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Quincy Spirit Bracer: Seishin Tsume

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Quincy Spirit Bracer: Seishin Tsume Empty Quincy Spirit Bracer: Seishin Tsume

Post by Admin on Sun Apr 26, 2015 4:11 am

--Initial Information--
Seishin Tsume (精神爪: Spirit Claw) (Seishin Bracer, Seishin Gauntlet)

A Quincy weapon forged by one’s own sacrifice, blood, and spiritual power, it is one of the ultimate evolutions of a Quincy. The Seishin Bracer is for those practiced and patient Quincies whom are worthy and have attained the knowledge of an Ancient. It is a sign of commitment, of power, and of selflessness.

To obtain this ancient rite, you must have achieved rank 15 in the Quincy tree , have obtained the knowledge from an outside source, and then forge the Seishin Bracer yourself. To see how to forge the bracer, refer to the “Creation” section.


To create a Seishin Bracer, one must conjure three Quincy arrows, with as much power as they can possibly give them, within their hand and stab them into the wrist of the arm with which they normally hold their bow with. From there, they must concentrate all of their spiritual energy and pressure to those points and attempt to conjure their weapon.

Failing to conjure their bow will result in a reishi detonation, which will claim their arm, as well as severe blood loss, likely resulting in death. If the arrows are lacking strength, the process will also not succeed, and you will need some severe medical attention and a good explanation for why you’re trying to kill yourself.

If the Quincy is able to conjure their weapon, the weapon will dissipate and form into a metallic band around the Quincy’s wrist. The arrows that pierced their wrist will then become spikes, which retract into the band and the skin. While initially a very painful process, their wrist will eventually become numb to pain. Furthermore, the band is nearly impossible to break, and doing so will result in a reishi detonation, claiming the Quincy’s life and those around him potentially. This process is therefore permanent and cannot be undone.

Evolution Stages:

--Stages of Evolution--
The Seishin Bracer is an ever-evolving entity attached to a Quincy’s arm. In its first stage, a Quincy will note that it functions like the Sanrei Glove. It will scatter spiritual particles and be incredibly unstable, making it substantially difficult to conjure their weapon, let alone fire Heilig Pfiel. This stage must be overcome through intense training, first by conjuring their weapon, and then firing/using it constantly, with no interlude, for a number of days (5). This is almost exactly the same as the Sanrei Glove, though it is for entirely different reasons.

The second stage occurs when your Seishin Kojaku finally takes a stable shape, and tribal marks form around your arm, originating from underneath the metallic band around your wrist. These marks will glow when the Seishin Kojaku is used, and will at first simply swirl around your forearm and stop at around your elbow. This stage of development is much like the Sanrei Glove, although not as powerful. You must gain in power by consistently training to better gather spirit particles, but it will be at least be safe to use in combat.

The third stage of the Seishin is more advanced. The marks around your arm continue to glow when the Seishin Kojaku is conjured, however, the marks will have advanced up your arm and onto your shoulder and upper torso, stopping at the base of your neck. It is here that the bracer ceases to scatter spirit particles, and instead gathers them, storing them, and increasing the Quincy’s power exponentially. This is unstable, however, as it is constantly evolving and the bracer also seems to have a mind of its own. In this stage, a Quincy might experience thoughts and emotions not of their own, with them taking the form of mere whispers in the wielder's mind.

The fourth and final stage of evolution for the Seishin bracer is the ultimate state for a Quincy to obtain. In this stage, the Seishin has developed its own personality and spirit that works in tandem with the Quincy’s, and is made of a similar structure. The marks now go across the upper torso and along both arms as well, and on their backs there lies an image of the animal or creature that embodies them most, which can even project outward as powerful jets of stored reishi, similar to how the wings of the Quincy: Letz Stil work. (The shape of their reiatsu works well with this.)

From the fourth stage comes the ability to transform into a much more powerful Quincy state. This is known as the Shinseina Transformation state, and occurs only when the Seishin Spirit and the Quincy are in perfect synchronization. This is a rare, but powerful occurrence, which  marks when a Seishin Quincy reaches the peak of their evolution.

--Stages & Bonuses--
-First Stage-
1-10 Points: Mastering this stage unlocks your Seishin Kojaku. Every post in this stage towards evolving into your second stage adds a point. At 10 points, you enter the second stage.

Stage: (Bonus); (Unlocked)

-Second Stage-
11-20 Points: 1 Skill Boost; n/a
21-30 Points: 1 Skill Boost; 1 Quincy Basic Tech
31-40 Points: 1 Skill Boost; n/a
41-50 Points: 1 Skill Boost; 1 Quincy Advanced Tech
51-60 Points: 1 Skill Boost; Seishin Ability

-Third Stage-
61-70 Points: 2 Skill Boosts; n/a
71-80 Points: 2 Skill Boosts, +25 Reishi Boost; 1 Quincy Basic Tech
81-90 Points: 2 Skill Boosts, +25 Reishi Boost; n/a
91-100 Points: 2 Skill Boosts, +25 Reishi Boost; 1 Quincy Advanced Tech
101-110 Points: 2 Skill Boosts, +25 Reishi Boost; Seishin Ability

-Fourth Stage-
[# - #] Points
Length of Shinseina Form; Bonuses, Shinseina Bonuses*;
Other Unlocks

111-120 Points:
4 Posts; 3 Skill Boosts; +25 Reishi Boost, +25 Reishi Boost*, 1.25x Reishi Gathering*;
Shinseina Form

121-130 Points:
5 Posts; 3 Skill Boosts, +50 Reishi Boost, +25 Reishi Boost*, 1.25x Reishi Gathering*;
1 Quincy Basic Tech

