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Shinigami Sword Union: Bankai Saishu Shokan

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Shinigami Sword Union: Bankai Saishu Shokan Empty Shinigami Sword Union: Bankai Saishu Shokan

Post by Admin on Sun Apr 26, 2015 8:03 am

--Initial Information--
Bankai: Saishu Shokan (卍解: 最終召喚; Bankai: Final Summoning) (Second Bankai; Bankai v2; Bankai II)

A third release for Zanpaktou that is regarded as the true and mastered release that fuses the spirit with the wielder in a way beyond that of a normal bankai. It has effects on the Zanpaktou even outside of the activation of this bankai release, and those who obtain it have access to incredible powers in this release upon full mastery being achieved. To start achieving this mastery of your zanpaktou, you will need to have reached rank 15 and have mastered your first Bankai release. Then you must train to obtain the release in a minimum of a 5-post separate topic.

--Stages & Bonuses--

1-10 Points:
+25 Reishi Boost, 1 Universal Boost;
Second Bankai Release

11-20 Points:
+50 Reishi Boost, 1 Universal Boost;
Basic Shinigami Tech

21-30 Points:
+75 Reishi Boost, 1 Universal Boost;
First Bankai Ability

31-40 Points:
+100 Reishi Boost, 2 Universal Boost;
Second Bankai Ability

41-50 Points:
+125 Reishi Boost, 2 Universal Boosts, +1 Stamina;
Basic Shinigami Tech

51-60 Points:
+150 Reishi Boost, 2 Universal Boosts, +1 Stamina;
Third Bankai Ability

61-70 Points:
+175 Reishi Boost, 3 Universal Boosts, +1 Stamina;
Advanced Shinigami Tech

71-80 Points:
+200 Reishi Boost, 3 Universal Boosts, +2 Stamina;
Basic Shinigami Tech

81-90 Points:
+225 Reishi Boost, 3 Universal Boosts, +2 Stamina;
Fourth Bankai Ability

Full Mastery:
+250 Reishi Boost, 4 Universal Boosts, +2 Stamina;
Bankai Ultimate Ability, Fifth Bankai Ability, Advanced Shinigami Tech


Note: Universal Boosts can be applied to any Stat, Technique, or Second Bankai Ability aside from the Ultimate. It has variable effects accordingly.
-When applied to a Stat, it adds 100 Reishi (1 point) to that Stat. (May be stacked.) (Cannot have more than 3 Stat boosts applied.)
-When applied to a Superior Rank technique, it provides a 1.25x boost. (Cannot be stacked.)
-When applied to an Advanced Rank technique, it provides a 1.5x boost. (Cannot be stacked.)
-When applied to a Basic Rank technique, it provides a 2x boost. (Cannot be stacked.)
-When applied to a Second Bankai Ability, it provides a 1.75x boost for the first, and a 1.25x boost for the second.(Can only be stacked twice.)

Note II: All bonuses, including Second Bankai Abilities, are only usable when in this release state.

Note IV: Unlockables mean you gain something once you reach that level, and will keep it beyond it unless you lose access to this release state permanently.

Note V: If all Universal Boosts are applied to techniques specifically, then you may have an additional Universal Boost to apply to a technique as well. This does not occur for Stat boosts, and the additional Universal Boost acquired via the stated method cannot be applied to your Stats.

--Acquiring Points and Mastery--
Points towards Full Mastery are obtained via using this release's unique abilities. Before you gain at least two of this release's unique abilities, for every advanced level technique or higher that is used while in this or your regular Bankai's form, you gain 2 additional points. When two of this Release's abilities have been acquired, you can only gain points by using Superior-Ranked techniques (1 point per) or this releases's unique abilities (1 point per) while this release is active.

Full Mastery requires consulting your zanpaktou spirit in a separate topic. While the minimum requirement is five posts, how and what occurs is entirely up to the player and dependant on the spirit's personality. The end goal is to unite with your spirit, to pseudo-combine with them to obtain a higher state of power and ability, and finally learning your zanpaktou's strongest ability yet.

--Final Information--
When you activate this release, you are required only to either speak a specific phrase or the name of your zanpaktou with a Japanese synonymn of the word, "Union" or "Fusion." You are free to think of any way to make this function, but that is your only requirement. Whether you speak the full activation phrase or just the name, that word is required to denote it from the normal bankai release (you don't have to say bankai, by the way), and this release.

Here's an example: Ima yūgō, Ten no Kaminari. (Ima yūgō translates to, roughly, "now fuse.") (Ten no Kaminari means Heavenly Thunder, if you were curious.)

This release state relies strictly on synchronizing and uniting with your zanpaktou spirit to activate and maintain this release. While active, the two of you become one in essence. How you may address this, if you might at all, is entirely up to you to decide.

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