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Koga Wolf Return of the Mad Scientist

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Koga Wolf Return of the Mad Scientist Empty Koga Wolf Return of the Mad Scientist

Post by Koga Wolf on Tue May 05, 2015 7:15 pm

I Have read the rules and agree to them.

:Name:: Koga Wolf
:Title:: Ex-Captain of the 12th Division.
:Nickname::The Mad Scientist,Scholar, 失わウルフ(Ushinawa Urufu(his code name once he went rouge)

~Personal Information~

Koga Wolf Return of the Mad Scientist 9k=

:Race:: Shinigami

:Age:: 21(470 in actuality)

:Birthday:: 12-22

:Gender:: Male

:Height:: 5'9

:Weight:: 142

:Build:: Skinny/Athletic

:Skin Tone:: Light

:Eyes:: Grey

:Hair:: Down his neck and white.

:Blood Type:: Unknown

:Nationality:: Unknown

:Family:: Unknown

:sexuality:: Straight

:Relationship status:: Single,Looking

:Personality:: Koga acts differently around people but he is usually quite lazy yet serious.

:Medical problems:: None that he is aware of.

Harvard University, Shino Academy

:Tattoo:: None

:Hand Orientation:: Ambidextrous

:Background Information/history:: Koga Wolf was apart of high class family with 2 younger sister that he protected with his life. Koga and his sisters had a high amount of spiritual pressure. Koga was able to control his unknowingly making it seem to him as if he was different from his sisters.
Koga and his sisters were one day walking home from school when they spotted a huge hollow. The hollow bursted towards Koga's sisters, Koga told them to run as he took up a metal pipe and tried to by his sisters some time.
Koga managed to land a few weak blows on the hollow and his sisters escaped. Koga's heroic act had a consequence though, his own death. The hollow killed Koga and was ready to eat him but Koga when a shinigami appeared and fought with the hollow,the shinigami eventually winning. Koga thanked the shinigami then noticed that there was a chain on his chest and that is was severed.
The shinigami proposed a way for him to continue a life but away from the human world. Koga visited his family's home one last name before the shinigami performed a Konso on Koga.
Koga was sent to the Soul Society where he shortly after met Honjo Minamoto who later became like Koga's own brother. Honjo and Koga went to the shino academy and realized their different fighting skills,Koga being a speedy kido user and Honjo being a strong Hakudo fighter.
Koga was scored some of the top scores in Kido and Hoho class where he met requirements in swordsmanship and barely passed in Hakudo class.
Koga was recruited into Squad 12 due to his Superior speed and Kido and genius intellect which he rarely likes to show outside of work.
Koga using his skills and intellect to raise through the ranks and become the 5th Seat of Squad 12. Using his ties into the Soul Society Research and Development Institution acquired 2 rings to suppress spirit energy,one for Honjo and one for himself.
~Profession Info~[/center]

:Affiliation:: None

:Occupation:: Shinigami,living a human life.

:Team:: None

:Rank:: Ex-Captain of Squad 12

:Partner:: Tome Veterum, Doki and Innin

:Base of Operations:: Venice,Italy.

::Combat Strength::
melee combat

Reiatsu Color: White with Black stripes of energy appearing briefly.

Reiatsu shape: Never seen in actual form but it is an open book,the cover facing where Koga is looking.

Reiatsu Type:

Reiatsu affinity: None

Reiatsu amount: Immense

Reiatsu classification: This level of spiritual power corresponds to those possessing an enormous amount of spiritual power which is finely controlled. This level of spiritual power is reflected in its ability to enhance a user during combat as well as its ability to affect the surrounding environment on a controlled level, allowing the wielder to use it in combat to startling degrees.

