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Quincy Techniques

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Quincy Techniques Empty Quincy Techniques

Post by Admin on Thu Jan 08, 2015 2:16 am

Ginto Techniques:

This Ginto spell creates a rectangular beam of energy using Ginto capsules, which can slice through the opponent.
Incantation: " feel the wrath of battle and accept this sacred chalice - sacred bite!

This technique forms a man-sized barrier around it's target, adorned with a pentagonal quincy cross.
Incantation: "A silver rod strikes the five-fingered stone bed - Quintuple Restraining Frames!"

This technique creates a large blast of energy. It can be used for offensive purposes, or to cushion a fall.
Incantation: "Tilt the goblet to the west - Emerald grail!"

Ginto arrow:
Using a silver ginto capsule, the quincy mixes the liquid in the capsule with an arrow of energy to fire a powerful arrow. Regardless of the person using it, the arrow will become twice as large and a metallic silver, and leave a silver energy trail behind it. this technique is extremely penetrating, and can break through most basic defense techniques. However, it loses any homing capabilities, and it's strength is dependent on the user. Depending on the strength of the user, the power of the attack can go from being only somewhat stronger than the users, to being able to stop and penetrate through a cero. ~Technique compliment of Erza~

Using a Ginto capsule, the user creates cords of reiatsu to entangle the opponent. the cords are very sticky, similar to spiderweb, and the number of cords is great enough to entangle the entire body, making this a difficult technique to resist even with greater reiatsu. the cords themselves are quite easy to dodge, however, so other preparations must be made beforehand as well. ~Technique compliment of Erza~

Heilen (Heal):
A basic healing technique that utilizes a ginto capsule, when released the reishi energy flows over the wounds and produces a regenerative field via accelerated cellular growth. Good for minor to medium wounds. (Cuts, burns, scraps, etc.) It is nearly ineffective against major wounds. (Organ damage, impalement, deep and/or large cuts, etc.) It is completely ineffective in curing poisons or diseases.~Product of Quantum Rain~

Frieren (Freeze):
Moreso a defensive technique that is to be used in an aggressive manner, and utilizes ginto capsules, it allows a Quincy to cast a reishi-infused ice sphere against other reishi attacks directed at them. It is designed to freeze reishi, and then shatter them, thus making those types of attacks ineffective. However, it can be overpowered and may only slow down or stall a more powerful attack. It may altogether not even work against superior opponents. It does little to no damage to an opponent.~Product of Quantum Rain~

Blitzstrahl (Thunderbolt):
Utilizing a ginto capsule, a Quincy could call down a lightning strike of reishi energy which is designed to deal mild damage and stun an opponent. It could then chain to the next opponent three additional times before being incapable of another jump. Its special effect comes in that it can greater stun and damage opponents of higher reishi concentrations, but it is also countered by strong reiatsu. Best used as a surprise tactic.~Product of Quantum Rain~

Todlich Dunst:
Using a ginto capsule, the user creates a thick mist of reiatsu, which obscures energy sensing as well as it does sight. this mist is not easily dispelled, even by kido,and, depending on the user of the skill, can fade in anytime between 5 posts, to 30 posts. The range is also dependent on the user, a novice being able to create a field of ten feet, while an ancient can make it as large as a city block.~Technique compliment of Erza~

Flugeln Kafer:
Flugeln Kafer is a ginto technique that creates 5 silver beetles. The beetles are about twice the size of a true beetle, and fly towards their given target, directed by the quincy. The beetles will use their pincers to latch onto an enemy,and then explode in a small silver puff, as a form of remote explosive. each explosion is rather small, however, and one beetle is not likely to do too much damage to an opponent.~Technique compliment of Erza~

Sternschnuppe(Shooting star):
This technique causes miniature stars of reishi to fall in a rain at the location the ginto capsule was thrown, which altogether equal a sokatsui in power. the stars themselves explode in a silver cloud upon hitting a target. though difficult to dodge, the individual stars themselves are not too harmful, though many hitting at once can be.~Technique compliment of Erza~
Incantation: "Tilt your head to the sky, and make haste to the earth - celestial storm!"