131-140 Points:
6 Posts; 3 Skill Boosts, +50 Reishi Boost, +50 Reishi Boost*, 1.25x Reishi Gathering*;
1 Quincy Superior Tech

141-150 Points:
8 Posts; 3 Skill Boosts, +75 Reishi Boost, +75 Reishi Boost*, 1.5x Reishi Gathering*;
Seishin Ability

151-160 Points:
10 Posts; 4 Skill Boosts, +75 Reishi Boost, +75 Reishi Boost*, 1.5x Reishi Gathering*, +1 Stamina*;
Seishin Ability

161-170 Points:
12 Posts; 4 Skill Boosts, +100 Reishi Boost, +100 Reishi Boost*, 1.75x Reishi Gathering*, +1 Stamina*;
Seishin Ultimate Ability

171-180 Points:
13 Posts; 4 Skill Boosts, +125 Reishi Boost, +125 Reishi Boost*, 1.75x Reishi Gathering*, +1 Stamina*;
Shinseina Unique Trait*

Full Mastery:
14 Posts; 5 Skill Boosts, +150 Reishi Boost, +150 Reishi Boost*, 2x Reishi Gathering*, +1 Stamina*; Shinseina Ultimate Ability*

Final Notes:

Note: Anything marked with an asterisk (*) means that that bonus is usable only in Shinseina form.

Note II: Reishi Gathering means that the rate at which the Quincy gathers Reishi is sped up by that amount. This means that a Quincy is more quickly able to use techniques, fire faster, OR can fire more powerful arrows than your other release states.

Note III: Skill boosts are bonuses to techniques or release state abilities, making them more powerful. They can be stacked three times, and only strengthen techs.  Skill boosts can be used outside of your Shinseina form. They cannot be applied to your First or Second release abilities, only your Seishin. They only take effect when your Seishin is active.
-Skill Boosts cannot improve your Seishin or Shinseina Ultimate Abilities.
-Skill Boosts can improve Superior Rank abilities once. (1.25x)
-Skill Boosts can improve Advanced Rank abilities twice. (1.25x per Boost applied)
-Skill Boosts can improve Basic Rank abilities twice. (1.5x first, 1.25x second.)
-Skill Boosts can improve Seishin Abilities three times. (1.5x first, 1.25x second and third.)

Note IV: Your Shinseina unique trait is a stat boost which only applies when you are in your Shinseina form. It will add +2 to any specified stat, or +1 to any two stats.

Note V: The Shinseina Ultimate Ability is a more powerful version of you Seishin Ultimate Ability, but will cause immediate exhaustion upon its use. It is usable only in your Shinseina form. It can only be used before or at halfway through your Shinseina timelimit.

Note VI: The Shinseina Form can be entered into twice if the Seishin or Shinseina Ultimate Abilities are not used. There must be a five-post break in-between transformations.

Note VII: While in the Shinseina Form, using techniques drains one's stamina far less than would constitute normal by adding additional Stamina stat points.

Note VIII: When you activate your Seishin Kojaku, you gain an initial reishi boost for having a release state. When you activate your Shinseina state, you gain a yet another reishi boost for entering that state that stacks with the initial boost from your Seishin Kojaku. In summary, a mastered Seishin will grant a 150 reishi boost, while a mastered Shinseina state will grant a 300 reishi boost. These only apply when they are activated.

Requirements and Mastery:

--Requirements & Mastering--

As stated before, to gain the Seishin Bracer, you must first attain the rank of Ancient (400 EXP), obtain the knowledge of the creation process for the Seishin in a legitimate way. Such ways are obtaining the knowledge of an Ancient undead Quincy, or through a Quincy Ascendant who has inherited the knowledge of the Quincy, both requiring you to prove your worth through combat.

Then you must create the Seishin Bracer via the process already stated, and in a separate topic. From there you must master the first stage of the Seishin’s evolutionary process, also by the means already stated. (Constantly firing and using it for ten posts over a long period of time, i.e. five days. (1 point per post.))

At the second stage, the requirements for gaining points changes. You gain a point upon activation and for every two posts it remains that way. You also gain a point for every time you use one of the Seishin’s techniques.  These requirements stay the same up to stage three. At stage four, the requirements change.

To gain stage four, you must defeat the spirit that the Seishin creates, an entity that is three times as powerful as you and is constantly in its Shinseina state. It has all of your abilities, as well as its own seishin abilities not yet available to you. This battle must take at minimum five posts and you must achieve victory through some form of combat or skill, with a preset victory condition unique to both yours and the spirit's personalities.

In the fourth stage, you gain a point by activating your Shinseina form, and a point for every two posts you remain in that state. This stage is the most difficult and longest part to master. To acquire full mastery, one must be able to synchronize with the Seishin spirit completely. This can be done in a separate topic, but you must learn how through learning about your spirit.

Ensure to keep proper track of your points, and know which stage you are in. You enter new stages just by gaining the points past the previous stage’s limits. For example, going from 60 points to 61 takes you from the second stage to the third.

Failure to keep to these rules and lying about your points will result in the complete reset of your mastery.


--Seishin Tsume History--

The Seishin Tsume is a far older Quincy construct, dating back to before the Dark Ages even. It was created for the sole purpose of empowering a Quincy to heights beyond normal, and defeating any foe that Quincy would face. However, it was always reserved for those who were the most committed and most capable, as such Quincies were undoubtedly the most effective and efficient in performing the task they had volunteered for.

There are several vague mentions of the Seishin Bracer and their wielders in the Quincy's history, but like all other Quincy knowledge, such history and facts are kept a close secret. Very few are aware of the Seishin’s existence.

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