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The Rules!

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The Rules! Empty The Rules!

Post by Admin on Thu Jan 08, 2015 2:03 am

**Please read these rules and regulations for your own benefit! You will be required to acknowledge that you read the rules and agree to them. Ignorance is not an excuse for breaking the rules, so to avoid future calamity, continue reading below.**

These are the rules and regulations that we, the Administration, have set in place to provide a safe, fair and friendly environment on Bleach Resurrection. These rules are subject to change and will be enforced at the discretion of the Administration. For questions, concerns or comments about the rules, please feel free to message Captain-Commander Rizu, Honjo Minamoto, Ruby Rose, or Quantum Rain. Or contact us all by e-mail at bleach.resurrection.hq@gmail.com. We’ll do our best to respond as quickly and efficiently as possible.

As a general rule, content on this site could potentially be inappropriate for individuals under the age of 16. We try to keep content PG-13 on average, but we cannot guarantee that this will always be the case. Each respective thread has the potential to contain any or all of the following: Swearing, mild sexual content and/or violent, gory subject matter. Discretion for users 16 and below is advised.

Chatbox Rules and Regulations

Vulgar language
We are typically relaxed when it comes to sentence enhancers and frustrated cusses, but please be advised that offensive language, excessive swearing, prejudiced slurs and other such jargon will be treated seriously. Your rights end at the tip of another person’s nose. If names and inappropriate language are directed at another individual with the intent of upsetting them, you will face consequences. Remember; if you think it might be offensive, it probably is.

We know we are catering to a diverse community of people. As such, we would like everyone to understand that we uphold a zero tolerance policy to bullying and harassment. Comments that attack an individual based on appearance, capabilities, sexual orientation, gender identity, race, religion, etc., will be treated very seriously and their first occurrence will get you banned from Chatbox (duration determined at time of ban). Further occurrences will be addressed at our discretion and may lead to the loss of roleplay privileges and/or account deletion and permanent ban. We also acknowledge that misunderstandings happen. If you feel you have been harassed, please take a screen shot of the incident and e-mail it to us at the e-mail listed at the top of this page.

A troll is defined as a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people by posting inflammatory, extraneous or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a forum, chat room or blog) with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion. (Reference: Wikipedia)

Do not be a troll. You will be dispatched swiftly.

Also, please don’t spam. This means posting the same thing over and over again, or posting advertisements in Chatbox or anywhere else on the site. If you have a super cool forum and you’d like other people to join, that’s great! But please ask permission from one of the Administrators first. Otherwise, your post will be removed and you will face consequences. We are not a billboard. Spam will be handled at the discretion of the Administration.

Spoilers, for any and all anime and manga, are strictly prohibited in CB. There is an off-topic anime and manga section in the discussion board for topics just like this, spoiler warnings and all. Please divert your squees about the latest chapter of One Piece here: http://www.bleachresurrection.net/f5-otaku-manor

PS: Just as a general courtesy, if you’re going to post a picture or a super long monologue in Chatbox, please put it inside of a spoiler box (e.g.,


//image here//

). Otherwise, Chatbox gets cluttered and that makes us unhappy. Don’t make us unhappy.  In fact, try to use spoilers for oversized pictures in everything you post (large signatures, pictures in RP, Character Sheets, etc). It makes everything look much cleaner and leaves us as happy, well-adjusted Administrators. We like being happy and well-adjusted. You should, too.

Roleplay Rules and Regulations

Character Sheets and Technique Sheets
Each and every character sheet and technique sheet must be a unique product created by the user. While inspiration may be drawn from just about anywhere, please keep in mind that we do not take kindly to direct copy-pastes from Bleach Wiki, Superpower Wiki or, well, just about anywhere.
You may not, under any circumstances, steal the intellectual property of other character sheets, whether they be from our forum or another. Anyone caught doing this (and we do check, often and thoroughly) will be reprimanded immediately and be required to start their character from scratch. Multiple offenses will result first in a revocation of RP privileges and then a permanent ban from the forum.

Plagiarism is not okay. It is never okay. If you need help and you’re stuck on an aspect of your character, we would much rather you ask for some pointers instead of stealing. We won’t do your character sheet for you; if you ask/expect us to, it will only incur Rizu’s fury (which burns with the intensity of a thousand supernovas, for the record). That aside, we are always happy to lend a hand if you’re lost, stuck or have no clue what you’re doing. Everyone deserves to have an equal chance at thriving here. We intend to uphold that.

Every character sheet and technique sheet is required to be reviewed and approved by at least one Administrator before it is fit for use and is subject to review at any given time, even if you have already been approved. This is to ensure quality control and avoid edits that may have been missed prior. We may play supernatural beings, but in the end, we’re (mostly) human. As such, there is room for error. We make a great effort to have every sheet approved within 24 hours of being posted (assuming it is fit for approval), but if your sheet happens to be left behind, give one of us a friendly nudge or send us an e-mail. We do have busy lives outside of the forum, but we work so we don’t leave you high and dry. Don’t be afraid to remind us that you’re still waiting.