Maho teishi:
Creates an energy barrier, adorned with a roman cross symbol, directly in front of the Quincy. the barrier does nothing to stop a person, or zanpakuto, but can block kido's, or any "magical" ability used by hollows. this also works against some kido-like abilities used by shinigami's zanpakuto or hollows special abilities in their release form. ~Technique compliment of Erza~

Verstreuten Blitz:
Verstreuten blitz, on activation, creates a large eruption of black lightning blasts from a certain point. around the blast area, lightning shoots out in all directions, and from all angles. it's easily blocked, but not so easily evaded, as the blast comes out rather fast, and moves in an erratic pattern.~Technique compliment of Erza~

A very basic ginto technique often used for its speed and simplicity. Taking a ginto capsule into your clenched hand, releasing its energy, then opening your hand into a palm, the caster can create a fairly decent sized beam of reishi-energy at their target. Its quick use and ease in adding into a powerful combo make it a favorable attack. Its power is nominal, though high-level casters may be able to create the beam to mimic that of a cero, though not quite as powerful.~Product of Quantum Rain~
Other Techniques:

Similar to the Shunpo of the shinigami, or the Sonido of the arrancar, Hirenkyaku is a move used for quick bursts of movement. gathering spirit particles underfoot, the quincy "rides" these particles to the desired location, allowing fast movement. at more advanced levels, a Quincy can use this skill to "walk in air" and create platforms for themselves, as well.

Bakuhatsu Raito:
The user fires an arrow, which, when it impacts on anything, or simply when the user causes it to remotely, detonates in an explosion of light and sound, effectively blinding and/or rendering the opponent deaf, depending on how it's fired. the main difficulty, is that the arrow takes a few seconds to charge, is distinctive due to being a glowing white, and does no physical damage to anything it hits. this is a draining technique for beginners, but is much easier on the systems of those more experienced. ~Technique compliment of Erza~

Zünden (Ignite):
A technique best used with dual-wielders, but can be accomplished by single-Kojaku users. Combines both Kojakus together to form a combined-version that fires a single, but powerful beam of reishi energy, which then acts as if it were ablaze. It burns the opponent away, should they be too weak to withstand its fire. It is designed to burn reishi energy where it impacts, but can fall short of that goal when met with powerful reiatsu. It has a quick charge time due to combining Kojakus, but is only average in firepower. For single-users, it has a slower charge time, but is ranked higher in terms of firepower. (Single shot, additional shots require a recharge time.)~Product of Quantum Rain~

Flammpunkt (Flashpoint)
A technique in which the Quincy gathers spirit energy to a specific point, then unleashes it in an omnidirectional blast. It's bright flash of light coupled with the shock of the light damage is good for distracting, or stunning them if they aren't particularly strong, targets within the blast radius. Quincy whom can gather more energy to this point, typically defined by a body part such as their index finger, toe, elbow, whatever, can cause brighter flashes and more damage. However, a Quincy should be cautious, lest they get caught in the effects of their own attack. Usually, however, a Quincy can utilize their reiatsu to direct the blast around them.~Product of Quantum Rain~

Ginto Techniques:

Geladene Blitz (Charged Flash):
A more advanced lightning-element attack, a Quincy would utilize a ginto capsule to create a bolt of lightning. Firing that electrified arrow, the reishi in the air around it becomes electrified and strengthens the arrow as it passes through towards the target. On impact against the single target, it releases this charge and greatly damages as well as stuns the target. It does not suffer from powerful reiatsu as much as Blitzstrahl, and inflicts damage according to the charge it collected as well, as how "conductive" the target is in terms of how much reishi they have. It can only target a single entity however. ~Product of Quantum Rain~

Blitz Streiks Zweimal (Lightning strikes twice):
The quincy creates a sphere of silver energy over their opponent's head, which in a few seconds generates and fires a blast of energy directly below. as the first strike finishes, this process is repeated up to five times, the orb appearing anywhere within 30 feet of the Quincy, yet always needing at least 3 seconds to fire. this technique requires concentration from the Quincy, and thus, he is not free to move while this technique is used, as any movement from him will need enough of his concentration that he will break his hold on the ginto spell, and the orbs will cease to be created.
Incantation: "The plaything of gods, delight of the heavens, be my blade - lightning flash!"

Unterdrückung Decke:
The Quincy creates a giant, flexible silver sheet of energy that then attempts to entangle around the opponent. though fragile in mid flight, the soft fabric will stick to the opponent, wrapping around him like a film. the fabric can essentially mummify the opponent in this manner, though due to it's almost ethereal nature, it will not suffocate him. though likely to resist most basic hado, anything stronger will cut right through.
Incantation: "A suffocating presence, giving pause to death himself - silver fabric!"
Seele Schneider Techniques:

This technique uses five Seele Schneiders to create a pentagon-shaped seal which, when activated, causes a massive explosion within its borders. When an object or a person stands within the middle of the Pentagon the placement of the fifth Seele Schneider can trap them by wrapping and binding their legs to the ground with dense spirit particles. The Seele Schneiders function as accumulators, gathering the necessary amount of spirit particles to create the explosion. The liquid inside a silver tube acts as the trigger. The preparations for the technique combined with the charging time for the Seele Schneiders make its use in battle impractical unless the user has a partner that can stall to buy time, or has enough strength to create the formation while under attack.

