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Hollow Techniques

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Hollow Techniques Empty Hollow Techniques

Post by Admin on Thu Jan 08, 2015 2:13 am



Sonido: Ability to move at very high speeds for a certain amount of distance

Bala: A weaker variant of the Normal Cero, though much faster, and with more concussive force.

Cero: A normal Cero, fired from your character's specific pose for firing one.

Cero Orbe (Orb Cero): is an average cero, based around condensing a normal Cero into a ball. It is usually emitted from the palm, or the mouth. It can be fired at medium range to strike the target at high speeds.

Cero Bubble: Basically the same concept as a Cero Orbe , only they are much smaller, and resemble bubbles. Ejecting many from either, or both hands, they bubble out, and float. They do not detonate until impact. They do less damage individually than a large cero, but due to their mass numbers, they can deal hefty damage if enough strike the opponent. Generally 7 or 8 bubbles is enough to deal a hefty amount of damage, of the 20-30 released per usage. The bubbles are rather slow moving. On a scale of 1-5, with 3 being the speed of an average cero, and 5 being a bullet cero, the bubbles would consist of a speed of 1. They are not projectile ceros, as they float and hover, each about the size of a coin.

Cero Horadar (Piercing Hollow Flash): is a cero invented by Gousuke after his transformation into an arrancar. He extends his right arm and fires a small, very fast bullet-like beam/laser of red cero from his index finger, which barrels down and pierces through an opponent. Able to be fired exceedingly quickly while maintaining precise aim.

Cero Viga (Zero Beam): Is a variation of cero that was made for continuous use. It can be fired for ten seconds straight without any loss in power or size. The power and size of this cero depends upon the user.

Especho Cero (Zero Reflector): is a somewhat powerful type of Cero in which the user will create a large thin rectangle of Cero that emits from their palm. It can deflect projectile attacks, but cannot stop physical attacks such as a strike from a Zanpakuto. It can however crack, like a mirror.

Luna Paso Cero (Moon Step Zero): is a Cero expelled from the user's feet to propel them through the air. By controlling the power of the blast, the technique can vary. A powerful blast can cause the user to rocket upwards, but damages the ground they were standing on. By doing this repeatedly, the user can zigzag through the air. A weaker blast will merely cause the user to "hop", but if done repeatedly, the user can literally bounce on thin air, allowing them to cross gaps by bunny-hopping across them.

Cero Circunferencia (Cicumference Zero): is a Cero that radiates outward, blasting everything within a radius. The distance it travels can be controlled, but it takes an immense amount of energy to use. Blasting a large area more than once or twice can kill the user.

Cero Sierra (Saw Zero): is a Cero that Arrancar can summon above their open palm and throw. It takes the shape of a disk, and can grind and cut through things like a buzz saw. Cero normally explodes, so to be able to grind and cut, the energy in Cero Sierra is very condensed and compact, making it unstable and very difficult to create and maintain.

Cero Taladradora (Drill Zero): is a Cero that is performed by spinning whatever bodypart the Cero is produced from. This turns the Cero blast into a drill that can drill right through the target. Due to being a drill instead of exploding, it is made of heavily condensed energy, and thus is unstable and difficult to create.

Violeta Fuego (Violet Flame): is a Cero-like ability. It allows the user to fire off blasts of purple fire in a manner similar to a Cero blast. They can also coat their arms in this purple fire to add extra damage to their attacks.

Instantaneous Cero: A seemingly instant Cero. This is highly similar to a Bala attack, only with a much vaster amount of power and speed than Bala. However, it more quickly fatigues the user than with a Bala.

Cero Agonía (Zero Agony): A very quick-charging cero that unleashes a multitude of mini-ceros at a target. Branching off from their start point, they surround the target and collide onto them, creating a cascading detonation. Otherwise, this cero is just like any other basic cero. ~Product of Quantum_Rain~



Hierro: The user's reiryoku condenses, creating a steel-hard skin strong enough to block a Zanpakuto.

Cero Parejo (Twin Zero): is two Cero blasts fired from both hands at once. Each shot has the same strength of a regular Cero.

Cero Ametralladora (Machine Gun Zero): is a series of smaller, weaker, rapid-fire Cero blasts. It can be somewhat draining if used for extended periods.

