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Dougie Lokaliin and Lucien (W.I.P)

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Dougie Lokaliin and Lucien (W.I.P) Empty Dougie Lokaliin and Lucien (W.I.P)

Post by Dormammu on Tue May 12, 2015 5:25 pm

-Profile Pic for image-

Name: Douglas
Nickname: Dougie (by Rose)
Race: Hollow

~Personal Information~

Appearance: Dougie Lokaliin and Lucien (W.I.P) OXmuAX2
Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Birthday: May 25th 1999
Height: 5.5 ft
Weight: 114
Build: Average a little on the skinny side
Skin Tone: Pale
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Hand Orientation: Right
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status: Complicated
Tattoos: None
Blood Type: AB
Personality: Douglass seemingly has issues with confrontations of any nature, but to whom he calls a friend and who knows him enough will tell you, he is kind, compassionate,honest, and trusting person. He is a lover of animals, but not much for humanity, he is extremely cautious in about anything he does that would seem out of the ordinary for him. He is submissive and did everything his sisters told him to do. He is also seemingly a closet pervert. He is somewhat ashamed of it and wonders how it will affect him after is first time being with a woman.

Medical Disorders: Has a second personality, a male named Lucien, who seems to be a caretaker of sorts for Douglas. Lucien takes over whenever Doug is in any sort of danger or trouble. Which happens often for a kid like Douglas..

Appearance of Lucien: Dougie Lokaliin and Lucien (W.I.P) DViXgc1

Personality: Lucien, answers to no one but Douglass. He reflects everything that Douglass wants to be. Handsome, adored, sought after. He is still rather submissive, but only when it comes to love, making her happy will make him happy. However, he is far more dominate than his cuter counter part, aggressive in action, and a regular social butterfly. Where Doug stumbles through conversation, Lucien's charisma picks up. In fact, whenever Doug fall flat, Lucien carries him. But not without friendly advice that Doug sometimes thinks is him just mocking him. He is charming and all, but he does not exist without Douglass.

Physical Disabilities: None

Unique Characteristics: When he takes his glasses off, it's almost a tell tale sign that Lucien is going to take the seat. So much so that Douglass's form is replaced by Lucien, growing in height and weight. A complete change in personality.

Familial Ties: None, his mother is still among the living, as well as his sisters.  

Education: High school, Saxophone lessons

Background: Douglass was born prematurely 8 months old, his father seemingly vanished from his life at the time. He was raised any child would, his family was middle class and well off, he noticed he was nothing like his sisters of course being a male, but along side personality he was not like them, they were outgoing, social, and were charming, he lived most of his life without friends not because he could not make them but because he chose not to, even though people did try to invite him to their gatherings.

At the age of 16 he was teased relentlessly for not having any experience with girls, so much so he was pressured into asking a girl out, but he froze as soon as he spoke to her, he apologized quickly and walked away. Since then he had plenty of time for a hobby, and he decided to get saxophone lessons. He had a knack for it seems and it attracted some attention from his next door neighbor that use to babysit him, he trusted her completely and agreed quickly for him to play for her, after playing some songs, she began to throw gestures his way saying she was interested, of which flew completely over his head. So she took the sax and laid it down on the floor and became intimate with him, being underage and her being six years older than him, he would have to keep it a secret, so he would "play" for her several times a week despite still being teased, he knew he had some experience with women now.

He continued in school and his saxophone lessons and he continued to play for her for the next two years, he was set to graduate from high school after the second year, his sisters had moved out and went to college by then and his mother was on a business trip. He was sitting in his room, deciding or not spend time with his neighbor or play his sax. When he heard the glass break, a chill went down his spine as he heard footsteps on the stair way to his room. He shut his door and picked up the bat behind it. When the door was kicked open he swung the bat hitting one of them in the stomach, he tried to swing again aiming for the next person but they punched him knocking his glasses off.

The bat fell to the floor with a clang, it was three in all. and they dragged him down the steps, verbally insulting and kicking his sides in the living room, they kept him quiet with tape taking turns beating him, he explained to him they had been sleeping with one of their girlfriend next door, the person who owned the sax left it their and it had his name on it, Douglass squinted his eyebrow bleeding, his mouth was swollen and hard to move, he saw his bat in the hand of the thugs and a knife in the hand in the person interrogating him, they brought him to his feet, and he stepped closer to Douglass, Douglass shook his head and would have pleaded them to spare his life as any sane person would, but the knife was shoved into his gut and then his chest plunging into his heart, he fell to his knees and looked down at the blade sticking in his chest, the pain immense.

He placed a hand on the knife and began to slowly pull it out as a reflex, his own bat was used against him, it collided full swing against the base of his skull, he was sent forward from the impact, impaling himself on the knife, the two thugs looked at each other and left the house quickly, blood began to soak the carpet,  as the scorned lover removed the tape from Douglass's mouth. Douglass was still breathing and muttered he just wanted to play sax for her. He left Douglass to die, and Douglass was left with the thought of his sisters or mother finding his corpse.

He struggled to breathe for the next few minutes when he felt someone turn him over, in the dim light,tears in his eyes, and poor eyesight he could barely make out her face. He heard the voice that questioned him before speak to her. "Was it worth it...fucking him and leaving me." He muttered some words and he could make out she was crying. "R-Rosie, don't cry...It was worth it to me..." He exhaled for the last time as his lungs failed to work anymore. (More to come)

~Profession Information~
Occupation: Hollow
Affiliation: None
Previous Affiliation: N/A
Operating Base: N/A
Rank: Rank 1 - Lost Spirit

Dougie Lokaliin and Lucien (W.I.P) X354-q80
Reflexión: Douglas' power Condensed into an item that is known as a Zanpakuto.
This shield shaped mirror hangs from Douglas/Lucien's neck and looks like a large tie pin/ornament.