Each and every amendment made to your character or technique sheet must be declared at the time of edit! We cannot stress this enough. To save time and make sure that everything you need approved/re-approved gets acknowledged, please post in your respective thread that you have made a change/addition and copy-paste what changes you have made. This will not only make your approval time faster, but it will improve quality control.

Please keep in mind that the forum makes note every time you make an edit, so if the number of edits you’ve made are greater than the number of edits you have declared (assuming we cannot account for each edit), or your last approval is dated far later than your last edit, your character sheet or technique sheet (or both) will be void until we can review it. If such a thing happens frequently, you may face consequences, anywhere from losing your character or your site privileges. You may also look silly, what with trying to trick us. Honesty is the best policy!

GM is fairly simply defined as RP writing that attempts to control other character's actions or reactions to a situation, taking away the other RPer's right to let their character react in the way they feel is correct. Just in case there are some that are unclear about what Godmodding entails, here are a few examples. These examples are not all encompassing, but should give you a general idea of what is not okay.

• Landing a hit without giving your opponent a chance to dodge or counteract.
• Using abilities that are beyond your character’s level.
• Somehow using knowledge your character could not have possibly obtained to use to your advantage against an opponent.

In the event of GM characters or RP conduct, we have a “3 strikes you’re out” sort of policy. This means that if you are reprimanded more than 3 times in a thread for GMing, the thread will be terminated and you will lose the EXP you gained in said thread. After this, every post you make in any thread that is deemed to be GM will cause your EXP to decrease exponentially; 25, 50, 100 and so forth until you no longer have any EXP. You will be required to redo leveling requirements if you pass them. If this doesn’t deter GM behavior and you continue despite having no EXP, your character will be killed and you must start from scratch.

If anyone GMs against an event NPC and does not remedy their actions, they will be liable to be killed without permission.  

Avatars, Signatures and Other Images
In an effort to keep inappropriate pictures off of the forum, we will most certainly keep an eye out for pictures that do not belong. This includes extreme nudity, pornographic content, graphic violence (most anime violence is okay, violence depicting real, flesh and blood people is not), etc. The Administration will remove these pictures at their discretion.

Accounts and the Respective Characters
For the purpose of RP, each user is entitled to two (2) accounts, one (1) character per account. Each character must be a different race (i.e., Shinigami and Quincy). These characters may only interact with each other if there is at least one other party present. This is to prevent EXP farming. If these terms are broken, any ill-gotten EXP will be removed from all characters involved. If the limit of characters and accounts is exceeded, the newest account(s) will be deleted and your primary account will receive a ban (duration will be decided by severity and number of incidents).

You are, at all times, responsible for anything that occurs on your account(s). Hackers, younger siblings, cats, or mysterious glitches are no excuse. Share your account at your own risk; you will absolutely be held responsible for any and all actions performed by any other individuals using your account.

Anyone found impersonating moderators and/or administrators will be at the mercy of the Administration. This rule extends to usernames with great resemblance to that of a moderator, or usernames implying moderator or admin privileges such as "4dmin1istrat0r","SiteOwner" and the likes.  If we decide not to ban you, be grateful the first time; but don’t think you’ll get away with it twice.
We prefer that users refrain from asking for staff positions. If we feel you are suited for the (unpaid and underappreciated) job, we will let you know. Otherwise, don’t ask. Every request decreases your chances of being considered exponentially. Don’t poke the bear, kids.

The Administration will not, under any circumstances, alter a user’s EXP (unless we are required to). If you try and get us to change your EXP, not only will we do nothing of the sort, but we will give you only one warning to cease and desist. If it happens again, you will incur a ban. Further punishment will be decided upon depending on the number of times you goof.

Hackers will be dispatched as swiftly as trolls.

You may not enter an ongoing thread if you have not received explicit permission from all participating members. Doing so will revoke any guarantee for your character’s safety and you may be killed.

Furthermore, other players cannot force you into a story event or ongoing thread, without your explicit permission. For staff-created events, you will have to PM us or say within the event announcement thread (if necessary or if possible) that you do not wish to participate. We will respect your wishes in that regard. Players that break this rule also revoke any guarantee for their character's safety.

Please do not test the waters. Doing a bunch of little things that do not technically break the rules in order to avoid any sort of penalty will, indeed, get you a big fat penalty. Skirting the line is not only irritating, it’s an insult to our intelligence. If you think we won’t notice, you’ve grossly underestimated us.

*Case-by-case interpretations of the rules are within the jurisdiction of the staff and are not set in stone. Scenarios and consequences include, but are not limited to, those listed above. If you disagree with how a situation was handled, contact Rizu, Honjo, Rain, or Agent; it is not and never will be an excuse for inappropriate conduct or rudeness on your part.

**If you are a repeated offender - your account is liable to be permanently banned. We understand people make mistakes, but people are also expected to learn from their "mistakes".

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