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Fumetsu (I. Quincy)

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Fumetsu (I. Quincy) Empty Fumetsu (I. Quincy)

Post by Fumetsu on Wed Jan 28, 2015 5:34 am

Fumetsu (I. Quincy) BWKEEOY
Other Images:

Fumetsu (I. Quincy) Fumetsu2_zpsa083b97e
Fumetsu (I. Quincy) EMqq8I3

Name: -Name Undisclosed-
Nickname: Fumetsu (Immortal)
Race: Quincy

~Personal Information~
Gender: Male
Nationality: Germanic
Birthday: -Unknown-
Height: 6’1”
Weight: ~175 lbs
Build: Lightly Toned
Skin Tone: Caucasian
Eye Color: Yellow/Gold
Hair Color: Blonde
Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous
Sexuality: -Unknown-
Relationship Status: -Unknown-
Tattoos: -Unknown-
Blood Type: O+
Medical Disorders: The Epitome of Narcissism
Physical Disabilities: -Unknown-
Familial Ties: -Unknown-
Education: -Unknown-

Unique Characteristics:
When angered or excited, eyes flare with energy, like a flame.

Fumetsu is confident, to a fault, intelligent, and controlling. While on the surface he seems sociable and likable, the dark undertones beneath gradually show a cruelty and callousness to suffering and pain that is borderline demented. His pride in his own accomplishments and his desire to directly control almost everything around him or feel that he is in control can be overwhelming, but rarely can one see it beneath the guise of the, albeit somewhat condescending, gentlemen. He views many as beneath his status and unworthy of his time, though he doesn't shy away from partaking directly in whatever task he's faced with to achieve his objectives. What is perhaps more concerning is the fact that he understands his own weaknesses and flaws in his personality, though perhaps would not see them as such, and can readily identify and take advantage of flaws in others, having little to no morality to bar him from subverting others completely.

RP Sample:
The city glowed alit, fire painting orange streaks across it as screams of the dying and the bodies of the dead abounded around him. To him, to Fumetsu, this was like fading images in a dream. A surreality that was oddly comforting and yet nightmarish in equal measure. A little slice of hell itself, brought on by his own actions, with but a little application of force.
"A small application of force..." Fumetsu chuckled to himself, watching the city in despair from high above, viewing it like a painting more than reality. He lifted his open palm once more and energy coursed through his arm into it. For a moment, there was a bright light in the sky above the city, and then in another, there was only blackness and silence.
Deathly silence.
--"The Destruction of Hong Kong, Fumetsu"

~Profession Information~
Occupation: Quincy
Affiliation: Takusen
Operating Base: Citadel of Shattered Fates
Rank: Takusen Leader

Quincy Cross (Maltese Cross with Swirl Effect): The trademark focus for the Quincy, the cross is their central symbol and the means of conjuring the Quincy Bow. The bows are a figurative name, as the weapon can be of virtually any variety or style. Each is unique to the Quincy themselves, and to the cross they bear. Without the cross, a Quincy cannot conjure their bow.

Josaimon Portal Device - A device of uncertain construction and power that can create portals. The portals appear to be large swirling black orbs that seem to absorb nearby light into it. When one looks into it, there is no "other side" to see, just an abyss of black, which is likely an intentional design choice to prevent one to see the point of origin.

~Combat Information~
Combat Style:
Reliant on range and accuracy, Fumetsu's skill in both excel beyond that of any normal Quincy. Upon entering the battlefield, he seeks to dominate it and any combatant, friend or foe. With this in mind, he often toys with his opponents, drawing them out and then entrapping them with crushing despair or broken wills before inevitably converting or obliterating them in overwhelming power. He will often make a show of his strength by playing by his opponent's rules and then subverting them. The battle to Fumetsu is equal parts a battle of the mind as it is a physical confrontation.

Base Reishi: 3500
Available Skill Points: 35

Combat Attributes:
Total: (35)

  • [Trait]-[Bonus]-[Effective Total]
  • Speed - 10 - 45
  • Accuracy  - 6 - 41
  • Stamina - 6 - 41
  • Agility - 5 - 40
  • Ginto - 5 - 40
  • Blut - 3 - 38

Unique Techniques:

  • Ausfransen Sarg (Fraying Coffin) - By studying the technique known as Hado Ninety, Kurohitsugi, Fumetsu has crafted a technique to mimic and improve its destructive power while translating it into a ginto technique. The result is that through the use of four ginto capsules, thrown to create a circle around the target(s), he creates a massive black container made of highly-concentrated reishi. Within, lances lacerate those within at insane speeds, and then detonate, disintegrating any unprepared to face such a barrage of power. (Superior level technique)

  • Heilige Schwert (Sacred Sword) - By combining the idea of a Heilig Pfiel and a Zanpakto as a weapon, Fumetsu has come up with a technique to not only arm himself with a melee weapon, but increase his destructive power in said area to combat those of admittedly greater skill. The result is that by taking a Seele Schieder, he infuses a portion of his own reiryoku to create a large blade resembling a Heilig Pfiel in nature. The blade is capable of extending itself and creating shockwaves of energy when swung. It is furthermore capable of condensing its energy to act as a blade, or releasing its form momentarily to catch an opponent completely off-guard, only to reform in an instant. Finally, the sword, when it slices its opponent or other objects made of reishi, grants its stolen power to its wielder, making them stronger over time before it eventually disintegrates due to overuse. (Advanced level technique)