Tod Von Acht Seiten (Death on Eight Sides):
One of the few abilities related to using the Seele schneider in close combat, Tod von acht Seiten involves the user to charge at their foe with Hirenkyaku, to attack with the blade of the Seele Schneider. When the user attacks, he sends out reishi to create 3 copies of himself. The copies fan out and attack from different directions, and as reishi images, do feel real to reiatsu sensing. This technique produces a moderate drain on the Quincy, but is relatively easy to use.

Shiroi Akuma no Taiho (White Demon Cannon):
The quincy using this technique must first either use the seele schneider to absorb several attacks, large amounts of reishi from some source, or invest a large amount of his personal capacity into the blade. the user is then able to focus the energy into the schneider blade, to the point the blade hilt glows the same color as the rest of the blade. the blade can then let off 3, quick energy shots of medium strength, one after the other, at a target. the balls move very guickly, and have a large amount of force behind them each. the energy balls leave a short trail of white reishi, and are themselves pure white, and can be fired at any time once the technique has been prepared. the 3 blasts can be fired all at once, or one at a time, depending on the quincy's preference, and one application of the technique is to mix quick slashes of the schneider with spontaneous blasts from the blade.

Zerbrechen (Shatter):
A more powerful ice-element technique that utilizes the Seele Schneider, it is considered to be a more advanced, and thus more effective, form of the Frieren technique. It not only is designed to freeze more powerful reishi attacks, but the Seele Schneider's general effect also allows it to freeze the reishi of an opponent directly, and then shatters that energy as well. In this sense, it can deal plenty of damage, and actually becomes more effective when it slices past other reishi attacks on its way to the opponent. However, it is countered by either dodging or a strong/focused reiatsu or other means of defense techniques. ~Product of Quantum Rain~
Blut Techniques:

Blut Vene (Blood Vein):
The defensive form of Blut, which grants the user inhuman durability, is represented by a faint pattern tracing the veins beneath the surface of their skin, which is only visible on the afflicted area when struck. It defends against incoming attacks, preserving the caster with some level of effectiveness. This power can also be used to aid the user against critical wounds that have already been inflicted, able to stop the severe loss of blood that would be caused from said wound. It cannot be used simultaneously with other Blut techniques.

Blut Arterie (Blood Artery):
A strictly offensive Blut technique that significantly amplifies the caster's physical capabilities, mainly their strength. It offers no defensive boosts of any kind, and cannot be used simultaneously alongside other Blut techniques.
Other Techniques:

This is a high level technique that allows the user to control their body with strings of spirit energy controlled by their brain, forming strings out of countless spiritrons. using this technique, the user can control their own body like a marionette, allowing them to move despite paralysis, broken limbs, or any other force that would normally impede movement.

Erneuern (Renew/Regenerate):
A more advanced healing technique best used when in or between combat situations, it uses a similar method as Ransotengai, but instead causes a sort of regenerative effect rather than a manipulative one. It is not useable alongside Ransotengai. Its field works in a similar fashion to Heilen by causing accelerated cellular growth, but is more difficult in that it requires focus. For that, it is more effective in healing major injuries, but again, is not as fast as Heilen.~Product of Quantum Rain~

Hakkatenkidzuku (Possibly means "Foretelling Transfer Speed"):
With this skill, the Quincy’s senses become advanced to the point where they are aware of flash-steps of any kind (Shunpo, Sonido, or Hirenkyaku). While their target may use flash-steps, the Quincy can judge where the flash-step will end, and thus can attack that area before their target gets there. A master of flash-steps can still avoid attacks, but they would be very hard-pressed to avoid everything.

Tamashi Soko:
The user forms spiritrons in a protective layer around their body, protecting them from attacks, similar to the Hierro used by hollows and arrancar, or the Hagane used by the shinigami. Tamashi soko acts more like traditional armor, however, as it can be "shattered" by repeated hits, in different parts. ~Technique compliment of Erza~

Supiabureijingu (Blazing Spear):
A combat technique based on the element of fire. Best used with dual-wielders, but still useable by others. The Quincy charges a shot/arrow/bolt/etc of burning reishi and unleashes it against an opponent. The blazing arrow would then become a beam-like inferno, directed at the opponent and more closely resembling a Cero in style. It is designed to set ablaze the reishi energy of the target as well as slice apart reiatsu with ease. However, it suffers from lack of dealing actual damage as an arrow, alongside its slow charge-up time. Dual-wielders combine their Kojakus to charge faster while single-wielders have the benefit of more firepower. (Single shot, additional shots require a recharge time.)~Product of Quantum Rain~

