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Yume (V. Reiki User)

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Yume (V. Reiki User) Empty Yume (V. Reiki User)

Post by Yume on Wed Jan 28, 2015 5:49 am

Yume (V. Reiki User) BSYNcIX
Additional Images:

Yume (V. Reiki User) Abo82dW
Yume (V. Reiki User) OzrEZCr
Name: Unknown
Nickname: Yume (夢: Dream) (Known Title)
Title: The Eversleeping
Race: Human (Reiki User)
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 120 lbs
Gender: Female
-Yume normally appears in a black cloak more suited as a jacket, and considerably shorter than the rest of the others. The above picture is her appearance at any other time. Her eyes also glow lightly.

Eye color: Bluish-Violet
Hair color: Purple
Tattoos: N/a
Medical disorders: N/a
Blood type: N/a
-Yume’s personality can be described as fragile, at best. Being as young as she is and given her history, she is usually quiet and interestingly solemn. She despises killing, but is usually forced to do so regardless.

Combat Style Description:
Yume doesn’t fight, but is more than capable of dodging and other acrobatic stunts necessary to avoid damage whenever possible. She relies on her abilities and reaching into the thoughts of others to conjure up victory from unrealistic dreams.

Base Reishi: 1,000
Available Skill Points: 20

Combat Attributes:
Total: (20)

  • [Trait]-[Bonus]-[Effective Total]
  • Dream Creation (Reiki) - 10 - 2,000
  • Speed - 5 - 1,500
  • Agility - 3 - 1,300
  • Stamina - 2 - 1,200

Dream Creation* is a unique stat that increases the potency of her reiki ability to create images out of people's dreams. This stat increases their base potency.

Pulse Reishi Name: Tengoku no Yume (天国の夢: Dream of Heaven)
Pulse Reishi Description: Yume glows a pattern of blue and gold when she activates her Pulse Reishi state. Her abilities mostly pertain in creating and commanding the dreams and nightmares of her opponents, utilizing their worst fears and terrors against them. She can create any creature, any object, so long as it has a basis in her opponent’s mind. (Memories count too.)

Soul Pulse: Yume’s Soul Pulse has the ability to manipulate and create entities and objects based off of the memories and dreams of her opponents. These creations are her primary means of combat. In this state, Yume has a halo above her head, glowing a bright golden color.

Soul Pulse Abilities:

Sōzō no Yume (Dream of Creation):
Yume is capable of creating entities and objects based on the memories and dreams of her opponents. She can only create entities and objects that equal to her own power level, but she is not limited in how many she can create thereof. However, if multiples of her creations fall, she will be weakened for each one that does. In some cases, she can assume the form of what she creates, but is limited to a humanoid of similar size and power if she does. However, she'll be able to fight and use abilities according to what is permitted in the memories and dreams of her opponent.

Tamashī Kusari (Soul Chains):
Yume has the ability to link her creations to the souls of her opponents. She can only do so if the creation she makes bears a special relation to the one it was created from. This also can only be used once per creation, so she cannot re-use it on an exact replica of a creation that was destroyed while having this link.

Yume no Jōtai (State of Dreaming):
By expanding her reiatsu in all directions around a set area, Yume is capable of taking a dream from her opponent and making it real, environment and all. While her control over the dream is more limited with this ability, she can influence the chain of events and power levels of what she has created based on the enemy's reactions. The dream state is broken when the enemy either overpowers her or "completes" the dream. She cannot create more apparitions that don't already exist within the dream originally. The dream area also has a limit in size, and while it takes place in reality, it does involve a contained space. A room, or a dome, etc. By reaching the boundary, one could shatter the container with sufficient force and break the dream area. She can also alter the completion conditions, but doing so means the dream state will shatter within ten to fifteen posts, depending on how drastic the change is from the original.

Genjitsu Hasai (Reality Crush):
By sacrificing her creations, she can gather the energy around her due to her creations and concentrate them. By having those energies enter the minds of her opponents, she can shuffle their memories and personalities, effectively crushing who they were in favor of rendering them unable to fight. This power also drains their stamina and remixes their combat ability. This power can be resisted, though not completely, by those of strong wills, personalities, and memories, but they will fall over time.

Overdrive: Yume’s overdrive removes the limitations her Soul Pulse is usually privy to. In this state, shards of energy form what appears to be wings, glowing a bluish hue, while her halo remains, glowing an even brighter gold as it catches fire.

Overdrive Abilities:

Yume is capable of using her previous abilities, though with these modifications:
-Sozo no Yume: She can create entities more powerful than even she is, increasing her Dream Creation stat by 10, but limiting the number of entities she may create to one.
-Tamashi Kusari: Yume can create multiple soul chains to  multiple entities, provided the previous conditions were met.
-Yume no Jōtai: Yume can alter a fair deal of the environment and events in the dream and raise the power of specific entities even higher than before.
-Genjitsu Hasai: This power is not available in her Overdrive state.

Kurai Genjitsu (Dark Reality): After creating multiple soul chains and other creations, Yume is capable of more fully entering the minds of her opponents, remixing memories and dreams and then make them a reality. These entities are more powerful than normal, and share a direct link to the one they were born from. Whenever these entities fall by the sword, the memories are outright forgotten, being removed from their minds entirely.

Bio: Yume is a young reiki user with a unique ability, the ability to command dreams and memories. Though her combat ability is minimal, her ability of creation is far more effective, having those dreams fight her battles for her. Her state of mind, however, is fragile in of itself, due to her age and even more-so due to her unknown past and her connections to Fumetsu.

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