~Powers and Abilities~
Kido Master.:Koga is a master in the art of Kido. So well in fact if wanted he would be able to create his own kido type attacks. Koga can determine a Kido like the back of his hand. Wait where did that mole come from!?
Hoho Master.: Koga is a master in the art of hoho(speed) and can perform high level shunpoes with ease.
Enhanced Durability.: Koga is able to take more damage than an average shinigami. This mostly takes affect when Koga casts a lot of high level kidos where he can take more of the damage.Koga also over 200 years developed a serum which is applied to a the person's nervous system and pain nerves are the pain dealt is decreased almost 200%.(Like Mayuri)
Genius Intellect.: Koga being a previously a college grad student from a full scholarship for Harvard University and his high IQ easily outsmart many other Shinigami.
Immense Spiritual Energy.:Koga has a very large amount of reiatsu that would make many shinigami around him crumble to their knees. Koga how ever has perfect control of his spirit energy. Its as easy to him as breathing. Koga is able to manually keep all of his spirit energy stored within his body to hide his presence spiritually,letting only skilled finders find him. Koga however also wear a small blue dragon ring on his left middle finger so he wont have to constantly foucous.
Fearful Spirit Energy.:When Koga releases his spirit energy(how ever rare this may be) it will usually make the opponent fearful of the size when looking into Koga's eyes. This can be overcame with the willpower to go on.
Inventor .: Koga being in Squad 12 and even before has had many idea over the time to create new items. Koga being a specialist in spirit energy control and such makes him the go to guy when something's spiritual energy needs to be evaluated.
Subeta konpaku(Sword Soul).: After learning the power of his zanpaktou Koga is taught a power where he can continue to learn his Latin and be able to keep his zanpaktou on him at all times without having to carry the blade. The zanpaktou helps Koga turn his zanpaktou into a small white book that teaches Koga Latin as he reads it. The zanpaktou emits a flash of white light then turns into a small white book with blank cover and when transforming back the book turns black and emits another burst of light to make the zanpaktou transform back. Koga usually keeps the zanpaktou in its book form.
Konjou gaihi(Spirit Skin, Passive).: Koga is able to absorb spirit attack that is as strong as a hado 30.Koga absorbs 30% of the energy while giving minor. Koga can only take 5% energy from anything above that but damage is mild. Anything with the power of hado 73+ Koga can absorb 1% energy but takes major damage. (The damage is only in affect if Koga decides to absorb the attack)
Cero like Kido Koga is able to blast kidos such as Hado 33,31,73,88 and any blast like hados out of his mouth. Koga diverts the energy of the hado into his mouth which then preforms the hado at 5% less damage than average. The kido fires about 1 inch away from Koga's mouth to prevent major damage on his mouth.
Fake Organs.:Koga's organs have been replaced by artificial ones that run the name but are a safeguard so that Koga can replace them if worse comes to pass. These are safeguarded by Rizu of Squad 12.


:Primary equipment::
Zanpakuto: The trademark weapons of the Shinigami. Capable of cutting spiritual bodies, they are amongst the few weapons which can be used to combat Hollows. Each Shinigami carries a Zanpakutō, and each Zanpakutō is unique: as the swords are both reflections of a Shinigami's soul and power, and sentient beings unto themselves. Koga's zanpaktou is never seen when he walks around due to one of his powers that turns it to spirit energy and absorbs it.

:Secondary equipment:: A small ring created by the SSRDI to help suppress Koga's energy so that it would not lose control. The ring is worn on Koga's left middle finger,opposite of his adoptive brothers'.

Gegai: Koga's gegai is the same as my avatar just without the black strap.

Spirit eyes- A tiny nano like object is implanted into the person's
iris. This when activated via brain thought allows the user to see
spirit energies. This allows them to only see spirit energy and the
hosts though so very difficult to navigate safely when being used. When
switching back it takes 1 post before the person's vision is back to
normal. everything will be sort of blurry or wobbly.

