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Mask Release: Visored

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Mask Release: Visored Empty Mask Release: Visored

Post by Admin on Sun Apr 26, 2015 8:29 am

--Initial Information--
Visored (ヴァイザード, vaizādo) (Aka Vizard, Vizored, Vizaird, and any other misspellings.)

Shinigami (or other races) who have been Hollowfied are capable of subjugating that Hollow through a difficult and near-impossible internal battle. Through successfully conquering one’s Inner Hollow, they can utilize their powers and conjure Hollow masks. This amplifies their powers to an unprecedented level, but it cannot be sustained for more than a set period of time.

You are required to have an Inner Hollow through a plausible means, to which will be subjugated so that you can acquire your Hollow powers. You must also have achieved rank 15. From there, the battle to subjugate your Inner Hollow must last five posts, with that Hollow at a greater level than your power. Your victory over the Hollow must be plausible, and done through combat, not negotiation.

*For those with Inner Hollows that do not meet the standard requirements, please refer to the final part of this sheet.*

--Stages & Bonuses--
Once you have subjugated your Inner Hollow, you will gain the ability to call upon your Hollow powers. You will receive bonuses as listed for each level up to mastering these new abilities.

Level = (Time Limit);(Bonus);(Unlockable)
1-10 Points: 2 posts; +25 Reishi Boost, 1 stat boost; n/a
11-20 Points: 4 posts; +50 Reishi Boost, 1 stat boost; Basic Cero Tech
21-30 Points: 6 posts; +75 Reishi Boost, 1 stat boost; Basic Hollow Tech
31-40 Points: 8 posts; +100 Reishi Boost, 2 stat boosts; Advanced Cero Tech
41-50 Points: 10 posts; +125 Reishi Boost, 2 stat boosts; Basic Hollow Tech
51-60 Points: 12 posts; +150 Reishi Boost, 2 stat boosts; Basic Cero Tech
61-70 Points: 14 posts; +175 Reishi Boost, 3 stat boosts; Advanced Cero Tech, Second Hollowfication
71-80 Points: 16 posts; +200 Reishi Boost, 3 stat boosts; Superior Cero Tech*
Full Mastery: 18 posts; +250 Reishi Boost, 3 stat boosts; Unique Advanced Hollow Technique


-Note I: Stat boost means a boost to a certain attribute, such as strength, speed, reiatsu. The number of boosts given is how many you have at that level, not how many you gain. They only take effect while the mask is active. They apply a +1 to any specified Stat. They may be stacked multiple times. They cannot be applied to your Stamina stat.

-Note II: The Reishi boosts do not stack, and all bonuses given only apply when the mask is active.

-Note III: Unlockables mean you gain something once you reach that level, and will keep it beyond it.

-Note IV: Ceros cannot be used without hollowfying first.

-Note V: When you use your 2nd Hollowfication, you cannot exit that transformation until the time limit ends.

-Note VI: You can only enter your 2nd Hollowfication in the first-half of your mask's time limit.

*Non-Espada only tech, can be unique. May only be used in your Second Hollowfication form.

Second Hollowfication:

--Second Hollowfication--
Eight post time limit.
Stat boosts provide +2 bonuses rather than +1.
+350 Reishi Boost rather than +250.
+2 to Stamina
High-Speed Regeneration for minor injuries.
Shunpo replaced with a 1.5x boosted Sonido.
Once this form exits, one cannot use their mask again. They suffer a penalty of their base reishi being halved on top of severe exhaustion. (Penalty lasts for the remainder of the battle.)

Secondary Abilities & Hollowfied Release States:

You can use up your mask's time limit, after using it for no more than three posts, to unleash an all-powerful technique of yours. The tech is boosted up to 3x normal.

You can use up two posts of your mask's time limit to gain temporary high-speed regeneration for no longer than one post. This will heal most injuries, but it does not restore lost stamina, organs, or reiatsu.


Visoreds can combine their hollowfications with their first and second releases, augmenting their abilities even further. Hollowfication affects both release states differently:

For First Release States, your techniques charge twice as fast as before, allowing them to be used more rapidly. They still drain stamina the same way.

For Second Release States, your techniques charge more rapidly and inflict more damage than before, being augmented with your hollow reiatsu. They still drain stamina at the same pace.

Final Notes & Inner Hollows:

--Final Notes--
Note: Visoreds have displayed a heightened tolerance to pain. Ichigo noted that, “it felt like someone else was injured.”

Second Hollowfication:
-Like Ichigo’s second Hollow form (aka Resurrecion form), this transformation is considerably weaker than his, and it is an all-or-nothing move. Those who achieve this may transform into a more complete Hollow, achieving further strength but timed. One’s second transformation strengthens all of their Hollow abilities, as well as their stat boosts to a higher margin. This state lasts for 8 posts, and once it is complete, those who use it will be rendered severely weak or outright unconscious.

Note: Some Arrancars that see the Second Hollowfication form may note it as an “odd” or “imperfect” Resurrecion. Both forms are similar in many respects, but some mechanics differ.

Once the time limit passes, you are required to wait 5 posts before Hollowfying again. You may only Hollowfy twice in an engagement, or in two consecutive ones. After these limits are past, you may hollowfy one final time, for a split second as a final effort to endure an attack. This drains the user even more, however. After using your Second Hollowfication, you cannot Hollowfy again for the rest of the engagement.

In order to advance in your mastery of your Hollow powers, you gain a point for entering the state, as well as a point for every two posts you remain in that state.

In your first battle to subjugate your Inner Hollow, your Hollow fights at 2x your strength, and you must win through combat. To obtain your Second Hollowfication, and fully master your Visored powers, you must fight your Inner Hollow, whom is at 6x your strength. To win, you must accept your Hollow through a means that is personal to yourself and it. (Be creative, but be realistic.)

In both engagements, your Hollow has access to all the powers and abilities you do, as well as their own techniques. They have also mastered shikai and bankai, regardless of whether you have or not. In the second engagement, you may not summon your mask. As well, both engagements must be five posts or longer.

Any instances of breaking these provided rules will have your points towards mastery completely reset. Do not lie about the points you have towards mastery, as that will result in the same ending as well.

--Inner Hollows--
Those who have Inner Hollows before they are capable of becoming Visoreds will have their Hollows possess them in near-death situations at the start. As time progresses, meaning at each level up from the time you gain your Hollow to until you subjugate your Inner Hollow, your Inner Hollow will try to wrest control from you. Each time, it will attempt so stronger and stronger. Once you reach 800 exp, your Inner Hollow will battle with you nearly constantly until it is subjugated, threatening to take over, and overall debilitating you in combat.

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