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Haise Diederich

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Haise Diederich  Empty Haise Diederich

Post by Haise on Sat May 09, 2015 5:14 pm

"I have read the RP Rules and agree to follow those rules or accept the judgement of the administration for any infractions I may cause. If I have any concerns or questions, I understand to refer to the aforementioned regulations or ask the staff before proceeding further. I understand that I am responsible for my character's information and actions in the story."
~ Haise

-Image Optional-

Name:Haise Diederich
Nickname: Hai, Hais
Title:Investigator Quincy
Race: Quincy

~Personal Information~

Haise Diederich  5gfKyRW

Gender: Male
Age: 22
Nationality: German/Japanese
Birthday: April 4th
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 58 kg (127.868 lbs)
Build: Somewhat Muscular, thin
Skin Tone: Caucasian
Eye Color: Gray
Hair Color:His white hair is now adorned by black streaks which have grown out from the center of his head.
Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single
Tattoos: None
Blood Type: AB
Medical Disorders: None
Physical Disabilities: None

Unique Characteristics:  Black streaks of his hair
Familial Ties:
Uncle and Aunt are alive
Parents are deceased.

Education:Master Degree in Japanese Literature.

Personality: Haise is described as a person who is aloof and carefree. Also, he is a lone wolf when it is come to traveling and fighting. Only few people are exceptions to work with him. Haise prefers working alone because he does not want to see allies get hurt or kill. He has a fondness for sweets and often eat many desserts or has sweetened beverages. It is a rare opportunity to see his childlike nature.

Background: Haise was born in Japan, but it was bad timing to happen. Shinigami were attacking his parent. His parent gave him to his uncle and aunt to take care of them  while they hold back the shinigami back. Also, they gave his uncle and aunt a quincy cross that they wanted to give when he become 5 years old. It resulted in his parent's death. Uncle and aunt's adopted him and treated him as if Haise was their own son. When Haise was 13 years old, his uncle decided to tell the truth to him. Haise was about to break but his uncle told him that he has live this far already because his parent sacrifice themselves for him.  He decided to live up to his family's prestige.

~Profession Information~
Occupation: Quincy.
Affiliation: None
Previous Affiliation: None
Operating Base: Karakura Town
Rank: None
Partner: None


Quincy Cross (Haise's penchant cross): The trademark focus for the Quincy, the cross is their central symbol and the means of conjuring the Quincy Bow. The bows are a figurative name, as the weapon can be of virtually any variety or style. Each is unique to the Quincy themselves, and to the cross they bear. Without the cross, a Quincy cannot conjure their bow. (If Quincy)

(List what other equipment or devices you wish to give the character. They must pertain to the character and their race, and must have a purpose in the operation of your combat techniques, or are gained over time and given admin approval. If the character has no secondary equipment, simply put "None" in this section.)

~Combat Information~
Combat Style: All-rounder. He refer to resolve matters with his mind over brute force often. Only use brute force if necessary.

Combat Attributes:
Total: 2

1: Agility
1: Speed

Reiatsu Color:
Dark Blue and black
Reiatsu Shape:
Haise Diederich  Guilty_crown_king_s_mark_by_oneexisting-d6vl80t
Reiatsu Type:
Reiatsu Affinity:
Reiatsu Amount:

Base Kojaku Name: Suiginkyu (Mercury Void)
Base Kojaku Firerate: 100/s
Base Kojaku Appearance: A  black dual-bladed bow with metal coating on it. The blade allow the user to use them for close combat.  

Haise Diederich  B34M5VR

--Mastered Kojaku--
Mastered Kojaku Firerate: 300/s
Mastered Kojaku Appearance: Almost the same appearance as Base Kojaku except the bow is separable in the middle and used as a nunchaku as well as a pair of swords.

Mastered Kojaku Abilities: (Limit 6)

--Basic Abilities--
Suigin Hahen (Mercury Shard). Metallic stripes break off and turn into five shard-like crystals. These metallic shards are smaller and faster than normal quincy arrows,s acrificing power for accuracy.

Homingu Suiginya (Homing Mercury Arrow) The user shoots three arrows that look like metallic stripes with a sharp point at the end. These arrows targeted and pursue the opponent by their reiatsu. The opponent can conceal themselves or outrunning the arrows to avoid getting pursued.

--Advanced Abilities--
Kouryakuya (Capture Arrow) Metallic stripes are formed into a single arrow. When the arrow hits the intended target, it produces a series of metallic stripes that can completely bind the target. Advanced strength or advanced techniques can easily break this technique.

Suigin Tsuinken Hokyou (Mercury Twin Blade Reinforcement). Haise's unique ability that applies to his bow when separated. Metallic stripes form over the duel bladed end of the separated bow to create a wider blade until the whole blade is two inches width. The metallic stripes that were used are strong as steel.

Suigin Bakuyaku Harigane (Mercury Explosive Wire) A trap ability that uses metallic stripes as wires and is sharp as steel. These metallic stripes can reach at least five meters far apart. Haise must shoot two arrows at different locations that must be a solid surface. Then the metallic stripes will connect. Only three wires can be set at a time. When someone make physical contact with any of the wires. The wire will explode into a medium burst of reiatsu that hurt the opponent.

--Ginrei Kojaku-- (Not unlock yet)
Ginrei Name:
Ginrei Firerate: 1200/s
Ginrei Appearance:

Ginrei Abilities: (Limit 6)
--Passive Abilities--

--Basic Abilities--

--Advanced Abilities--

--Superior Abilities--

--Ultimate Ability--

-Ultimate Release--

Not unlock yet

Likes: Reading, Training, Sweets, coffee
Dislikes: Disrespectful people, Sacrificing people for selfish gains
Favorite foods: Hamburger
Least Favorite foods: None
Theme song(s):
Regular Theme Song

Battle Theme Song

Last edited by Haise on Tue May 12, 2015 9:57 pm; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : Changes to theme song(s))

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Haise Diederich  Empty Re: Haise Diederich

Post by Jason Reeds on Tue May 12, 2015 8:01 pm

So far so good, just a few things to note overall.

Kouryakuya (Capture Arrow):
Superiors are fairly stamina draining and to have em be a requirement to break an advanced-rank tech is a bit much. Drop it down to advanced rank, just stronger than that tech. Not like that tech is vastly powerful anyway, certainly not enough to justify a superior breaking it.

Suigin Harigane (Mercury Wire):
Great, so there are wires and such... what do they do exactly?


Approved 1/2
Jason Reeds
Jason Reeds

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Haise Diederich  Empty Re: Haise Diederich

Post by Kirino Yamazu on Wed May 13, 2015 6:22 pm


Haise Diederich  Tumblr_n04vs0ym7l1rn9uh8o3_500  
`One kills a man, one is an assassin; one kills millions, one is a conqueror; one kills everybody, one is a god`
Haise Diederich  Tumblr_n04vs0ym7l1rn9uh8o1_500
Kirino Yamazu
Kirino Yamazu

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Haise Diederich  Empty Re: Haise Diederich

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