Throwing Needles - This is a nontraditional type of weapon, but when one can't fight hand-to-hand or with a blade, its best to keep your distance and attack when you can. These have the ability to be poisoned, only if a poison is provided. (Arrancar)

Combat Information
Combat Style:
Douglas.... He really isn't a fighter. His nature is to avoid fights all together. But if ever a challenge appears that he cannot avoid out right, Lucien will gladly step up.
Lucien works to end the fight as fast as he can.

Combat Attributes:
Total: 2

Stamina: 1
Endurance: 1

Reiatsu Color:
-Royal Purple
Reiatsu Shape:
-Swirling Shadow, resembling a Black Hole
Reiatsu Type:
-Non Elemental
Reiatsu Amount:

--Hollow Form--
Hollow Form Abilities: (Limit 6)
--Passive Abilities--
Reflecting Skin:
Upon reaching the first hollow stage, Douglas' skin becomes a strangely shiny and silver. Since there isn't much known about hollows, the hypothesis is he is an Albino Hollow. Until he is attacked.
When Douglas is attacked by a spirit-based attack - cero, kido, ect - or any light based attack, the attack is absorbed, and then reflected back at the attacker.
This should act as a +1 to Endurance.

--Basic Abilities--
Mirror Armor Lvl 1:

Douglas gains the ability to actively defend against spirit based and 'light' based attacks. He gets a +2(Not Stacked with Passive) to Endurance, but suffers a -1 to speed for one post.
If Kido/Cero/Ginto/Ect Stat is equal to or less than Douglas' heightened Endurance, the attack is thrown back at them.
Only available after Rank 3.

--Advanced Abilities--
Mirror Armor Lvl 2:

He gains a +3(Not Stacked with Passive) to Endurance against spirit-based, light-based, and projectiles. It has a 2 post cool down.
If Kido/Cero/Ginto/Ect Stat is equal to or less than Douglas' heightened Endurance, the attack is thrown back at them.
Only available after Rank 5.

--Superior Abilities--
Mirror Armor Lvl 3:

Douglas gains a +6(Not Stacked with Passive) to Endurance against spirit-based, light-based, and projectiles. This has a 3 post cool down.
If Kido/Cero/Ginto/Ect Stat is equal to or less than Douglas' heightened Endurance, the attack is thrown back at them.
Only available after Rank 7.

--Ultimate Ability--
Shattering Defense:

Only available after Rank 2.
Douglas gains the unexplainable ability to absorb and type and level of attack, but this shatters any and all of his defense including the passive ability (Reflective Skin) leaving him completely vulnerable and weakened. Leaving him with Fleeing as his only option.
If the attack was spirit-based or light-based, the attack is thrown back at the attacker after adding Doug's Cero-Stat to it, in this case the shattered armor is boosting the reflected attack. This is just an added effect in hopes to ward off the attacker.
Example: Shinigami(Rank 5) attacks with +4 Kido, and Douglas(Rank 3) has +2 Cero, Reflected Kido is at a +6.

-Image (Optional)-
Spirit Type: (Zanpakuto, Seishin, or Hollow)
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Unique Characteristics:

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Dougie Lokaliin and Lucien (W.I.P) Empty Re: Dougie Lokaliin and Lucien (W.I.P)

Post by Dormammu on Thu Aug 13, 2015 8:37 am

Dougie and Lucien are done and ready to go...thank you for your patience.

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Dougie Lokaliin and Lucien (W.I.P) Empty Re: Dougie Lokaliin and Lucien (W.I.P)

Post by Aloysius Koehler on Fri Aug 14, 2015 6:46 am

I would first like to point out how confused I was to be looking at two characters rather than one until I read the medical history. Way to bewilder me like that, bravo. Almost worth bonus points for that. Razz

Although honestly, it seems like you've got a LOT of people in one body there, not just Lucien and Douglass. It's a little hard to keep track of. Though if I'm reading this right, and correct me if I'm wrong, but Lucien can turn into Michael or Jack depending on if he's wearing his glasses or not? May want to simplify and clarify that a bit if I'm wrong.

And now I just read your backstory... That went from cheerful to dirty magazine to horror story in, like, two pages of a book. Interesting backstory, if not maybe a little too past the pg rating we're kind of hoping to hold onto here. Make sure not to go overboard. Though honestly, I don't see how you'd need more backstory.

As for your abilities, you're probably going to want to rethink them. Abilities shouldn't be gained at certain ranks, and your hollow form is your starting abilities as a hollow, that includes all six abilities. Furthermore, making all your abilities buffs and the ability to reflect based on stats is not only a little over the limit of what I'll allow, but no combat abilities of any sort is very much not recommended.

Think of techniques, things that you can actively perform to hinder or harm your opponent or improve your own survivability. Simply reflecting attacks isn't very creative, and with that kind of backstory, I know you've got the ability to think of unique abilities that your hollow can perform besides stat buffs. Limit the buffs to, like, one or two basic-ranked abilities and then think of other more active ones. And knock out that reflective passive effect on those buffs, that's a no go. If you really want it, make it an actively used, separate ability with its own drawbacks or limitations. Get creative with it. Take a look at other sheets, or pm me questions if you need any help or clarification.
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Dougie Lokaliin and Lucien (W.I.P) Empty Re: Dougie Lokaliin and Lucien (W.I.P)

Post by Dormammu on Fri Aug 14, 2015 7:57 am

Whoops it was only two...I forgot to remove Michael and Jack xD so it's only two, my bad. I will edit and remove them was tired and I will work on my abilities as well.

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Dougie Lokaliin and Lucien (W.I.P) Empty Re: Dougie Lokaliin and Lucien (W.I.P)

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