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Fukaku's Tech/Level log

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Fukaku's Tech/Level log Empty Fukaku's Tech/Level log

Post by Ruby rose on Mon May 11, 2015 8:12 am


This Ginto spell creates a rectangular beam of energy using Ginto capsules, which can slice through the opponent.
Incantation: " feel the wrath of battle and accept this sacred chalice - sacred bite!

This technique forms a man-sized barrier around it's target, adorned with a pentagonal quincy cross.
Incantation: "A silver rod strikes the five-fingered stone bed - Quintuple Restraining Frames!"

This technique creates a large blast of energy. It can be used for offensive purposes, or to cushion a fall.
Incantation: "Tilt the goblet to the west - Emerald grail!"

Ginto arrow:
Using a silver ginto capsule, the quincy mixes the liquid in the capsule with an arrow of energy to fire a powerful arrow. Regardless of the person using it, the arrow will become twice as large and a metallic silver, and leave a silver energy trail behind it. this technique is extremely penetrating, and can break through most basic defense techniques. However, it loses any homing capabilities, and it's strength is dependent on the user. Depending on the strength of the user, the power of the attack can go from being only somewhat stronger than the users, to being able to stop and penetrate through a cero.

Using a Ginto capsule, the user creates cords of reiatsu to entangle the opponent. the cords are very sticky, similar to spiderweb, and the number of cords is great enough to entangle the entire body, making this a difficult technique to resist even with greater reiatsu. the cords themselves are quite easy to dodge, however, so other preparations must be made beforehand as well.

Kurai Suiryoku (Dark thrust):
Fukaku thrusts his hand forward after a half-second of charging time, causing a black spear to jut out from his palm the length of one meter. this spear has a thin head and will stab into the opponent without much problem, and is used as part of a palm strike directed at the enemy.
Fukaku is capable of charging this for a turn in order to fire a spear two meters long instead.

Hijōshikina rasshu (insanity charge)
Fukaku builds up a spiked barrier of black reishi in front of him, before charging forward in a similar manner to a football tackle, with the barrier staying directly in front of him. the barrier is capable of stopping a basic kido or a sword strike, though the former will destroy it, and will cause quite some damage on striking an opponent.
This technique can be used with hirenkyaku, and doesn't disperse until making contact with something substantial, be it kido or a person.

Similar to the Shunpo of the shinigami, or the Sonido of the arrancar, Hirenkyaku is a move used for quick bursts of movement. gathering spirit particles underfoot, the quincy "rides" these particles to the desired location, allowing fast movement. at more advanced levels, a Quincy can use this skill to "walk in air" and create platforms for themselves, as well.

Bakuhatsu Raito:
The user fires an arrow, which, when it impacts on anything, or simply when the user causes it to remotely, detonates in an explosion of light and sound, effectively blinding and/or rendering the opponent deaf, depending on how it's fired. the main difficulty, is that the arrow takes a few seconds to charge, is distinctive due to being a glowing white, and does no physical damage to anything it hits. this is a draining technique for beginners, but is much easier on the systems of those more experienced. ~Technique compliment of Erza~

Todlich Dunst:
Using a ginto capsule, the user creates a thick mist of reiatsu, which obscures energy sensing as well as it does sight. this mist is not easily dispelled, even by kido,and, depending on the user of the skill, can fade in anytime between 5 posts, to 30 posts. The range is also dependent on the user, a novice being able to create a field of ten feet, while an ancient can make it as large as a city block.~Technique compliment of Erza~

Maho teishi:
Creates an energy barrier, adorned with a roman cross symbol, directly in front of the Quincy. the barrier does nothing to stop a person, or zanpakuto, but can block kido's, or any "magical" ability used by hollows. this also works against some kido-like abilities used by shinigami's zanpakuto or hollows special abilities in their release form. ~Technique compliment of Erza~

Verstreuten Blitz:
Verstreuten blitz, on activation, creates a large eruption of black lightning blasts from a certain point. around the blast area, lightning shoots out in all directions, and from all angles. it's easily blocked, but not so easily evaded, as the blast comes out rather fast, and moves in an erratic pattern.~Technique compliment of Erza~

Flugeln Kafer:
Flugeln Kafer is a ginto technique that creates 5 silver beetles. The beetles are about twice the size of a true beetle, and fly towards their given target, directed by the quincy. The beetles will use their pincers to latch onto an enemy,and then explode in a small silver puff, as a form of remote explosive. each explosion is rather small, however, and one beetle is not likely to do too much damage to an opponent.~Technique compliment of Erza~

Heilen (Heal):
A basic healing technique that utilizes a ginto capsule, when released the reishi energy flows over the wounds and produces a regenerative field via accelerated cellular growth. Good for minor to medium wounds. (Cuts, burns, scraps, etc.) It is nearly ineffective against major wounds. (Organ damage, impalement, deep and/or large cuts, etc.) It is completely ineffective in curing poisons or diseases.~Product of Quantum Rain~


Kyoki Suto(Mad Arrow):
Kyoki suto fires off an arrow that literally radiates darkness, sucking up light within a foot of it. The arrow is built up of unstable energy that passes through most reishi-based things, causing them to explode by introducing instability. As a result, the arrow is followed by a string of small explosions when fired, as the ambient reishi nearest to the arrow is ignited. this ability cuts through enemy reishi attacks by causing them to ignite and explode, causing relevant effects as a result, but cannot do the same to reishi barriers ranked at or equivalent to a superior technique.
If the arrow hits a target opponent, the effect is much more severe, cutting off any use of kido, cero, or spells of any kind for a 2-post duration, though abilities such as hirenkyaku or hierro are not included. This effect does not stack or cause any permanent effects.

