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Nazo (II. Shinigami)

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Nazo (II. Shinigami) Empty Nazo (II. Shinigami)

Post by Nazo on Wed Jan 28, 2015 5:41 am

Nazo (II. Shinigami) JXUSiOC

Name: Haruki Saito
Nickname: Nazo (謎: Riddle)
Title: The Noble Shadow
Race: Shinigami

~Personal Information~

~ Normal attire is a long, black coat with red glowing archaic symbols and a hood covering his head. His eyes emit a flame-like red glow. Picture above is when he is not disguised.
Gender: Male
Nationality: Japanese
Birthday: Unknown
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 86 kg (190 lbs)
Build: Muscular, thin
Skin Tone: Asian
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Silver-White
Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous
Sexuality: Asexual
Relationship Status: Single
Tattoos: None
Blood Type: Unknown
Medical Disorders: Unknown
Physical Disabilities: None
Unique Characteristics:
~Eyes emit a flame-like red glow when in darkness or when angered or excited emotionally.

Familial Ties: No living relatives.
Education: Unknown
Nazo is eerily silent, and usually appears angered or annoyed elsewise. When he rarely speaks, he uses rather simple terminology. In combat, he is analytical and ruthless, aiming for a kill as quickly as possible.


~Profession Information~
Occupation: Shinigami
Affiliation: Takusen
Previous Affiliation: Unknown
Operating Base: Citadel of Shattered Fates
Team: None
Rank: Unknown
Partner: None


Zanpakuto: The trademark weapons of the Shinigami. Capable of cutting spiritual bodies, they are amongst the few weapons which can be used to combat Hollows. Each Shinigami carries a Zanpakuto, and each Zanpakuto is unique: as the swords are both reflections of a Shinigami's soul and power, and sentient beings unto themselves.

~Combat Information~
Combat Style:
Nazo focuses on strategic positioning and close-quarters, high speed combat in his base form. As he releases stages of his Zanpakuto, he becomes more stationary and focused on his surrounding environment more than mobile, but one should always exercise caution in battle against him.

Base Reishi: 3,000
Available Skill Points: 30

Combat Attributes:
Total: 30

  • [Trait]-[Bonus]-[Effective]
  • Swordsmanship - 8 - 40
  • Speed - 7 - 38
  • Strength - 6 - 38
  • Agility - 5 - 36
  • Endurance - 4 - 37

Reiatsu Color: Purple & Black
Reiatsu Shape: Indistinct Mass
Reiatsu Type: Elemental
Reiatsu Affinity: Shadow (Dark)
Reiatsu Amount: Immense

~Characteristics Of Zanpakuto Spirit~
Nazo (II. Shinigami) C481ae78b6f7200bdb524ccb436b965a
Spirit Type: Zanpakuto Spirit
Gender: Female
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 98 lbs (44.5 kg)
Eye Color: Light Blue
Hair Color: Black

~Release Forms and Techniques~

Zanpakuto Name: Kagetama
Base Appearance: Appears as a black tachi sword with a white sheath. The sheath has a number of red archaic symbols adorning it, which glow brightly when the sword is being taken from its sheath.
Nazo (II. Shinigami) Buy-tachi-sword-300x300_zps7115a63e

Shikai Name: Kagetama (影魂; Shadowed Soul)
Release Command: Darken the skies
Shikai Appearance: The blade dissipates as a black mass takes form around Nazo and his shadow. His shadow and this dark outline becomes both his armor and his weapon. It relies on specific combat styles which will be listed as abilities. These forms cannot be used together, but can be alternated between in a quick fashion, though there is a time gap which can be exploited, depending on how long it takes for the shadows to form accordingly.

Shikai Abilities:
--Basic Abilities--
Dai ichi Ken (第一剣; First Sword):

The shadows swirl around Nazo and form into two blades shaped like his original zanpakto. They are attached to Nazo’s hands, and can regenerate when broken, making them viable weapons. Aside from the ability for them to be infused with his reiatsu for increased lethality, the swords are light-weight and thus very fast. He still retains some semblance of armor in the form of a shadowy outline.
Dai ni Hogo (第二保護; Second Protection):

Sacrificing combat ability for defense, the shadow outline thickens and radiates with energy. Most attacks that impact against this barrier lose most of their inertia and aren’t as sharp in the damage they inflict. However, Nazo sacrifices maneuverability with this form. Hand-to-hand combat is his only means of attack.

--Advanced Abilities--
Dai san Yari (第三槍; Third Spear):

The shadows converge to a point and lance in the direction that the shadow faces. (I.e. off the face of a wall, floor, ceiling, or in the air in a single direction.) The lances are laced with a degrading effect on opponents that are sliced by them. He can conjure a number of lances (~14) normally, and can push himself to an even higher number (~22) if the need is dire enough. This form has no armor around Nazo.
Dai shi Kama (第四鎌; Fourth Scythe):

This is primarily a speed form, in which the shadows swirl around Nazo and he can control them as if he were making the wide-swings of a scythe. When the shadows sweep by, they are sharp and large enough to slice off limbs, but its primary weakness is recovery. The shadows have to return to swirling around Nazo before they can slice again. He can combine the shadows into one sweep or divide them into four to alternate between, the first having the most power, and the latter having the most speed. This form has a light armor around Nazo.

