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Yugami (III. Fullbringer)

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Yugami (III. Fullbringer) Empty Yugami (III. Fullbringer)

Post by Yugami on Wed Jan 28, 2015 5:44 am

Yugami (III. Fullbringer) CENm92S
Name: Unknown
Nickname: Yugami (歪み: Distortion)
Title: Dimensional Horror
Race: Human (Fullbringer)

~Personal Information~

-Appears as above, unless in stealth-requiring missions, in which he appears with a black cloak like the others. Unlike Fumetsu and Nazo, however, his eyes do not glow like flames. They instead glow brightly, with no other effects.
Gender: Male
Nationality: Japanese(?)
Birthday: Unknown
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 210 lbs
Build: Slim, Toned
Skin Tone: Dark Asian
Eye Color: Orange
Hair Color: Red
Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous
Sexuality: Uncertain
Relationship Status: Single
Tattoos: None
Blood Type: Unknown
Medical Disorders: Unknown
Physical Disabilities: None
Unique Characteristics:
-Eyes glow brightly and intensely at all times, especially in the dark.

Familial Ties: Unknown
Education: Unknown
To the point and holding a very sophisticated speech pattern, Yugami is Fumetsu’s right hand, used to keep his plans in order. To that end, he appears in order to ensure such plans remain intact, but he rarely enters combat situations himself, preferring to survey the scene and manipulate its circumstances before considering personal intervention.

Fumetsu’s right hand and vice commander, Yugami is a cold, dispassionate, and complex character. Reserved, but very commanding, he desires others to display their best or fall by his hands before the enemy kills them. His past is, like the others, a mystery, but one can assume he led a wealthy, comfortable life. Still, it is uncertain as to how he got his Fullbring in the first place, why he is as powerful as he is, and why he follows Fumetsu so loyally.

~Profession Information~
Occupation: Vice-Commander
Affiliation: Takusen
Previous Affiliation: Unknown
Operating Base: Citadel of Shattered Fates
Team: None
Rank: Unknown
Partner: None

Fullbring Focus: Pendulum
A pendulum, hidden underneath Yugami's sleeve, functions as his Fullbring focus. Bearing an uncertain connection to him, he keeps it tied to his wrist at all times. Its power is that of manipulating the very fabric of space itself, though in limited and controlled fashions.

Attila Custom Handgun:
A custom made handgun called an Attila, this handgun has several oddities immediately noticeable. For starters, it is never loaded with any ammunition of any sort, however Yugami has been seen actually firing the gun despite this. Furthermore, it appears linked to his fullbring in some manner, but it is never shown in what exact way. The handgun in another's hands would be useless, though its sleek and fairly stylish design makes it appealing.

~Combat Information~
Combat Style:
Yugami's combat style is one of the more passive ones in the Takusen, with a reliance on distorting the space and perceptions of his opponents and then finishing them off with devastating, targeted abilities and effects while they remain dazed and confused. He rarely appears aggressive, though it is known that his master state is considerably more direct in its efforts to kill.

Base Reishi: 2,500
Available Skill Points: 20

Combat Attributes:
Total: (20)

  • [Trait]-[Bonus]-[Effective]
  • Accuracy - 6 - 3,100
  • Speed - 4 - 2,900
  • Stamina - 4 - 2,900
  • Agility - 4 - 2,900
  • Endurance - 2 - 2,700

Reiatsu Color: Red
Reiatsu Shape: Pendulum
Reiatsu Type: Elemental
Reiatsu Affinity: Space
Reiatsu Amount: Significant

~Release Forms and Techniques~

Fullbring Name: Singularity (特異点: Tokui-ten)
Fullbring Description: Taking the form of a pendulum, this unique and unusual Fullbring offers Yugami the ability to manipulate space itself, though in a limited and controlled fashion. In its Yusei state, it does not appear to alter the environment or his own appearance in any way, thereby offering a bit of stealth in Yugami's manuevers. In his Shūban state, however, that does not hold up as true.

--Yusei (Complete State)--
Yusei Appearance: Yugami's fullbring does not change his appearance, or his environment, in any way. All that appears to occur is a sudden increase in his reiatsu, as well as his ability to passively manipulate the very fabric of space around himself and his victims. Furthermore, his handgun also appears to be capable of firing, offering a basic attack that he would normally be lacking.

Yusei Abilities:
--Passive Abilities--
Waikyoku Kara (歪曲殻; Distorting Shell):

An ability tied to his custom handgun, the Attila, it is acquired via the activation of his fullbring and is his primary means of attacking. The handgun is capable of firing shells at an enemy which distort the space around them, traveling at greater speeds than a normal bullet and packing more of a definitive punch, even against spiritual beings. Yugami is furthermore not limited in terms of ammo, and his firerate is considerably higher than normal, with him capable of firing up to a hundred rounds per second. The shells are similar to Heilig Pfiel, but much more potent in firepower, with him being able to manipulate the strength of the rounds by reducing or increasing the firerate.