Tod Von Acht Seiten (Death on Eight Sides):
One of the few abilities related to using the Seele schneider in close combat, Tod von acht Seiten involves the user to charge at their foe with Hirenkyaku, to attack with the blade of the Seele Schneider. When the user attacks, he sends out reishi to create 3 copies of himself. The copies fan out and attack from different directions, and as reishi images, do feel real to reiatsu sensing. This technique produces a moderate drain on the Quincy, but is relatively easy to use.

Hakkatenkidzuku (Foretelling Transfer Speed):
With this skill, the Quincy’s senses become advanced to the point where they are aware of flash-steps of any kind (Shunpo, Sonido, or Hirenkyaku). While their target may use flash-steps, the Quincy can judge where the flash-step will end, and thus can attack that area before their target gets there. A master of flash-steps can still avoid attacks, but they would be very hard-pressed to avoid everything.

Blitze Gott Stange (Divine Lightning Rod ):
Similar to the gran rey cero, the user uses some of their blood as a catalyst to use the technique. Unlike the gran rey cero, however, what the Blitze Gott Stange does, is use the blood as a focal point to focus energy collection. from there, the user gathers electrical energy from the atmosphere, and gathers it into an arrow. The lightning makes the arrow incredibly long, and when fired, the arrow is ten feet long. extremely strong, it is one of the most powerful quincy abilities. ~Technique compliment of Erza~

Sanrei Abtropfen (Sanrei Drain):
An ability unique to sanrei users, they mimic the power of their gauntlets, which cause spiritrons to scatter away naturally, and temporarily create a pulse around them that causes the same. This causes kido and other reishi constructs to weaken at their very bonds, stopping basic and advanced kido, and greatly weakening superior kido, in an area around the quincy. this technique is only available to sanrei users, as it requires their skills at controlling particles despite the effect to use, which they develop with the help of the sanrei gauntlet.

Blut Arterie (Blood Artery):
A strictly offensive Blut technique that significantly amplifies the caster's physical capabilities, mainly their strength. It offers no defensive boosts of any kind, and cannot be used simultaneously alongside other Blut techniques.

This is a high level technique that allows the user to control their body with strings of spirit energy controlled by their brain, forming strings out of countless spiritrons. using this technique, the user can control their own body like a marionette, allowing them to move despite paralysis, broken limbs, or any other force that would normally impede movement.


Aura pulse:
Despite being one of the most powerful techniques in the quincy arsenal, Aura pulse is one of the newest developments, as the quincies learn to harness their life energy. Aura pulse is performed by the quincy gaining control of their aura and using their own abilities to cause it to temporarily increase in strength dramatically. This results in the quincy overflowing with life energy, increasing their basic speed and strength by a moderate amount, allowing them to fire Aura-infused arrows with much more destructive force(similar to in form, though obviously less powerful than, the arrows fired in the Letz stil form), allowing them to fire off life energy to cancel out energy blasts, and allowing them to use "Impulsübertragen.".

This form is difficult to control, and very draining, and requires the individual in question to at least be captain class to use it. The ability be used for one post for every 500 exp the quincy has, capping at 4 posts. After hitting the post limit, the quincy can use it for one more post, however, if they do so, they will immediately after end up being entirely drained of reishi, and unable to move for several hours.

Lastly, if an individual does go over the limit, they will lose the ability to perform aura pulse ever again, having too weak a life force after draining it so that the move will no longer be able to be performed. This move is very draining, and produces an amount of drain on the user similar than Shunko.

Licht Regen (Light Rain):
A technique used in conjunction with a spirit bow, a large amount of reiatsu is stored visible on the person's shoulder, before a large amount of arrows are shot. This technique fires a massive amount of powerful arrows, and is amongst the strongest of quincy techniques.

Haku Ryu Kami (White God Dragons):
The user creates a pair of white dragons, and fires them at high speeds as an attack. they are guided like heat seeking missiles by the user's thought. the damage they can do is extensive, comparable to a hado 90: kurohitsugi, each, and do less, but still major, damage even by grazing an enemy. the technique is the most draining quincy technique, however, and arguably the most draining of any technique. a quincy with captain class reiatsu can only cast this spell once safely, and the second usage will leave them on the ground, collapsed from exhaustion.

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Fukaku's Tech/Level log Empty Re: Fukaku's Tech/Level log

Post by Rizu Minamoto on Mon May 11, 2015 8:16 am

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