Name:Aura changing Watch

Description: This watch,when put on by the user, is able to give the user a new,random aura. This device is currently a prototype,made after 207 years of researching Rizu's aura ability and adding a new,brighter mind to his solution,his new butler. Currently this aura changer changes the aura felt by Rizu and other Aura sensors and changes the color of the spirit energy. To change the color Koga however needs to focus the energy into his watch like it's apart of his circulatory system,the spirit energy which goes through the watch will change to a gold color. When the energy leaves the body and enters the watch,the watch will emit a high energy frequency which can be felt by even a weak Spirit energy sensor.
As for the Aura. The watch acts like a cologne. It is put onto the wielder after pressing the small button on the side. The aura masker lasts for 8 posts per spray with a total of 2 sprays before needing to get it re-filled by Koga's butler.
Side note:It will also give off tiny hints of Koga's true energy. The gold presence is mainly a disguise as he is now in hiding. The watch is also set to absolutely no time,the arrows removed and the button used to wind the watch on the side is used for the cologne affect.

Hojiku-Zai (補肉剤, Flesh-mending Drug): Mayuri has also
developed a "regenerative serum," which can regrow limbs upon injection,
and looks like some sort of green chemical. He used it to regenerate
his arm when he fired it off as a grappling hook, and complained about
the side-effects of pain that the serum caused. It can also be used to
heal less severe injuries, as seen with Uryū and Renji.Koga has this on his belt when in shinigami form.

~Zanpakuto Name~

Name: Tome of antiquos(Latin)
Translation: Tome of the Ancients

~Characteristics Of Spirit~

Race: Zanpakuto
Type: Owl
Gender: Male
Height: Adult Owl(?)
Weight: Unknown
Eyes: Black
Hair: White with a brown like edging
Personality: Intellectual. Like a town elder
Unique Characteristics: Its an Owl! what else can i say. lol

~Professional Status~

Partner: Koga Wolf


Reiatsu Color: Never seen.

Reiatsu amount: Immense

Reiatsu classification: This level of spiritual power corresponds to those possessing an enormous amount of spiritual power which is finely controlled. This level of spiritual power is reflected in its ability to enhance a user during combat as well as its ability to affect the surrounding environment on a controlled level, allowing the wielder to use it in combat to startling degrees.

~Zanpakuto(Blade apperance)~

Yet it is usually in Koga's back left pocket as a small white book with Latin writing inside.

Shikai appearance:
Koga Wolf Return of the Mad Scientist Shikaibook-1

in the circled area is a golden tip of a 6 pointed star as the next image with the element names in Latin. The name is no exactly where the words are just where it is closest to. Each word is right next to the point of the star,where the word actual Latin word is.

Koga Wolf Return of the Mad Scientist Star6-wegast-1

On the very first page of the book is the introduction to the book also written in Latin.(If you haven't realized EVERYTHING about this book is in Latin xD)"Iste liber est, qui potest capere suis viribus et roborandum." Meaning "This book is for those who are able to contain its powers and strengthen their own."


Water is begins to circle Koga as he holds a now blue book while having a blue preset outfit.

Laminae Aquae(Blades of Water)-Koga summons between 1-5 sword of condense water. Strong enough to block many sword and cut someone as well. At shikai mastery Koga is able to summon up to 10 blades.
Nam aquarum(Blast of Water)-Koga fires a blast of water.
Aqua Clipeum(Water Shield)- Koga Creates a condense circular shield of water almost the exact same size as him. At Shikai mastery Koga can enlarge the size by two and mold the shape of the shield.
Aqua Manipulation(Water Manipulation,Passive)-Koga has the ability to move water as with his eye and more powerfully if he uses his hand(s).
Spiritus of Ice(Breath of Ice)-Koga deeply exhales a chilling breath that turns practically any water substance into ice.
Poseidon Furor Aquae(Poseidon's furry of water.)-Koga charges a large amount of water into his hand and eventually unleashes it after charging the technique for a minimum of 1 post.After this 1 post charge the attack releashes 2 large,powerful, waves of water. The more charged the more powerful it is. 2posts=3 waves 3posts=4 waves,ect.


Fire begins to circle Koga as he holds a now red book while having a red preset outfit.

