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Cole's Gunslinger Techniques & Level

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Cole's Gunslinger Techniques & Level Empty Cole's Gunslinger Techniques & Level

Post by Aloysius Koehler on Mon Apr 27, 2015 1:17 am

Current Rank: 14
14 Basic Technique Slots
5 Advanced Technique Slots
3 Superior Technique Slots
900 Reishi

Basic Techs:

Basic Techniques
I. Hirenkyaku:
Similar to the Shunpo of the Shinigami, or the Sonido of the Arrancar, Hirenkyaku is a move used for quick bursts of mid to long-range movement. Gathering spirit particles underfoot, the quincy "rides" these particles to the desired location, allowing fast movement. At more advanced levels, a Quincy can use this skill to "walk in air" and create platforms for themselves, as well, and even manipulate those platforms for more utility in battle.

II. Sternschnuppe(Shooting star):
A basic ginto spell, this technique causes miniature stars of reishi to fall in a rain at the location the ginto capsule was thrown, which altogether equal a Sokatsui in power. The stars themselves explode in a silver cloud upon hitting a target. though difficult to dodge, the individual stars themselves are not too harmful, though many hitting at once can be.
Incantation: "Tilt your head to the sky, and make haste to the earth - Celestial Storm!" ~Technique compliment of Erza~

III. Heilen (Heal):
A basic healing technique that utilizes a ginto capsule, when released the reishi energy flows over the wounds and produces a regenerative field via accelerated cellular growth. Good for minor to medium wounds. (Cuts, burns, scraps, etc.) It is nearly ineffective against major wounds. (Organ damage, impalement, deep and/or large cuts, etc.) It is completely ineffective in curing poisons or diseases. Furthermore, utilizing the ginto's energies, it does not drain the user. It would be more accurate to say that it is rejuvenating to a minor degree.

IV. Frieren (Freeze):
Moreso a defensive technique that is to be used in an aggressive manner, and utilizes a thrown ginto capsule, it allows a Quincy to cast a reishi-infused ice sphere against other reishi attacks directed at them. It is designed to freeze reishi, and then shatter them, thus making those types of attacks ineffective. However, it can be overpowered and may only slow down or stall a more powerful attack. It may altogether not even work against superior opponents. It does little to no damage to an opponent directly if used in that nature.
Incantation: "A chilling wind blows from the north - Silver Chalice!"

V. Maho Teishi:
Creates an energy barrier, adorned with a roman cross symbol, directly in front of the Quincy. The barrier does nothing to stop a person, or zanpakuto, but can block kido, or any "magical" ability used by hollows. This also works against some kido-like abilities used by Shinigami's zanpakuto or hollows special abilities in their release form.
Incantation: ~Technique compliment of Erza~

VI. Flammpunkt (Flashpoint)
A technique in which the Quincy gathers spirit energy to a specific point, creating a small, vibrant white circle, then unleashes it in an omnidirectional blast. Its bright flash of light is coupled with a reishi outburst to throw back enemies and stun them if caught within the short blast-radius. Quincy whom gather more energy to this point, typically defined by a body part such as their index finger, toe, elbow, whatever, can cause brighter flashes and more of an concussive knockback. However, a Quincy should be cautious, lest they get caught in the effects of their own attack. Usually, however, a Quincy can utilize their reiatsu to direct the blast around them.

VII. Nachladen (Reload):
A technique in constructing a unique type of Ginto capsule. Styled in a form of ammo clip, these ginto capsules are designed to enhance Cole's fire-rate and/or firepower by lightening the need for Cole to gather reishi to fire. As well, it comes in handy for reishi-gathering based techniques. It can outright power such techniques or at least allow Cole to use them more rapidly for a time. However, the clips have a limited capacity and are very difficult to make. So, Cole has but two of these clips to use, and while they recharge while Cole keeps them on his person, they do not do so fast enough for more than a one-time use in combat. Lastly, the effects of this temporary boost scale with the quality of Kojaku and the quality and strength of the reishi it is fed. (1-Post charge boost to Superior rank techs, 2-post charge, 2-use charge for Advanced rank techs, 1-post charge, 3-use charge for Basic rank techs. Applies to kojaku and ginrei abilities. Not useable on Seishin.) ~Unique to Cole~

VIII. Blitzstrahl (Thunderbolt):
Utilizing a ginto capsule thrown onto the ground in front of their opponent, a Quincy could call down a lightning strike of reishi energy which is designed to deal mild damage and stun an opponent. It could then chain to the next opponent three additional times before being incapable of another jump. Its special effect comes in that it can greater stun and damage opponents of higher reishi concentrations, but it is also countered by strong reiatsu. Best used as a surprise tactic.
Incantation: "A golden arrow strikes with frenzy - Holy Smite!"

