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Reiki User Techniques (WIP)

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Reiki User Techniques (WIP) Empty Reiki User Techniques (WIP)

Post by Aloysius Koehler on Fri Dec 09, 2016 3:30 am

Attack Spells:

A basic speed technique where the user creates a burst of speed with a reishi-assisted leap forward using a single foot. Can be used for short dashes in the direction of the user's foot, with a speed comparable to Shunpo and Sonido.
Originally, this technique was taught to monks with the intent of allowing for travel between villages as “messengers” as well as to speed the arrival of healers in more ancient times.

Reikiho (Spirit Energy Blast):
The first technique created for purely offensive purposes by the original Reiki Users, Reikiho is a destructive beam of energy, taking the shape of a giant circular energy blast with a pointed tip. Reikiho is not the most powerful energy blast, being on average 10% weaker than a cero used by a similar user, but is slightly faster to charge than a cero, in return.

Rei Tama (Spirit Ball):
A very simple technique, Rei Tama are small balls of violently charged spirit energy that can be directed out of a reiki user’s hands and explode on impact with a target. Reasonably quick but not very powerful, Rei Tama are easy to fire and use up little reishi.

The technique's drawback lies in the fact that a single Rei Tama is not very damaging and that they cannot be chained continuously in the same manner as a bala, disturbing the energy of the user’s hand for a brief moment after being fired. Thus, this technique cannot be used in rapid succession, and the most that a Reiki user can conjure is two, one from each hand.

The Rei Tama was amongst the first techniques created for fighting purposes by Reiki users, being so simple to create that they are practically instinctual.

Originally the unique technique of Don Kanonji, a modern spirit medium whose abilities are chiefly self-taught, Ka’nonball is a small ball of sky-blue light filled with high amounts of power. While the attack is incredibly slow, the egg-sized ball of energy explodes with power slightly above that of even a cero, generally destroying whatever it hits. The user directs it after firing with some concentration.

Originally a technique used to amputate infected or rotted limbs cleanly, Taikahane summons a blade of energy that passes through the user’s hands and fingers, with the user’s hand serving as the “hilt” of the blade. Taikahane’s most general manifestation is as a thick katana, but other types of swords have been produced by the technique depending on the user.

Taikahane excels at destroying seals and barriers, but is fragile and can only withstand a few impacts from a zanpakuto or similarly strong weapon before shattering. Luckily, Taikahane is also simple and quick to recreate, taking only a second or two to reform at the cost of little to no energy.



Spiritual Curses:

Maledictam Rosis (Curse of Roses):
Maledictam Rosis is a large, area-of-effect technique that requires substantial amounts of time and energy to prepare. It creates an area where red and white roses fall from the sky, made entirely of reishi energy, and which shatter like glass on contact with anything, all within a twenty-five (25) meter radius of the caster. All who are caught within the field and make contact with the roses have their two highest combat stats reduced by two (2) each, for as long as the field is maintained. The field usually lasts for three posts, and while the caster can move and fight after using this technique, it requires a certain amount of focus to keep it activated, therefore precluding the use of other Superior-ranked techniques.
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