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Caius Shorai Empty Caius Shorai

Post by Caius Shorai on Thu Dec 08, 2016 3:13 am

Caius Shorai 5c7354bdd05aa25d0006ac0aeafa9655-d4xgx6t
*Image by Sleepingfox.*

Name: Caius Shorai
Race: Hollow Arrancar

~Personal Information~

Gender: Male
Nationality: N/a
Birthday: N/a
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 141 lbs (64 Kg)
Build: Average-Thin
Skin Tone: Caucasian
Eye Color: Purple
Hair Color: Dark-Violet
Blood Type: NA
Nationality: NA
Sexuality: Asexual
Relationship Status: Single
Tattoos: N/a
Blood Type: N/a
Medical Disorders: -Unknown-
Physical Disabilities: -Unknown-

Quiet, calm, collected, and very analytical, Caius prides intelligence above most things. He respects the abilities of others and seeks never to underestimate his enemies. He knows little about the ethical quandaries that so many others have, and believes in few things beyond what he knows for certain. Might and cunning often make right for him, though he'll freely admit that he has yet to experience the larger world for himself.


~Profession Information~
Occupation: Hollow
Affiliation: Nova Espada
Operating Base: Hueco Mundo



~Combat Information~
Combat Style:
Caius is cunning and stoic in combat, utilizing strategic positioning and the environment to his advantage. While he seeks never to underestimate his opponent, he thrives in ensuring that they underestimate him.

Base Reishi: 1500
Available Skill Points: 22

Combat Attributes:
Total: (22)

  • [Trait]-[Bonus]-[Effective Total]
  • Cero - 12 - 27
  • Stamina - 6 - 21
  • Speed - 4 - 19
  • Agility - 4 - 19
  • Endurance - (-2) - 13
  • Strength - (-2) - 13

Reiatsu Color: Violet w/ a Red outline
Reiatsu Shape: A masked demon with four horns, two curved, two straight.
Reiatsu Type: Uncertain
Reiatsu Affinity: Uncertain
Reiatsu Amount: Uncertain

~Release Forms and Techniques~

Unique Traits:

Cero Maestro (Zero Master): A unique ability that allows Caius to charge multiple ceros in a radius of five feet around him, each appearing as a sphere and then firing from said sphere. He can charge up to a maximum of three without sacrificing speed or firepower. He can only charge one cero within the same radius if it is of Superior rank or higher.

Hueco Demoníaco (Demonic Hollow): While Caius is weak in terms of physical durability and strength, his primary combat style focuses around the use of Ceros and other indirect techniques. To that end, Caius's Ceros are more powerful and seemed to be mixed with another type of reiatsu, increasing their lethality and firepower on a basic level. A cero from Caius is more potent than from any hollow of the same level. This effect also applies to other techniques that utilize reiatsu in an offensive manner.
Effect: +2 to Cero

Espada Invocar (Sword Summon): Unlike normal arrancars, Caius conjures his zanpakto when he needs or wants to use it. The blade is otherwise normal, and is necessary in order for Caius to enter his Resurreccion or Segunda Etapa forms. It can be conjured almost instantly, allowing for inventive use of this ability to catch an enemy off-guard or block an incoming attack quickly. The blade itself appears as a slightly longer katana with a red stripe in the middle of the blade, and a normal square hilt.

Unique Techniques:

Caída Sombra (Shadow Fall): An ability that Caius has created himself in order to hide his presence from enemies. It is a technique that phases out his soul and body and camouflages them to darkness or shadows, making him nearly impossible to see or detect. While certain abilities, such as Aura sense or Soul sense, can still see him, they need to be directed towards the general area of he inhabits in order for them to bypass this ability completely. If he moves, he will seem like a moving, distorted shadow, making it possible for him to be seen visually as well.

Demoniaca Cero (Demonic Cero): A cero unique to Caius, it utilizes his reiatsu to a greater extent than normal. While charging, it creates a blood-red mist around a black orb of energy. From this orb, several smaller ceros are launched like missiles at a target, and when they close in on the target, they detonate in a moderately-sized deep blue flaming aura, slicing up the opponent repeatedly rather than burning or draining an opponent upon contact. The flames last for a mere few seconds, but a total of thirteen missiles are launched from the sphere. (Superior-Ranked)

Cero Rebanada (Cero Slice): A more traditional hollow cero that fires as normal, but at an incredible speed and with the intention of slicing the target in an affected area thrice if it connects, despite hitting only once. While a basic cero, it is slightly slower to charge and lacks actual firepower, putting more focus into the slicing-effect that it has. (Basic-Ranked)

Cero Lamento (Cero Lament): A faster charging cero that breaks off into several smaller ones and crashes down onto a target like a wave. Once it either connects with the target or the ground, it detonates violently into a wall of blue flames, persisting for a few seconds afterwords. (Advanced-Ranked)

Resurrecion Name: Lágrima del Diablo (Tear of the Devil)
Command: Despair, Lagrima del Diablo
Resurrecion Appearance:

Resurrecion Abilities:
--Passive Abilities--

--Basic Abilities--

--Advanced Abilities--

--Superior Abilities--

--Ultimate Ability--

--Ultimate Release--
--Resurrecion: Segunda Etapa--
Segunda Etapa Name: Gritos del Mundo (Screams of the World)
Command: Defile, Gritos del Mundo

Likes: Rainfall, the wind, dark places
Dislikes: Meh
Favorite foods: Apathetic
Least Favorite foods: Doesn't Care
Theme song(s):
TPR - FF7 - You can hear the cry of the planet - Melancholy Version
Caius Shorai
Caius Shorai

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