Blitze Gott Stange (Divine Lightning Rod):
Similar to the gran rey cero, the user uses some of their blood as a catalyst to use the technique. Unlike the gran rey cero, however, what the Blitze Gott Stange does, is use the blood as a focal point to focus energy collection. from there, the user gathers electrical energy from the atmosphere, and gathers it into an arrow. The lightning makes the arrow incredibly long, and when fired, the arrow is ten feet long. extremely strong, it is one of the most powerful quincy abilities. ~Technique compliment of Erza~

Sanrei Abtropfen (Sanrei Drain):
An ability unique to sanrei users, they mimic the power of their gauntlets, which cause spiritrons to scatter away naturally, and temporarily create a pulse around them that causes the same. This causes kido and other reishi constructs to weaken at their very bonds, stopping basic and advanced kido, and greatly weakening superior kido, in an area around the quincy. this technique is only available to sanrei users, as it requires their skills at controlling particles despite the effect to use, which they develop with the help of the sanrei gauntlet.

Ginto Techniques:

Schmelzen (Meltdown):
A devastating ginto spell, this technique creates a large black surface with several large white holes, from which spring out beams of light that entrap the enemy, binding him in place and causing pain. this binding spell is very powerful, and was able to even hold Ichigo in shikai for a short period.
Incantation: "Schmelzen - sea, become clouds. Clouds, become rain. Rain, become mist. all things that have a shape, vanish. At the end of our joy, we throw our cup on the ground. Now!"
Seele Schneider Techniques:

Revanche (Revenge/Vengeance):
A powerful technique designed to utilize multiple elements, a Quincy utilizes a Seele Schneider and charges it up either with the opponent's reishi or their own. Upon firing it, the reishi is manipulated to become a multi-elemental beam emanating from its source. When it comes into contact with other reishi attacks, it freezes and burns through them, shattering the attack. It also burns through reiatsu and defensive techniques if powerful enough to do so.

When it impacts against the target, it releases an electrical charge and stuns them, and finally burns their reishi energy away. Its limitations are that it is a single-target technique that requires a significant amount of reishi energy to be utilized properly. All the same, the damage inflicted can be potentially massive. ~Product of Quantum Rain~
Blut Techniques:

Blut Vene Anhaben (Wearing the Blood Vein):
A technique that builds upon Blut Vene's defensive focus in order to project a much larger reishi barrier around the user. It renders them immobile in doing so, and it requires a degree of focus that precludes the use of other Superior or Advanced ranked techniques. It feeds off of the ambient reishi energy in the atmosphere, and therefore will fail at some point due to a lack of fuel. If constantly under stress, that point will come sooner, rather than later. It lasts, normally, 3 or more posts, depending on circumstances and the caster if they devote power to it at a personal cost, and it would last less if under constant stress. It cannot be used to block high-level Superior ranked abilities or Ultimate abilities, as those would break the barrier and still affect the caster and whoever else is inside. It can be used to shield a group of people.

The barrier is powerful enough to absorb lower-level Superior techniques, though in doing so it would stress the caster far more than normal, and the barrier would break in the effort. It is ineffective against higher-level superiors and Ultimate abilities. The barrier itself is solid, even defending against physical attacks as well as spiritual ones. It is made of condensed reishi, and features the same Blut Vene patterns along the ground and the surface of whatever touches it, momentarily. The barrier itself does not harm attackers or consume incoming attacks any more than a solid wall would. It should be noted that this technique cannot be used simultaneously with any other Blut technique. ~Product of Quantum Rain~

Blut Arterie Anhaben (Wearing the Blood Artery):
A technique that builds upon Blut Arterie's offensive focus in order to project a powerful, omnidirectional attack. It requires sufficient time to build up to, though can be used quickly at a high cost to the user's stamina and spiritual strength. Firstly, you must be immobile before you can activate this technique. One can still charge it while moving, however. When activated, a large dome of red-colored reishi, adorned with Blut Arterie patterns, projects itself outward from an immobile caster. When it comes into contact with a significant source of reishi, it consumes it as fuel (though its power does not increase noticeably, higher-level attacks still cut through it). However, if it comes into contact with a source of reiatsu, it detonates the affected area, more to stun than to damage, then pushes past it. The expansion takes but a short few seconds to reach critical size, where the entirety of the dome detonates with whatever reishi the caster devoted to it, and whatever it successfully consumed to enhance its strength.