Laminae Ignis(Blades of Fire)- Koga summons between 1-5 swords of condensed fire. Strong Enough to block when attacking,burn. At shikai Mastery Koga is able to summon up to 10 blades.
Fluctum Ignis(Blast of fire)-Koga swipes one of his hands and a large amount of fire goes towards where Koga swipes his hand(in the direction). Can travel about 25 ft. At Mastery 50 ft.
Cross Ignis(Cross of Fire)- Koga's index finger's tip is slightly lit on fire,not causing him to burn, and makes a large cross,quickly pulling his arm back where his hand then glows with the fire and punches the middle of the cross,sending out a very powerful blast of fire.
Duae Cruces Ignis(Two Crosses of Fire)- Koga performs the same actions as Cross Ignis except for this time He perofms them with both hands.
Inferni Loca(Hell's Grounds)- Koga gathers a large amount of fire in his hand and after charging for a minimum of 1 post Koga slams the ball of fire onto the ground,causing large waves of fire to erupt from where the ball landed as a center position.
Laminae Ignis Soluit(Bursting Blades of Fire)- The blades of fire Koga created explode,releasing spirit energy and the fires within the blades.
Nullam hendrerit(Fire Change) Koga is able to change the color of his fire to be other than the average red by speaking some words. Each fire burns at a different heat.

Lorem ipsum(Red Fire)-The average fire in both heat and color.

Suspendisse ignis(Blue Fire)-A blue fire whos heat is twice as great as the red.

Ignis Dei(God's Fire)- A holy white fires which is 5x hotter than the blue fire.


Condensed air begins to circle around Koga as Koga holds a white book with a same color preset outfit.

Ventus Inter Scapulas Eius(Blades of the Wind) -Koga creates 1-5 condenses blades made out of air,visable due to the condensity. The blades are sharp enough to cut and block. At shikai mastery Koga is able to create up to 10 blades. The blades are controlled by Koga's fingers.
Nam Venti(Blast of Wind)- Koga swipes one of his hand from one side to another while speaking the spell and a large horizontal blast of wind is fired.
Ventus Ascendens(Riding the Wind,Passive once activated)- Koga creates practically invisible board of wind which Koga can use to move quickly in the air.At shikai mastery it is twice as fast as a shunpoe at full force without mastery and 4x as fast as Koga's shunpoe at mastery.
Win Caeli(Heaven's Wind)-Koga charges a large amount of wind into one of his hands and blasts it into the ground releasing powerful waves of energy.This technique requires a minimum of 1 post. 1post=2 waves of energy 2post=3 waves,ect.The more it charges the More powerful are the waves.


A dark aura surround Koga and his book turns pitch black as well does his preset cloths.

Oculi Malorum (Eyes of the Devil)(Passive) - Koga's eyes have a dark tint instead of the average white. Koga with this is able to see through the darkness that he or someone else creates.

Laminae Tenebrarum(Blades of Darkness) - 5 pitch black blades are created around Koga,10 if Koga has mastered shikai. These blades are as strong as Koga's own zanpaktou. These blades are controled by Koga's eyes and thought process. If Koga uses his hand(s) to control them they increase in speed.

Tenebrae Clipeum(Sheild of Darkness) - Koga creates a shield using a thought process to put it front/behind him or on his sides. Koga uses his hand(s) to create a more powerful shield.

Harena Autem Derelicta (Arena of the forsaken) - Koga creates a Colosseum of pure darkness,the size and shape of the roman Colosseum except everything inside this darkness has a form like the real thing and everything within it is pitch black,even the open areas. Koga has a few powers when this Colosseum is made.
Gladiatores in Arenam Deserti(Gladiators of the forsaken arena) - 5 gladiators made of darkness are created within the Colosseum. These Gladiators each have the power the same as a 300 RP posts. Once Koga masters Bankai he is able to either create 10 with 300 RP points OR 5 with 500 RP points.

De Umbra(Transfer of Shadows) - Koga is able to transfer his body and anything he is touching the moment the spell is casted will be transferred to a shadow within 25 feet,50 feet once shikai is mastered.He can not transfer something like a building. Only something movable and such. This works with his own shadow techniques or another shadow.

