from his elbows, to his knees, to his head if need be.

Combat Attributes:
Total: 2

  • Strength (1)
  • Swordsmanship (1)


Reiatsu Color: Gold
Reiatsu Shape:
Reiatsu Type: Elemental
-(Standard (Non-elemental), Dual-Type (For Arrancars and Visoreds only), and Elemental)
Reiatsu Affinity: Lava|Magma
Reiatsu Amount: Immense

~Spirit Characteristics~

(If you are not a Shinigami, and don't have the Quincy Seishin Tsume, have the Visored Mask, or have a Hollow Spirit and are not a Hollow yourself, do NOT include this section into your character sheet. It does not pertain to your selected race and circumstances.)


Name: Tora O Souji
Translation: Tiger King Souji
Kanji: -

~Characteristics Of Spirit~

Spirit Type: Zanpakuto
Gender: Male
Height: 8'9", Human Form 6'5"
Weight: 2 Tons, Human Form 220 lbs
Eye Color: Gold
Hair Color: Red
Personality: Souji is a reflection of Takeru just quieter and more serious. Souji doesn't understand human emotions, but they still get along like brothers regardless of this fact. Souji just isn't talkative. Souji is more serious than Takeru never really joking with him. Takeru usually says Souji doesn't enjoy life, but that couldn't be farther from the truth.

Unique Characteristics:
True Appearance:
~Release Forms and Techniques~
Release Command Shikai - Awaken and Melt Everything Away
Release Command Bankai - Dwell in my body Tora O Souji

Please refer to race specific templates listed below for details on what to do for this section of the character sheet.
Zanpakuto Appearance:
Shikai Appearance :
Shikai does not change; elemental control is gained
Bankai Appearance :

No weapon Full Elemental Control
Because he is fusing with his Zanpakuto Spirit Takeru's Physical Prowess; Strength, Speed, Endurance, Durablity, and Agility are increased 1.5x

Techs to be added.



  • Comrades - Takeru loves to be in the company of his comrades whenever he can.
  • Jokes - Takeru has a odd sense of humor, but he still loves to hear and tell jokes.
  • Kids - He has a deep connection with children and seems to get along with those younger than him.
  • Helping -Takeru loves to help people no matter who they are. This is because of how his childhood was.
  • Zanpakuto - Takeru and his Zanpakuto get along like brothers. He can truly say he loves his zanpakuto.


  • No sense of Humor - Takeru strongly dislikes those with no sense of humor; stating they do not enjoy life.
  • Deserters - People who desert their friends and comrades are the worst kind of people to Takeru.
  • Un helpfulness - Those who don't help when they can are a annoyance to Takeru, as he tries to help people in anyway.
  • Tyrants - Takeru dislikes Tyrants saying that they don't let people live the way they want.
  • Over confidence - People who are over confident in their abilities in irritating to Takeru, because there is always someone out there stronger than you to him.

Favorite foods:
Least Favorite foods:
Theme song(s):

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Re: Seishin, Takeru

Post by Kirino Yamazu on Sun Jan 25, 2015 3:21 am

Looks good so far you know having a name and all xD, let me know when it's finished and i'll give you a full review!

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Re: Seishin, Takeru

Post by Sloth on Mon Jan 26, 2015 5:05 am


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Re: Seishin, Takeru

Post by Kirino Yamazu on Mon Jan 26, 2015 9:50 am

Looks good! Don't forget to add detailed techs either on here or your Tech sheet before using them.
Approval 1 of 2

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Re: Seishin, Takeru

Post by Aloysius Koehler on Wed Jan 28, 2015 7:59 pm

Hmm... Honor isn't really a good weakness to be using, but multi-ranged combatant is also useless. So you can remove those two without much issue.

Until you put up some shikai techs at least, I can't judge whether self-destructive release state or weakness to water are applicable to your situation. Those are very situational, and I need to see how they would apply to you.

That being said, elemental weaknesses are limited to a max score of 3, so you'll want to fix that. (I haven't reposted the list yet, so I don't blame you for not knowing, I'm just informing you.)
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Re: Seishin, Takeru

Post by Sloth on Tue Feb 03, 2015 8:59 pm

It's not self destructive. Cause his magma/lava does not bother him. It just has no discrepancy between Friend or Foe. He can't pick who gets hurts by it. I was gonna add the techs on the Tech sheet; would one tech be enough or do you need to see the full list?

Edited the Strength's and Weaknesses

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Re: Seishin, Takeru

Post by Sloth on Thu May 14, 2015 11:13 pm


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Re: Seishin, Takeru

Post by Kirino Yamazu on Tue Jun 02, 2015 9:08 pm

Approval 1/2

`One kills a man, one is an assassin; one kills millions, one is a conqueror; one kills everybody, one is a god`
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Re: Seishin, Takeru

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