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A note about usergroups

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A note about usergroups Empty A note about usergroups

Post by Admin on Tue Jan 13, 2015 11:52 pm

You can actually apply to specific usergroups such as Shinigami, Hollows, and resign from them in turn. Though it still requires staff acceptance, it will cut down on the unnecessary hassle, and you users will be responsible for determining which group you belong in. Groups such as the hidden administrator group or closed ones such as the Takusen do not allow for this feature. Fumetsu is not accepting job applications at this time, sorry.

To apply, simply go to usergroups at the navigation bar above, find the group you want to apply to in the drop-down menu that appears, and hit the "Join Group" button in the usergroup's page. Pretty easy.

~Quantum_Rain, Administrator

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