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Post by Sachio Fri Dec 30, 2016 12:30 pm

Sachio Koizumi 9EqCXVH
Additional Images:

Name: Sachio Koizumi
Nickname: N/a
Title: N/a
Race: Reiki User (Human)

~Personal Information~
Gender: Male
Nationality: Japanese (Asian)
Birthday: October 13th
Age: 17
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 153 lbs (~70kg)
Build: Slim, Athletic
Skin Tone: Light-Asian
Eye Color: Yellow-Green
Hair Color: Black
Hand Orientation: Left-Handed
Sexuality: Homosexual
Relationship Status: Single
Tattoos: Small Coptic Cross, Upper-Back
Blood Type: A-
Medical Disorders: None Notable
Unique Characteristics: None
Familial Ties: Unknown
Education: Unknown

An up front and sociable person, Sachio is kind-hearted, joking, and often very keen to go with the flow of current events, wherever that may take him. This personality, however, hides his disdain for being alone and doing nothing, always seeking to remain active for reasons unknown. He'll go out of his way to explore, be it meeting new people, new places, or new ideas. To this end, he is passionate and resolved, and can be intensely focused beyond that of normal.

Sachio's past is uncertain, though he appears to be an average High School student.

~Profession Information~
Occupation: High-School Student (?)
Affiliation: None
Previous Affiliation: None
Operating Base: Karakura Town
Team: None
Rank: Unknown
Partner: Aloysius Koehler



~Combat Information~
Combat Style:

Base Reishi: 750
Total Attributes: 18

Combat Attributes:
Total: (16)

  • Reiki (6)
  • Speed (4)
  • Agility (4)
  • Hand-to-Hand (4)

Reiatsu Color: Violet
Reiatsu Shape: A purple shadow or a cloaked figure.
Reiatsu Type: Shifting-Normal
Reiatsu Affinity: Normal
Reiatsu Amount: Substantial

~Release Forms and Techniques~

Pulse Reishi Name: Akutō Yokubō (悪党慾望 / Rogue Desire)
Pulse Reishi Description:

--Soul Pulse--
Soul Pulse Appearance:

Soul Pulse Abilities:

Favorite foods:
Least Favorite foods:
Theme song(s):

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Character sheet
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