  • Heilige Null (Holy Zero) - Taking the key concepts of a hollow's cero, Fumetsu is capable of taking reishi in the air and combining it with his own reiatsu to create a similar effect. Condensing the reishi to an unmeasurable level, he releases a burst of his own reiatsu in a specific direction and then fires that powerful beam of hyper-condensed reishi. The result is a consistently firing beam that can be used to sweep the battlefield for several precious seconds and which detonates against anything upon impact, making it highly destructive. (Advanced level technique)

  • Göttliche Erneuerung (Divine Replacement) - A challenging technique to master that Fumetsu designed to ensure his own physical health remains as is. Through the extensive study of the 4th Division's healing techniques, the Hollows high-speed regeneration, and the Quincy's own limited healing techniques, Fumetsu has created a unique twist on the subject matter. The ability creates multiple weaves of reishi around an affected area, allowing Fumetsu to replicate a missing portion of his body, i.e. a limb or organ, in order to function properly. The part in question appears semi-solid, akin to a mass of energy that mimics the required form. Furthermore, he is able to stop any bloodloss due to said injuries. Over time this weave would solidify and regenerate into a new part of the body, though for this to occur, a very substantial amount of time must have passed.

  • Soul Manipulation - Fumetsu has shown to be able to forge involuntary bonds to various souls regardless of type. He can furthermore restructure them, and this ability can manifest at his own will, unhindered by the strength or stamina of his target. To him, it is merely a matter of time, whittling them down to nothing before enslaving them for eternity. Those who are taken by this link are shown to have glowing or even flame like eyes as he does. This is a symbol of the devouring of souls, and the more flame-like, the more their power is not truly their own. Some of his more powerful subordinates have shown to be able to use this power to some extent, though not with nearly as much ease as Fumetsu is capable of.

Reiatsu Color: Golden Yellow
Reiatsu Shape: Flaming Inferno
Reiatsu Type: Standard
Reiatsu Affinity: None
Reiatsu Amount: Immense

~Release Forms and Techniques~

--Ginrei Kojaku--
Ginrei Name: Unmei Bo (????: Destiny Bow)
Ginrei Firerate: 1,500/s - 600/s
Ginrei Appearance:
A golden bow of reishi energy that pulsates when used. It acts as if it were made of fire, and has a fire rate of about 1,500 arrows a second when Fumetsu utilizes his thoughts. When firing manually with his hands, the arrows are more powerful, however, the fire-rate drops to about 600 arrows per second.

Ginrei Abilities:
--Basic Abilities--
Zankokuna Unmei (残酷な 運命;Cruel Fate):

Fumetsu calls forth a flurry of reishi scythes, sacrificing his Kojaku momentarily to use them as projectiles. They fly forth, spinning rapidly in order to slice through opposition. They are designed to steal Reiryoku and then return to Fumetsu, feeding him and replenishing him. Eight scythes, each scythe can only be used once if they connect with the target or are destroyed by a suitably powerful enough attack.
Unmei-en (運命炎;Destiny Flame):

--Advanced Abilities--
Hoshiakari Uzu (星明り渦;Starlight Vortex):

Fumetsu can create moderate-sized swirling masses of golden flames around him, and then cast them outward like spinning disks. Contact with the outer edges causes reiatsu and reishi to contort and bend to the swirling energetic mass, pulling it into the vortex. It then detonates with that absorbed energy. The overall process takes but two seconds to complete, creating an average-sized detonation (single target, not AOE). Fumetsu can create up to five of these until waiting to recharge for two posts. This ability can also be used defensively, against reiatsu-heavy techniques.
Hametsu (破滅;Ruin):

Fumetsu calls forth a much more powerful and larger scythe than in his Cruel Fate technique. This scythe is designed for a different purpose however. He wields it telekinetically and his goal is to impale the target. If he misses, the technique fails and the scythe dissipates, but if it impacts, the target is inflicted with a curse, as the scythe absorbs itself into their reiryoku. It will, over time, drain them to a point, weakening them from the inside.
Rensa Shi Kami (連鎖し神;Chained God):

Fumetsu conjures a series of chains that sprout out from behind him, all aimed at a single target. The chains stretch out and encase his opponents, focusing crushing amounts of spiritual pressure within the cocoon. Then, from within the cocoon of chains comes a bright detonation of light as the pressure reaches its breaking point. The release of energy is immense, designed to shatter the enemy within.

--Superior Ability--
Tengoku no Rakka (天国の落下;Heaven's Fall):

--Ultimate Release--

Likes: Rainstorms, soft winds, quietness, achieving his goals, and mental challenges.
Dislikes: Rudeness or ignorance, loud noises, chaotic scenes.
Favorite foods: Sweet foods, particularly candy. Shocking, huh?
Least Favorite foods: Sour or spicy foods.
Theme song(s):
Theme song(s):
-Main Character Theme-
(Last Ranker - A Round Table Conference)

-Normal Combat-
(Magi - A Storm is Coming to Us All)

-Boss Battle-
(Magi - Cast to Damnation)

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