--Basic Abilities--
Nejire (ねじれ; Warp):

By creating an intangible sphere around himself or his opponent, Yugami is capable of folding or extending space to make the distances they travel shorter or longer. He can furthermore do this with specific projectiles, though he cannot make and maintain more than two of these fields. They apply a -3 speed debuff to opponents or a +3 speed buff to himself when used. He can use this ability to dodge incoming ranged attacks, or increase the speed of his own even further.
Gyaku hōkō (逆方向; Reverse Direction):

Yugami is capable of creating an intangible but not invisible sphere around his opponents, as they can see that the space around them is distorted when this technique is in use. The distorted space is used to reverse the direction of incoming and outbound attacks in every direction, while not interfering with their personal perceptions. The result is that any forward-facing attack would come from behind, and vice versa. If they swung to the left, their attack would cut to the right, and so on. It is furthermore capable of reversing directions on already launched attacks, either from his opponent or from himself. He is capable of creating up to four of these fields, which is cut in half if he is using Nejire in any form.
Koshō (故障; Breakdown):

By focusing spatial energy into a single point in the center of his palm and then swiping in the air, Yugami is capable of creating a rift in space in front of him. It is designed in such a way that, if it comes into contact with reishi or something physical, it breaks it apart into its base components, thereby eliminating the threat. With more powerful entities, such as living people, the effect is negligible. It is primarily used as a defensive technique, to break down weaker, incoming attacks with relative ease.

--Advanced Abilities--
Gitai (擬態; Mimicry):

Yugami manipulates the space around his opponents and himself to create a mirror effect across a fifty meter radius. He and his targets are mirrored several times over, creating something akin to a mirror house only lacking the actual mirrors themselves. With several dozen copies of every affected person, only Yugami knows who is whom, and he can take advantage of their confusion. The mirrors mimic their original’s movements in every way, though their attacks and actual forms are insubstantial.
Jūzoku (縦続; Cascade):

By focusing reishi into a sphere at a specific point, Yugami is capable of creating a white sphere of reishi and reiatsu that is designed to collapse in on itself and whatever it contains, crushing itself into oblivion. While extremely damaging, the sphere takes several key seconds to reach optimal strength, thus allowing it to be dodged altogether. It can be formed anywhere, with a limit of ten existing at any given time. Anything may enter or leave the spheres, with some entities and even people, whose strength or defense is substantial enough, being able to resist the crushing effect. The sphere is roughly a meter in diameter, and is glowing, pure white. It also pulses twice, once when it originally forms, and again when it begins to implode, making it even more noticeable.
Funka (噴火; Eruption):

The same as Jūzoku in its formation, but with an explosive effect rather than an implosive one. It is designed to exert an immense amount of energy outward in order to throw enemies away and inflict significant damage. It has a similar charge and appearance, though is slightly larger, being 2 meters in diameter rather than 1. It is still, however, easily dodged and its explosive effect only reaches to about three times its diameter, 6 meters in total. Up to ten of these may exist at any given time.

--Superior Abilities--
Heisoku (閉塞; Obliteration):

Yugami combines his Jūzoku and Funka techniques into a larger, vastly more powerful sphere of reishi and reiatsu, all in an effort to crush his opponents within its reach. A sphere can be formed, albeit somewhat sluggishly, around a target or a group thereof, having a 10 meter radius. Those caught within and couldn't escape within the few seconds they had available to them are locked within with a crushing reiatsu current, which proceeds to bear down on them and extinguish them altogether. Then, after several seconds of such, the sphere detonates, casting a massive amount of energy in an upward spiral of reishi, obliterating those that survived. Its long charge-up period and obvious appearance do make it somewhat easy to avoid, and its draining effect on Yugami limits the amount of times it can be used. Though if successful, and barring the victims being able to break through the thick layer of reiatsu, it would leave crumpled, broken enemies in its wake.

--Shūban (Master State)--
Shūban Appearance: -Not Revealed-

Shūban Abilities: -Unknown-
--Passive Abilities--

--Basic Abilities--

--Advanced Abilities--

--Superior Abilities--

--Ultimate Ability--

Likes: Clear night skies, high places, curiosity
Dislikes: Just-minded people, nobility, ignorance, stormy weather
Favorite foods: Sour Foods
Least Favorite foods: Spicy Foods
Theme song(s):
-Main Character Theme-
(Black Bullet - Project Neo Sapiens)

-Boss Battle-
(Black Bullet - Monolith -The Threat-)

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