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Fukaku Nayamasa

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Fukaku Nayamasa Empty Fukaku Nayamasa

Post by Ruby rose on Thu Apr 30, 2015 8:31 am

"I have read the RP Rules and agree to follow those rules or accept the judgement of the administration for any infractions I may cause. If I have any concerns or questions, I understand to refer to the aforementioned regulations or ask the staff before proceeding further. I understand that I am responsible for my character's information and actions in the story."
~ Ruby Rose

Name: Fukaku Nayamasa
Nickname: none
Race: Quincy
Height: 6'1
Weight: 148 lb.
Gender: male
Appearance: thin, lightly muscled, with spiky white hair. the rest of his body is covered in bandages from head to toe.
Eye color: blue
Hair color: white
tattoos: none
Medical disorders: nada
Blood type: O
unique characteristics: small scar on his nose
personality: cold, brutal
Combat Style Description: a mix of brutal combos and calculated strikes, fukaku generally works to draw out his opponent's strengths and analyze his abilities, before committing himself for a certain-kill attack.

Combat Stats: speed 10

Kojaku Name: Āku mōkin

Kojaku Description: Takes the form of a "patriarchal" cross:
This bow fires arrows made of Black energy. Though they do not fire as quickly as regular quincy arrows, they have been given weight proportional to the reishi fukaku gathers in them, giving them a large amount of kinetic force. Fukaku's arrows feel more like a thrown hammer than a true arrow on impact.

Fukaku's arrows, no matter the form of the bow, are black in color.
Kojaku Version 2 description: becomes a smaller patriarchal cross, made of dark red energy. Before mastering the bow, it fires 40 arrows per second, but once fully mastered, the fire rate goes up to 50. once mastered, Fukaku gains a few new abilities:

Ketsugō yami no hashira (binding darkness pillars):
Fukaku creates 6 black pillars of reiatsu in an area around him, extending, at maximum, to . he can use these pillars by firing arrows into them, which stores the arrows. these pillars are decently sturdy, but if destroyed, makes an explosion of rei, and will make usage of Kido, ginto, and cero more difficult, and will occasionally create unpredictable effects. There is a within a range of 5 feet of the pillar, most energy attacks are unusable.
The pillars themselves are, obviously, pure black, with no light reflecting off of them whatsoever, and are roughly 10 feet high, and 5 feet wide all around. This technique is quite draining, though not as draining as, say, a hado 90, it would be the equivalent of using several advanced techniques in terms of reiatsu drain. These pillars constantly drain energy from the landscape around them, and can be used for several techniques:

Yami no yari(darkness spear): Fukaku charges a large amount of energy into a single pillar before using this. The pillar becomes an arrow for his own use, pure black and dangerous. Something hit by this arrow will, as long as any piece of the arrow remains on their body, feel their reiatsu drain away.
kido can block the arrow, but the arrow eventually eats through any shield of reiatsu and breaks through. While Hado can divert it, any of the lowest ranked hados will simply disappear. The arrow will grow in size as it drains reiatsu, making it difficult to remove, depending on where it hits the body. Despite this, the arrow is easily diverted by more "physical" forces, such as a zanpakuto's blade, or a simple hagane-enhanced hand, and physical fighters, so long as they don't get struck in their blind spot, will find this easy to avoid or block.
This attack produces some energy drain, but is easily the least draining of Fukaku's special techniques.

Kurayami kanae(Darkness bind):

this ability can be used after at least thirty seconds has passed since Fukaku has created his pillars. the pillars energy condenses, forming a wall of darkness between them. the gravity of the pillars will seek to hold down anyone currently in the circle as well, though it's far from impossible to escape it. the wall of darkness will close in on itself, growing both taller and thicker, pulling anything it touches along the way towards the center.
once it gets near the center, it closes up, and drains the reiatsu of anyone inside. this can be used with any number of pillars, but if any are destroyed during the technique, this technique will be cancelled out. the power of this technique varies directly with both the number of pillars left and the amount of time they've been present, but it is always incredibly draining on Fukaku.

Kurayami ni tsutsuma(bathed in darkness)
Fukaku stands in the middle of the pillars, and a black line from each pillar move towards him. Fukaku takes in the collected energies from the pillar, allowing him to recharge his reiatsu and heal his wounds. this technique cannot be used until the pillars have been present for a full minute, and it's strength directly corresponds to the amount of pillars used and the time they've been active.

Yami Shumatsu Taiho:
Since his experience with the demons, Fukaku's shumatsu taiho has drastically changed. while still being a cero-like beam of energy, the blast is no longer a dark shade of purple, but entirely black. the blast retains it's ability to destroy kido in it's way rather easily, but instead of the "burning" effect of the energy blast, that it had previously, it now freezes most targets. kido is merely destroyed as normal by the energy blast, but anything else caught in the blast is frozen, and will be covered in ice by the blast.
Fukaku can shift the direction of the blast at the speed of 1 inch/second. the maximum amount of time the blast can be held for is 3 seconds.