IX. Ausweichen (Evade)
An ability that manipulates reishi for momentary boosts, it focuses on short-distance high-speed movement. Acting like a pushing/pulling mechanism that can act upon limbs or the entire body, this allows the Quincy to react quickly, even if the enemy is generally faster than them. While this technique is useful for maximizing one's reflexes and reaction times through the use of reishi manipulation, it is unable to transit one across long distances without being severely taxing, and therefore it is inefficient compared to Hirenkyaku. It can, however, be used alongside Hirenkyaku for maximum speed and agility, although such would be taxing on an untrained user. It is best used in the short-term, allowing a Quincy to be blindingly fast in transit across a distance of a few feet. ~Unique to Cole~

X. Todlich Dunst:
Using a ginto capsule, the user creates a thick mist of reiatsu, which obscures energy sensing as well as it does sight. this mist is not easily dispelled, even by kido,and, depending on the user of the skill, can fade in anytime between 5 posts, to 30 posts. The range is also dependent on the user, a novice being able to create a field of ten feet, while an ancient can make it as large as a city block.

XI. Bläser:
A very basic ginto technique often used for its speed and simplicity. Taking a ginto capsule into your clenched hand, releasing its energy, then opening your hand into a palm, the caster can create a fairly decent sized beam of reishi-energy at their target. Its quick use and ease in adding into a powerful combo make it a favorable attack. Its power is nominal, though high-level casters may be able to create the beam to mimic that of a cero.

XII. Bakuhatsu Raito:
The user fires an arrow, which, when it impacts on anything, or simply when the user causes it to remotely, detonates in an explosion of light and sound, effectively blinding and/or rendering the opponent deaf, depending on how it's fired. the main difficulty, is that the arrow takes a few seconds to charge, is distinctive due to being a glowing white, and does no physical damage to anything it hits. this is a draining technique for beginners, but is much easier on the systems of those more experienced. ~Technique compliment of Erza~
Advanced Techs:

Advanced Techniques
I. Ransotengai:
This is a high level technique that allows the user to control their body with strings of spirit energy controlled by their brain, forming strings out of countless spiritrons. Using this technique, the user can control their own body like a marionette, allowing them to move despite paralysis, broken limbs, or any other force that would normally impede movement. They are furthermore capable of faster reactions than normal as well as more impossible feats in manipulating the body as a whole.

II. Hakkatenkidzuku:
With this skill, the Quincy’s senses become advanced to the point where they are aware of flash-steps of any kind (Shunpo, Sonido, or Hirenkyaku). While their target may use flash-steps, the Quincy can judge where the flash-step will end, and thus can attack that area before their target gets there. A master of flash-steps can still avoid attacks, but they would be very hard-pressed to avoid everything.

III. Blut Vene:
The defensive form of Blut, which grants the user inhuman durability, is represented by a faint pattern tracing the veins beneath the surface of their skin, which is only visible on the afflicted area when struck. This power can also be used to aid the user against critical wounds that have already been inflicted, able to stop the severe loss of blood that would be caused from said wound.

IV. Hirenkyaku - Blitz Voraus (Flash Forward):
A unique technique that requires Cole's Ginrei, he collects energy for a short time and focuses it into a single, condensed burst of speed. In one swift movement, he flanks or speeds behind the enemy while also turning, giving him the ability to fire a simultaneous barrage of five fiery reishi beams similar in function to the Sutakiras of his Ginrei. The beams deal a greater amount of burning damage, with a reishi and reiatsu burn effect designed to pierce through the target. They still retain the kinetic damage that being hit by them would cause. The effect requires some concentration and build up to, as stated, though it is difficult to track due to its high-speed movement. ~Unique to Cole~
Superior Techs:

--Superior Techniques--
I. Revanche (Revenge/Vengeance):
A powerful technique designed to utilize multiple elements, a Quincy utilizes a Seele Schneider and charges it up either with the opponent's reishi or their own. Upon firing it, the reishi is manipulated to become a multi-elemental beam emanating from its source. When it comes into contact with other reishi attacks, it freezes and burns through them, shattering the attack. It also burns through reiatsu and defensive techniques if powerful enough to do so. When it impacts against the target, it releases an electrical charge and stuns them, and finally burns their reishi energy away. Its limitations are that it is a single-target technique that requires a significant amount of reishi energy to be utilized properly. All the same, the damage inflicted can be potentially massive.

II. Blut Regen (Blood Rain):
The user concentrates and, at an increased stamina cost, creates Blut Arterie symbols along their arms. For a short period of time (one post) their Heilig Pfiel has an increased damage potential while still maintaining their normal firerate. Each Heilig Pfiel has an explosive capacity to them that increases their lethality against targets, though prolonged use of the technique can be quite draining, with the user suffering symptoms akin to blood loss. This technique cannot be used alongside other Blut techniques.

III. Haku Ryu Kami (White God Dragons):
The user creates a pair of white dragons, and fires them at high speeds as an attack. they are guided like heat seeking missiles by the user's thought. the damage they can do is extensive, comparable to a hado 90: kurohitsugi, each, and do less, but still major, damage even by grazing an enemy. the technique is the most draining quincy technique, however, and arguably the most draining of any technique. a quincy with captain class reiatsu can only cast this spell once safely, and the second usage will leave them on the ground, collapsed from exhaustion.

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Cole's Gunslinger Techniques & Level Empty Re: Cole's Gunslinger Techniques & Level

Post by Ruby rose on Wed Jul 22, 2015 2:34 am


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