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Jaixe, Reaper of Shadows

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Jaixe, Reaper of Shadows Empty Jaixe, Reaper of Shadows

Post by Jaixe on Wed Dec 07, 2016 11:39 pm

"Look upon this world of yours and what do you see? Hope? A worthwhile future? No, what is in store for you is naught but death and suffering. You have had your time in the sun, as it were, and now the universe will react to your wastefulness and folly. Your ignorance will be your undoing, and I am but one messenger in this regard."
~ Jaixe

Jaixe, Reaper of Shadows QkgMEQg

Name: Jaixe
Title: The Reaper King
Race: Hollow

~Personal Information~

Gender: Male
Nationality: N/a
Birthday: N/a
Height: 6'0"
Weight: -Unknown-
Build: Slim
Skin Tone: Pale
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Black
Hand Orientation: Left
Sexuality: -Unknown
Relationship Status: -Unknown-
Tattoos: None
Blood Type: N/a
Medical Disorders: -Unknown-
Physical Disabilities: -Unknown-

Unique Characteristics:
His eyes are orangish-red, what even!? Why do you like weird eye colors so much, Rain?

-None Provided-

~Profession Information~
Occupation: Hollow
Affiliation: Nova Espada
Operating Base: Hueco Mundo
Rank: Literally king

Scythe Zanpakutou:
For Arrancars, Zanpakutou are standard fare to access their resurrecion state, but bear no spirit like a Shinigami's soul slayer does. Instead, it contains a portion of the hollow's soul. For Jaixe, it takes the form of a simple bladed scythe, rather than a standard wazikashi.

-None Known-

~Combat Information~
Combat Style:
Jaixe's fighting style is elegant and quick to respond. He debilitates enemies, one at a time, and retaliates with devastating counters and followups. Overwhelming the enemy is reserved for last gambits and finales.

Combat Attributes:
Total: 32

  • Swordsmanship - 8
  • Cero - 8
  • Stamina - 6
  • Agility - 4
  • Speed - 4
  • Strength - 2

Reiatsu Color: Purple & Blue
Reiatsu Shape: Enigmatic Cloaked Figure
Reiatsu Type: Standard
Reiatsu Affinity: N/A
Reiatsu Amount: Significant


~Release Forms and Techniques~

Resurrecion Name: Fábula Demoníaca
Resurrecion Appearance:
Jaixe, Reaper of Shadows WcmB0gb

Resurrecion Abilities:
--Passive Abilities--

--Basic Abilities--

--Advanced Abilities--

--Superior Abilities--

--Ultimate Ability--

Likes: Moonlight, Cold, Luxury
Dislikes: Deserts, Incompetence
Favorite foods: Savory, Flavorful meals
Least Favorite foods: Bland, stale, or tasteless
Theme song(s):

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