Fukaku's single original close range technique, Toketsuken uses his shumatsu taiho to create a freezing layer of ice around his fist before he hits, dramatically increasing the strength of the attack. upon hitting, if charged beforehand, Fukaku can cause it to blast outward, creating a jagged ice formation from his arm that is quite sharp and deadly. it takes him roughly 5 seconds to charge.

Ginrei Kojaku Name:Subete mi āku mōkin
Ginrei Kojaku Description: Takes the form of an egyptian "Ankh" cross, made of black and grey metal. the bow increases it's basic abilities further, able to initially fire 400 arrows a second, before increasing to 500. Upon mastery, Fukaku gains one more technique:

Ima made kūfuku musaboru hito(ever hungry devourer) Fukaku absorbs all his pillars, and his bow-arm is covered in a black mist, condensing itself into a form similar to this:

This "beast" on Fukaku's arm is a strong, almost living reiatsu construct, with primitive desires to feed. it absorbs spiritual energy it comes into contact with, and increases Fukaku's own speed slightly, particularly when he uses hirenkyaku. once this "beast" has grabbed onto an enemy, it drains their reiatsu, as well as making it difficult to escape. this power is a two-edged sword, however, as it is also constantly draining Fukaku's strength when he uses it as well, and it is difficult for Fukaku to stop the technique, requiring focus time. As long as the beast is absorbing energy either from an attack or an opponent, however, it does not drain Fukaku's energy. Fukaku also needs to watch how much energy the beast drains as well, as if it takes in too much, it will self destruct in a massive explosion of reiatsu that Fukaku would be in the middle of. This attack also seems to tax Fukaku's sanity somewhat. while, again, a zanpakuto's abilities are far more useful against this beast than kido is, it also has significant mass, and is able to shift it's body, making it harder to fight. Fukaku can fire arrows while using the beast, though it taxes him further, and the arrows will be black instead of their usual red color

since Fukaku's experience with the demons, his ginrei(and by extension, sanrei) Kojaku is now black in color

Bio: Fukaku is a Quincy who has learned to manifest his powers on his own. When Fukaku was six years old, his father was taken away by several shinigami, after he had destroyed a hollow.

Officially, this was due to him killing a hollow, and disturbing the balance of life and death further, but the truth was that the nefarious head of shinigami research and development wished for a new test subject. As they were taking his father away, Fukaku cried out for them to let his father go, and that he'd done nothing wrong.

The shinigami in question were of a seedy sort, and one of them decided that Fukaku would look good in a slave market. Upon realizing this, Fukaku's father tried to fight them off with his own abilities, and did kill one of the shinigami, but was killed when he was stabbed in the back. The other, weaker shinigami came towards Fukaku, and repeatedly bashed Fukaku in the head with a rock.

Brutalized, Fukaku grabbed on to the cross his father had given him, and went to swing his fist forward and punch the shinigami in the face. in front of everyone's astonished eyes, however, he managed to materialize a bow, using the cross. Not even thinking, Fukaku fired blindly, and killed the surprised shinigami before he could react. Sobbing, blood caked all over his face, Fukaku rushed to his father, but the wound had taxed him heavily, and he was dead by the time Fukaku reached him.

Since then, Fukaku  furiously trained, learning to use his own powers, while learning more about spirits in general from old texts his father had kept. Learning from these, strengthening his body and mind, he grew into a callow teenager, with only a single goal:
The annihilation of the gotei 13

of course, things did not go according to Fukaku's original plans. after fighting several times against the gotei 13, circumstances kept aligning that required him to ally his hated foes out of necessity. Faced with desperation to fight Koga, the former 12th division captain, Fukaku allowed himself to make a demonic pact, merging his soul with that of a demon's. Yet, despite that, Fukaku met Rizuka Yukino through chance, an insistent shinigami that refused to leave Fukaku as he was. Despite his hatred for Shinigami, Fukaku was made to see through the veil of hatred he'd worn so long by Rizuka's sheer effort and determination, and while his hatred for shinigami did not altogether wither, the introspection she'd promoted made Fukaku doubt his overall goals.

Since then, Fukaku has fought in many conflicts against demons and hollows, and, eventually, fought in the winter war, facing Aizen himself. Separated from the group mid-battle by Koga, Fukaku eventually fought his archrival in combat, but with his opponent fading away into nothingness. Frustrated and aimless, Fukaku still trains his skills, but he no longer knows to what end he improves them to - or what he truly wants out of life.

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Fukaku Nayamasa Empty Re: Fukaku Nayamasa

Post by Rizu Minamoto on Sun May 03, 2015 10:34 pm

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Fukaku Nayamasa Empty Re: Fukaku Nayamasa

Post by Jason Reeds on Mon May 04, 2015 12:17 am

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Fukaku Nayamasa Empty Re: Fukaku Nayamasa

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