~Zanpakuto (Powers and abilities given to user)~

Shikai: Koga has a large size book which he usually holds with both hands,1 hand on each side of the open book. The book's color changes according to the element Koga touches first on the elemental 6 pointed star on the front cover. Koga's outfit also changes to a mini jack that has sleeves up to his wrists and the length to the bottom of his chest,the jacket opened,samurai pants and regular shinigami footwear. The colors of the cloths depend on the element that Koga chooses as well.Koga not only gets an element but he also acquired a boost in his personal Kido skills by 25%.

Koga now wears what ever outfit he wore before using shikai and a 12 Large 12 pointed star appears in front of Koga. Then Koga presses 1 element he gets half of his weapon,a polearm(top half) and when he presses the other he gets the other half. Koga also obtains 2 wings of reiatsu on his back,depending on which hand he presses the elements with he will get that wing on that side. The color is the same at the one showed on the wheel.Koga's kido increases 50% and hoho increases 25%


Koga Wolf Return of the Mad Scientist Bankaielements


Koga Wolf Return of the Mad Scientist Naginata


ALL of Koga's illusion attacks depends on how hard it is to see. if you have a limit range of sight then the affect are more easily pulled off. if its all clear as day then the affects are usually null and void.

Populus Multiple Illusio(Multiple people illusion)- Koga create images that would look exactly like Koga or any other image he decides to make it and it would work. Problem is all the illusion have no faces. Just a big blank where their faces are supposed be.

Mutatio Inlusio(Transformation Illusion)-Koga is able to take the appearance of another being that he chooses.This is mainly used to fool to opponent.

Telum Evanescat(Weapon disappearance)-When not fighting Koga can give the appearance that he is not holding his weapon or the wing on his back are not there.This is naturally a passive ability because it only requires the thought. Koga can remove his wings from the opponent(s) vision at any time but for weapon must be when Koga is not attacking or blocking.

male affectus(Wrong feelings,Passive)-When Koga attacks with the polearm it takes no physical damage but it still gvies the opponent the same amount of pain and they will momentarily see the blood come out from them. This ONLY works for the polearms own attacks. Any other attacks Koga uses will not be effective.

Imago damnati(Image of the Damned)-Koga activates this to give an illusion that Koga or the enemy/enemies is/are severely injured and did not feel it due to the trauma of the lose.


All of Koga's powers that are on the bankai wheel as well as the shikai wheel are on the bankai list as well.

Aeris Condensatio(Air Condensation)-Koga slowly closes his fist,this condenses the air in the area for 1 mile in mastery and up to 5 miles once mastered . A heavy air which is hard to see through.

Trabem Venti(Beam of Wind)-Koga charges a ball of wind into one of his hands. This is a technique that requires at least 1 post to chare. The more you charge it the more powerful. Koga puts the ball of wind around his fingers then by readying the attack and then blast the tiny beam of wind at the target. The firing is like a hado 4.

Wind board- Koga's wind board can now go up to 5x his shunpoe speed when mastered and up to 7x when mastered


Gravitas Condensatum(Condensed Gravity) -Koga swipes his pole arm downwards in a slash. With that slash a transparent dark purple fires out of Koga's polearm. 10 feet tall and 17 feet wide the beam of energy created it so gravity within that area become very heigh which would increase anyone who is within it to feel heavier,as well as all of the objects within this feild. Lasts for two posts.

Gravitas Minui(Gravity Decrease) - Koga swipes his pole arm upwards in a slash. With the slash comes a soemwhat transparent dark purple fires out of Koga's pole arm. 10 feet tall and 17 feet wide the field of energy is created so the gravity in that area becomes very light, as if your on the moon. This affects people and objects. Lasts for two posts.

Lorem gravitatis(Gravity Shape)(Activated by itself once meeting requirements) - Once Koga creates a Shape using either Gravity decrease or Condensed Gravity(Ig.A box) The gravity increases/decreases multiples by the amount surrounding them. The Condensed/decreasing barriers fuse together to make that one shape. This entire barrier can last for 4 posts and affects everything within it.