--Superior Abilities--
Dai go Shokujō (第五職杖; Fifth Mace):

A primarily offensive technique, meant to overpower enemy defenses. It creates a massive sphere of shadow which Nazo manipulates, using his hands, to smash down or sweep across his enemies. Its spiked shape makes it particularly deadly and devastating. However, he has no protection with this form, as the shadow is not formed into a barrier around him.

--Ultimate Ability--
Kesshō Massatsu (決勝抹殺; Final Obliteration):

Nazo sacrifices all defense and converges all of the shadow into one powerful blade. Infused with all of his reiatsu, the blade and Nazo radiate with blackness as the air around it and Nazo is darkened considerably. This blade’s killing power is incredible, as what it slices is degraded to ashes while it unleashes a powerful outburst of energy. However, it is good for only a one-time use before it dissipates back into its sealed form.

Bankai Name: Kage Kōtei (影皇帝: Shadow Emperor)
Release Command: Devour the light
Bankai Appearance:
The blade dissipates as pure black energy explodes outward and engulfs Nazo and the area around him in total darkness. As the shadow settles, it swirls around a black-cloaked Nazo, only his red eyes showing from underneath the hood.

Bankai Abilities:
--Basic Abilities--
Kuroba (黒刃; Black Blades):

The shadow collects itself into several blades. While the blades must keep a close proximity to Nazo, they can be controlled telekinetically to fight Nazo’s enemies, and move as if he himself were wielding them. In this form, Nazo lacks protection, but he gains the ability to teleport (or more accurately, move incredibly quick) from one point to another utilizing the shadows to form a path accordingly. The creation of said path is limited and takes a moment or two, and has a very limited range.
Yoru no Tobari (夜のとばり; Pall of Night):

The darkness collects around Nazo and forms an outline around him, protecting him from outside attacks. While similar to his Dai ni Hogo technique, this one is of a far higher strength. While it renders Nazo immobile, he is well protected within the shadows.

--Advanced Abilities--
Hakanai Yami (儚い闇; Ephemeral Darkness):

The darkness collects itself and converges into a large sphere around the enemy. Reflecting the enemy’s attacks against him, it becomes charged with energy. From all sides, the darkness slices inwards towards the ensnared target, aiming to cut them to pieces. After a time, the shadow must recollect itself or it will shatter, and then reform itself. In either case, the attack is on a time limit, and can be overpowered if the target is strong enough.
Yami no Arashi (闇の嵐; Storm of Darkness):

From above, darkness collects and then bombards the opponent with a fast flurry of incredibly sharp lances. This cloud follows the opponent, managing to keep pace and never ceasing its barrage until the shadow must recollect itself around Nazo. The cloud’s shape and size is determined by Nazo. The larger, the more lances, but the more power consuming it becomes. The cloud can also alter the direction it is conjured, from atop to beside the enemy, or even below.

--Superior Abilities--
Kuroku Hoshi (黒く星; Blackened Star):

The shadow swirls around Nazo more rapidly and wildly, until it turns into something akin to a pillar of darkness. This pillar then collapses into a sphere above Nazo and then detonates violently outward, sending shards of darkness in all directions. While not harming Nazo, it damages those around him in a dangerous way. The attack will temporarily blind them as well as slice them with fragments of darkness.
Kurai Tenshi (暗い天使; Dark Angel):

Wings of shadow extend from behind the cloak as the darkness fuses with Nazo. As Nazo extends his hands from his under his cloak, he can conjure dark shards and blades with the movements of his hands, aiming to slice and pierce the target. While the attack is mentally draining, it is lethally fast and has a long range, the darkness flying outwards to where Nazo wishes, and then performing the action he instructed.

--Ultimate Ability--
Kami no Kage (神の影; Shadow of God):

Wings of black, darkening energy extend from Nazo’s back as he conjures two blades into his hands. The blades radiate with dark energy visibly, and are attached to Nazo’s arms by chains of blackness. The swords are capable of disintegrating what they slice, cell by cell, into ash. However, they do so at a lesser level than his Kesshō Massatsu technique. Instead, the blades can be used a number of times before dissipating, and on their final attack, they detonate against the enemy, dealing the final blow. This technique may be used but once before reverting back to its sealed form, and leaving Nazo rather exhausted.

--Ultimate Release--
Second Bankai Name: Shinkage(神影: Shadow God)
Second Bankai Release Command: Ima yami ni sanka (今闇に参加; Now join with the darkness)
Second Bankai Appearance:
Dark energy erupts once more, but this time encompassing a much larger area in a black veil, cutting off all light from the outside but not blinding those within. Within this sphere of darkness, Nazo appears as he normally does, with the same sword as though he never released it. However, he is able to manipulate the darkness to his whim, and inside the sphere, he is at his most powerful.

+250 Reishi
+2 Stamina
+2 Speed
+1 Endurance
+1.75x Boost to -Unknown-

Second Bankai Abilities:
-Not Revealed Yet-

Likes: Quietness, Order, Well-Lit places
Dislikes: Starry Nights, Open ceilings, Akumu
Favorite foods: Savory Foods
Least Favorite foods: Bitter or Sour Foods
Theme songs:
-Main Character Theme-
(Zack Hemsey - Warrior's Lullabye)

-Boss Battle-
(Chaos Legion - Welcome to the Darkness)

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