The size of the dome, in its radius, and the amount of power devoted to it determine its overall stamina cost, its range, and the potency of the detonation. A standard critical size would be ten meters in radius, with an significant though not tremendously draining amount of power devoted to it, and have a relatively fast charge. (Advanced-rank) The uppermost limit would be twenty-five meters in radius, and most of the caster's strength devoted to it, but take longer to charge. (Superior-rank) Smaller domes are faster to charge, but potentially more risky if one goes too small. Domes less than a meter in radius start to affect the user the same way it affects anyone within range. This could allow one to make themselves into a bomb, of sorts, though given that this technique cannot be used simultaneously with other Blut techniques, it is not recommended. (Size determines charge time, power determines stamina drain.) ~Product of Quantum Rain~

Blut Regen (Blood Rain):
The user concentrates and, at an increased stamina cost, creates Blut Arterie symbols along their arms. For a short period of time (one post) their Heilig Pfiel has an increased damage potential while still maintaining their normal firerate. Each Heilig Pfiel has an explosive capacity to them that increases their lethality against targets, though prolonged use of the technique can be quite draining, with the user suffering symptoms akin to blood loss. This technique cannot be used alongside other Blut techniques. ~Product of Quantum Rain~
Aura Pulse Techniques:

Aura pulse:
Despite being one of the most powerful techniques in the quincy arsenal, Aura pulse is one of the newest developments, as the quincies learn to harness their life energy. Aura pulse is performed by the quincy gaining control of their aura and using their own abilities to cause it to temporarily increase in strength dramatically. This results in the quincy overflowing with life energy, increasing their basic speed and strength by a moderate amount, allowing them to fire Aura-infused arrows with much more destructive force(similar to in form, though obviously less powerful than, the arrows fired in the Letz stil form), allowing them to fire off life energy to cancel out energy blasts, and allowing them to use "Impulsübertragen.".

This form is difficult to control, and very draining, and requires the individual in question to at least be captain class to use it. The ability be used for one post for every 500 exp the quincy has, capping at 4 posts. After hitting the post limit, the quincy can use it for one more post, however, if they do so, they will immediately after end up being entirely drained of reishi, and unable to move for several hours.

Lastly, if an individual does go over the limit, they will lose the ability to perform aura pulse ever again, having too weak a life force after draining it so that the move will no longer be able to be performed. This move is very draining, and produces an amount of drain on the user similar than Shunko.

Impulsübertragen (Momentum Carrying):
The only other technique currently known to work with Aura other than Aura pulse, Impulsübertragen uses the strengthened aura to transfer life energy to an ally, and thus strengthen their own life-force. Doing this allows them to recover from even grievous wounds, however, using this is very taxing on a quincy, causing them to exit aura pulse immediately upon use, and taking at least half of their energy. Additionally, this can be used on a healthy ally in order to transfer some of the quincies strength to them, temporarily increasing their reishi for 6 posts. The amount of reishi increase is equal to roughly one quarter of the quincies total power. if the quincy uses the technique for this instead of healing, they will be drained of all energy and rendered unconscious for at least a day.
Other Techniques:

Licht Regen (Light Rain):
A technique used in conjunction with a spirit bow, a large amount of reiatsu is stored visible on the person's shoulder, before a large amount of arrows are shot. This technique fires a massive amount of powerful arrows, and is amongst the strongest of quincy techniques.

Mugen no Ryusandan:
An advanced version of Licht Regen, and incredibly draining, the Quincy fires Licht Regen as normal, but shortly after leaving the bow, the arrows break down into small pieces of shrapnel, filling the area with sharp spikes of reishi. This technique is easy to block but nigh impossible to dodge, though the Quincy has less precision in his aim as a result.

Haku Ryu Kami (White God Dragons):
The user creates a pair of white dragons, and fires them at high speeds as an attack. they are guided like heat seeking missiles by the user's thought. the damage they can do is extensive, comparable to a hado 90: kurohitsugi, each, and do less, but still major, damage even by grazing an enemy. the technique is the most draining quincy technique, however, and arguably the most draining of any technique. a quincy with captain class reiatsu can only cast this spell once safely, and the second usage will leave them on the ground, collapsed from exhaustion.

Kirchenlied: Sankt Zwinger (Church Hymn: Saint Ward):


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Quincy Techniques Empty Re: Quincy Techniques

Post by Jason Reeds on Thu May 07, 2015 2:57 am

Gottliche Blaser and Haltepunkt removed.

Blut Arterie description changed, lowered to Advanced rank.
Blut Vene description changed.

Blut Vene Anhaben and Blut Arterie Anhaben added.

Techniques reformatted and recategorized.

Kirchenlied to be redone soon.

Edit (5/14/2015): Blut Regen Added to Superiors.
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