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Post by Jason Reeds on Tue Dec 20, 2016 10:18 am

"What, did you think I'd be gone forever?"

Jason Reeds Reedsrecolor2fix2_zpsb2e4fd75
Hollow Vasto Lorde Form:

Jason Reeds XiTh1ca

Name: Jason Reeds
Nickname: None
Title: The Ancient Quincy
Race: Quincy-Hollow Hybrid

~Personal Information~
Gender: Male
Nationality: Uncertain
Birthday: Unknown
Age: 5,000+ (?)
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 169 lbs (76.6 kg)
Build: Thin
Skin Tone: Dark
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Black
Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous
Sexuality: Unknown
Relationship Status: Single (?)
Tattoos: None
Blood Type: AB-
Medical Disorders: Untested
Physical Disabilities: None
Unique Characteristics: None Notable
Familial Ties: None
Education: Unknown
Jason Reeds is a very old, arguably ingenious scientist whose curiosity has driven him to great, although as of yet unknown achievements of knowledge and understanding. He seems pacifistic by nature, rarely involving himself in conflicts. He is also a rather awkward person, to put it lightly, and potentially rude for it through his own ignorance on such matters. Not really his fault, he's literally been away for untold centuries. He often means well and is kind and generous. He is also rather secretive, never revealing too much of himself to others and almost never reveals any of his history.

Jason Reeds is the first known instance of a Quincy-Hollow Hybrid, and one of the oldest known beings still alive to this day, on par with that of the great Captain-Commander Yamamoto. His immense age and his intellect cannot be denied, though his history remains largely unknown. It is thought that he may be of middle-eastern descent, though his face and oddly modern expressions do not match such ideas.

~Profession Information~
Occupation: Quincy Scientist
Affiliation: None
Previous Affiliation: None
Operating Base: Own Lab Complex
Team: None
Rank: None
Partner: None

Quincy Cross (Ankh Cross): The trademark focus for the Quincy, the cross is their central symbol and the means of conjuring the Quincy Bow. The bows are a figurative name, as the weapon can be of virtually any variety or style. Each is unique to the Quincy themselves, and to the cross they bear. Without the cross, a Quincy cannot conjure their bow.

Aegis" Generator:

A small shield device that utilizes reishi energy, it is designed to project a barrier around the wielder to deflect minor attacks. Unfortunately, it has the habit of having a short lifespan, and prolonged use can cause it to overheat and burn out. Overall, the barrier is fairly effective for the device's small size.
Melissa" Analysis Drones:

Small, bee-shaped drones that come in large swarms, they are equipped with small cameras and other recording devices, including reishi scanners, and reiatsu detection devices. They are linked to the network that Reeds has set up, where all of the information they collect are returned to the mainframe to be disseminated and categorized.
Anagénni̱si̱" Regeneration Patch:

A subdermal patch that can be applied to any surface of skin, it is a temporary rejuvenation device designed to create a fake soul via condensed reishi, and then diseminate it, allowing it to be consumed by the wielder's soul in order to repair spiritual damage that was inflicted. It can only be used once, and is automatically applied when the wielder requires it. When it is used, the patch dissipates entirely, the whole construct being created from reishi to begin with.
Eísodos" Doorway:

A portal, of sorts, that is made via a small, pocket device that Reeds keeps on his person. The device is a small cube in origin, and when it is activated, it transforms into a steel doorway. The door in question will always lead back to his lab. The doorway is also equipped with a special "filter" of sorts to keep any irregularities in space/time from occurring due to his usage of the device, though the filter can be deactivated or modified with some time and tinkering. The doorway can be made virtually anywhere, though it cannot be created from the lab to another location.

~Combat Information~
Combat Style: Reeds is strictly pacifistic, though in combat, if he is forced, he is analytical and deadly precise. When pushed, Reeds is furthermore relentless and without any form of mercy in his strikes, immediately going for a critical attack against his opponent, one that would either kill or cripple them.

Base Reishi: 2500
Combat Attributes:
Total: 30

  • Speed [8]
  • Ginto/Cero [8]
  • Strength [4]
  • Agility [4]
  • Stamina [2]
  • Endurance [2]
  • Accuracy [2]

Unique Traits:
Cannot use Blut of any form.
Cannot use Ceros until hollowfied.

Reiatsu Color: Red and Black or Green and Black
Reiatsu Shape: A Cloaked Figure with a hollow mask
Reiatsu Type: Dual-Type (Kind of)
Reiatsu Affinity: Quincy-Hollow Hybrid
Reiatsu Amount: Immense

~Release Forms and Techniques~


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Jason Reeds
Jason Reeds

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