Gravitational Detrahendum(Gravitational pull) - Koga fires a small beam of energy out of the bottom of his pole arm and where the beam hit it begins to pull everything to it that's within a 50 feet period. (Like a planet that pull items towards it if it gets to close.) It is distinguishable because after it hits the beam turns into a small ball.

Impigrum Aliquam(Portal of energy) - Koga spins his pole arm in a circular motion and a dark purple,yet somewhat transperent, portal appears in front of Koga,the length and size of the pole arm as it spins. This portal takes in ONLY spiritual energy, if cut by a physical attack WHILE it is still absorbing it will explode,releasing the spirit attack in one big boom. This portal only takes what it can catch, it will not pull in energy into it, meaning if something is going above the limit, it will pass straight through. After a second spin it will release the energy, if any was caught. The energy it blasts is a dark purple energy the size of the portal. No matter if any energy was caught or not the second spin will always open to fire energy it caught.

Vestibulum Aliquam Impigrum(Small portal of energy) - The same as Portal of energy except now it works when Koga holds out his hand and the portal appears there instead,the size of his hand. Koga absorbes with his left hand and fires it out with his right. He is ABLE to hold out portals at the same time.

luctus incrementum(Weight Increase) - Whenever Koga hits something(ig.An arm,leg,sword) that particular limb/object's gravity will increase 2x. Making it heavier. This only works when the blade of the pole arm hits something


Resolutionem Virium(Dissolving energies) (Passive) - This ability causes any abilities(excluding Koga's) to begin to dissolve slowly into spirit energy which is then absorbed by Koga.The stronger the attack the longer it takes to dissolve. It takes the appereance of sketchy black Aura surrounding his body. It only affects things within a 6 inch radius,his body as the center-point.

De herbis mortis(The Blade of Death) - Koga is able to summon up to 10 blades of the same aura as surrounding his body. These are able to block attacks and are highly condensed,able to cut. As it blocks something it's aura begins to dissolve spiritual matter,physical matter and even life forms. The life forms is different however for it only ages the section which it is touching,making the bones,skin or anything else older by age. Adding about 100 years for each post it is touching. For a human however it would only add 10 years (I put in the human thing bc we have Quincies and such) The affects of the aging take affect every post after it is touching and the aging dissapears once the bankai is gone.

Clipeum fracta(Sheild of the broken) - Koga summons a shield the size of 6'5 feet in height and 4feet in length of the same black,dissolving, aura.


Et summone animalis ____ (The summon of the animal ____) - At the end of the spell Koga calls (in most cases) the latin name of a creature. after this creature is summoned is loyally obeys Koga for a maximum of 5 posts. Koga before bankai mastery can summon up to 3 creatures. Once masteried he can summon 5. This can be any kind of animal,mythical,living,extinct and such.


foliis gladii in metallum(leaves in the edge of the sword)- 500 leaves appear around Koga but these are no average leaves. For they each have the power of an average zanpaktou. Koga's able to control these leaves with his body,eyes.

Radices terrae(Roots of the Earth)- Koga is able to raise the roots from the Earth and nearby plants to attack an enemy. The roots are not normal however as they begin to absorb spirit energy into themselves which Koga is then able to grab a hold of an absorb for himself.

Pollinis in pace(Pollen of the peaceful) - Koga is able to release a pollen through the wind deeming weapons of anything it touches useless as it begins to rapidly grow vines, ensnaring the weapon and deeming it nothing more than a green stick for sword. For a gun it will go inside the barrel and begin to rip it apart(Also weapons with holes)

De sermone folium(The talk of the leaf) - Koga is able to surround himself with 250 leaves and if there is another cluster of 250 leaves he is able to teleport from one cluster to another.


:Likes:: Knowledge,knowledge and more knowledge,inventing new things,Latin,Women Wink
:Dislikes:: People interfering with his learning. "Brutes"
:Favorite foods:: Sweets
:Least Favorite foods:: Sour Cream,Cheese other than parmigiana
:Theme song::

Main theme song

--Koga's battle theme
Koga Wolf
Koga Wolf

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