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Post by Dellindis Mon Dec 26, 2016 8:15 pm

"I have read the RP Rules and agree to follow those rules or accept the judgement of the administration for any infractions I may cause. If I have any concerns or questions, I understand to refer to the aforementioned regulations or ask the staff before proceeding further. I understand that I am responsible for my character's information and actions in the story."
~ Dellindis

-Image Optional-

Race:Hollow/Perfect arroncar

~Personal Information~

Appearance: Dellindis Wip 06850b0d28e354d3e1e26744d728fcec

Skin Tone:
Eye Color:Hazel
Hair Color:
Hand Orientation:Right handed
Relationship Status:
Blood Type:
Medical Disorders:Apart from an unhealthy obsession for destroying doors none.
Physical Disabilities:Currently none

Unique Characteristics:

Familial Ties:None

Education:Self taught



~Profession Information~
Occupation: Hollow
Previous Affiliation:Aizen's army
Operating Base:
Team: N/A
Rank: 14


Secondary:Hollow Dragon scale Scarf

~Combat Information~
Combat Style:Lightning bruiser

Combat Attributes:
Total: (#)

  • Stat 1 (#)
  • Stat 2 (#)

Reiatsu Color: Blue
Reiatsu Shape: Wolf skull
Reiatsu Type:
Reiatsu Affinity: Fire
Reiatsu Amount: Immense

~Release Forms and Techniques~

--Hollow Form--
Hollow Form Abilities:
--Passive Abilities--
Hollow scarf defense:The scarf he normally wears has two functions with why he keeps it on him always apart from simply hiding his more hollow features.
First is its automatic defence where the scarf itself immediately moves to intercept any type of hand to hand blow sent to his upper body due to the fact it is made from his own scales from when he was a vasto lorde it is able to block upto basic kido enhanced hand to hand,
The second function of it is when he wraps it around his head it functions like a gas mask to filter out poisons

--Basic Abilities--

--Advanced Abilities--
--Superior Abilities--

--Ultimate Ability--

Resurrecion Name:El lobe Del dragon (dragon wolf)
Resurrecion Appearance:

Resurrecion Abilities:
--Passive Abilities--
Enhanced hierro/Dragon scales. Due to the dragon influence of his release Along with the usual hierro that he posses he has scales stretching from his shoulders to his fingers,along with scales covering his neck and legs meant to aid in his close quarters essence they are able to clash with zanpakuto's and their like but wont hold a counter to any kind of power blows. This is also the main defense of his wings that he uses as shields..i dont know where this rates on ability's if its advanced or superior.
--Basic Abilities--

--Advanced Abilities--

--Superior Abilities--

--Ultimate Ability--

--Ultimate Release--

Dislikes:doors People who interupt him when he's speaking,...Doors who interupt him when he's speaking are liable to immediate destruction.
Favorite foods:Fruits
Least Favorite foods:Onions
Theme song(s):

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