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Sona Austere

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Sona Austere Empty Sona Austere

Post by Sona Austere on Sat May 02, 2015 1:59 pm

"I have read the RP Rules and agree to follow those rules or accept the judgement of the administration for any infractions I may cause. If I have any concerns or questions, I understand to refer to the aforementioned regulations or ask the staff before proceeding further. I understand that I am responsible for my character's information and actions in the story."
~ Sona Austere

-Image Optional-

Name: Sona Austere
Nickname: none
Title: Brat
Race: Reiki User

~Personal Information~

Appearance: Sona is a small black-haired girl with long hair and pale skin. Her brown eyes do little to hide

Gender: Female
Nationality: Japanese
Birthday: oct. 10th
Height: 50 inches(4'2)
Weight: 57 pounds
Build: short, kidlike
Skin Tone: caucasian
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: black
Hand Orientation: right handed
Sexuality: Demisexual
Relationship Status: she's ten right now goddamnit.
Tattoos: none
Blood Type: B
Medical Disorders: none
Physical Disabilities: none

Unique Characteristics: left index finger is double-jointed

Familial Ties: Grandfather(deceased)

Education: none at all

Personality: (One paragraph, five sentences)Sona is a cheerful individual with a strong-willed personality. While she is able to easily make friends she rarely if ever listens to their advice and is guided mostly by her own whims and desires. while she is a generally peaceful person and won't intentionally start a fight, she does enjoy them and won't hesitate to fight for her or her friend's safety. She will do as she pleases, however, regardless of what or who attempts to restrict her activities. Sona hates seeing people get hurt and will generally punish anyone who attacks others with what she views as malicious intent.

Background: Very little is known of Sona's background. she was raised in the woods by a reiki user getting on in years, until the man eventually passed away, and lived with him in the wilds, learning how to use reiki from him. after the reiki user died, who she referred to as her grandfather, Sona lived alone in the woods for some time, before being discovered by a shinigami named Honjo Minamoto, who directed her towards Karakura town.
Though given her sense of terrible direction, it may be she will end up travelling to every other city on the planet before she actually makes it there.

~Profession Information~
Occupation: unemployed
Affiliation: none
Operating Base: none, wanders
Rank:no formal ranking or acknowledgement by the outside world
Partner: None

Primary: Until recently, staff that belonged to her grandfather. it has been broken, however, and Sona retains the pieces on the back of her gi.


~Combat Information~
Combat Style: Sona has an older style of hand-to-hand combat, rooted in the basics of Karate, Kempo, and similar older styles. due to her small height, she has difficulties bringing her capabilities to bear against some opponents, but it also makes striking her very difficult. Sona generally prefers a close-quarters battle, and tends to use abilities like reikiho only after her opponent forces distance into the equation.

Overall, Sona's fighting style is very strong and punishing, with a high level of strength and speed belying her smaller frame. it would be difficult if not impossible for a similarly strong opponent to beat in any battle

Combat Attributes:

hand-to-hand combat 5
speed 5
strength 5

Reiatsu Color:
Dark green
Reiatsu Shape:
Reiatsu Type:
Reiatsu Affinity:
Reiatsu Amount:

~Release Forms and Techniques~

Pulse Reishi Name: Kyodo
Pulse Reishi Description: A powerful but simple form of pulse reishi, this ability focuses on boosting it's user rather than offering any special techniques for use.

--Soul Pulse--
Soul Pulse Appearance:
Sona is covered in emerald green energy, constantly radiating and detonating outwards, never taking on a proper appearance and occasionally hiding her from view.

Soul Pulse Abilities:
--Passive Abilities--

Heavily enhanced strength:
Sona's strength is enhanced by her reishi, increasing her strength stat by a factor of 1.5

Heavily enhanced speed:
Similarly, Sona's speed is much faster than normal, increased by a factor of 1.5

Enhanced Reikiho:
Sona's only upgrade to an ability is included in her soul pulse, making it twice as powerful as it normally would be

--Soul Overdrive--
Soul Overdrive Appearance: Sona's energy becomes much tighter and draws in in her overdrive, rather than radiating outward as her soul pulse does. Sona's eyes turn green in this form and an emerald radiance appears around her of the same consistency as mist. Small wisps of energy can trail from her shoulders when Sona is allowed to get excited or after taking damage, but otherwise her energy seems perfectly contained.

Soul Overdrive Abilities:
--Passive Abilities--

Further enhanced strength:
Sona's strength is enhanced by a factor of 2 in this form

Further enhanced speed:
Sona's speed is enhanced by a factor of 2 in this form

Further enhanced Reikiho:
Sona's reikiho becomes three times more powerful than normal in this form

Heightened state of awareness:
Sona's perception of the world around her is amplified to ridiculous degrees in this form, able to see trails of sweat or feel the smallest air pressure on her body. as a result anything possible to find with the physical senses is incredibly easy to her while she maintains her overdrive, and her hand-to-hand skills are heightened even further due to her ability to predict an opponent's movements off of the slightest of tics and adjust accordingly.

--Ultimate Release--
not yet

Sona Austere
Sona Austere

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Sona Austere Empty Re: Sona Austere

Post by Rizu Minamoto on Sun May 03, 2015 10:35 pm

Rizu Minamoto
Rizu Minamoto

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Sona Austere Empty Re: Sona Austere

Post by Jason Reeds on Mon May 04, 2015 12:18 am

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