Cero Artimaña (Trick Zero): is launched like a normal Cero however when launched the Cero dissapears and reappears behind the target making it an effective sneak attack.

Cero Ave (Bird Zero): fires a cero wave in the shape of a bird with outstretched wings. It is capable of being remotely controlled, but really is only slightly more powerful than a regular Cero.

Cero Calcina (Zero Mortar): is a special variation of Cero that is used in a certain way. By focusing a small crimson colored orb of Cero upward into the sky, and then releasing it when in the stratoshpere, multiple Crimson colored blasts of Cero will rain down on the target. To use Cero Calcina, the user must aim their Middle and Pointer finger upward and release the Cero.

Gran Rey Cero: The user performs this technique by mixing the user's blood with the Cero. The result is a Cero with a much greater attack power and speed as well as a change of color unique to the User. This Cero is capable of disturbing the fabric of space. When the Cero is released it spins like a razor, compressing and decompressing due to sheer speed and raw power. (Must be espada level)

Gran Impacto Cero: A powerful variation of Gran Rey Cero, Gran Impacto Cero (lit. Great Impact Zero) will launch a beam of Cero towards the sky, creating a large ring in the sky. The energy emmiting from the ring, will create a large sphereical ball in the dead center and will drop it at an extreme speed. The ball will explode when impact is made creating a devestating and destructive blast. It still requires the user to mix in their blood with their reiatsu to be able to use it. (Must be espada level)

Blade extend: This technique is used by sending reiatsu into the users blade or claws. This results in a dense compact reiatsu over the blade/claw that can extend to a certain point on the users blade/claw. The length depends on the length of the sword/claw and the users focus on maintaining a balanced pressure. However, It'll make the blade slightly slower. the kido or rei around the blade/claw CAN NOT bend meaning if the user clashes with someone it cannot bend and cut the opponent.

Asalto Cero (Storm Zero): A melee technique taking the principles of a cero and infusing them with ones hands and feet. For a limited time, that person can attack very quickly and release a cero with each strike, even at a range. This technique is highly draining but comes with a tremendous damage potential. ~Product of Quantum_Rain~

Cero Muerte (Zero Death): A more advanced and straightforward black-colored cero, Cero Muerte is focused on raw power and speed. It charges quickly, dampening the light around them, and then fires directly at a surprising speed. Before it impacts against its target, it detonates prematurely, encompassing the target in a mass of black, volatile energy before dissipating and leaving them scorched and damaged. ~Product of Quantum_Rain~

Cero Alma (Zero Soul): A powerful defensive Cero utilized to counteract other reishi-based attacks. It is arguably one of the fastest charging ceros, but does not deal any direct damage to an opponent. It instead collides and detonates concentrations of equal or slightly stronger reishi. It's structure makes it unable to overcome medium or higher density levels of reiatsu, which are normally found around a combatant, and against which, the cero would be deflected by. Most attacks do not have this same density of reiatsu, however. ~Product of Quantum_Rain~


Cero Doble: The user swallows their opponent's Cero/Kido and returns it back to their opponent combined with their own Cero.

Cero Metralleta: While the user is in their resurrection form they can use this technique to fire a barrage of Cero at their opponent.

Cero Oscuras: A Cero that may only be used in Resurrection form. The user fires a Black Cero at their opponent, consuming 70% of their reiatsu in the process. This Ceros range is vast and it's power is great enough to take out a Vizard or half of Las Noches. This Cero is only rivaled by the 'Gran Ray Cero' or the power of a Captain. -Users should not use this technique inside the castle of Las Noches -

Cero Deslumbrante (Blinding White Cero): This Cero is the counterpart of Cero Oscuras, this is a blinding white Cero which has a lower amount of power as the Cero Oscuras, although this blinds first the opponent and takes all the light from the immediate surroundings. It can only be used by Cero Masters in their ressurection forms with high amount of power.

Cero Dividido (Divided Cero): can only be activated in ressurection form. To perform it he gathers energy above the top of his zanpakuto which glows dark purple. When enough energy is gather he can launch several ceros from the energy ball while it still retains its form. The blast are highly destructive and can actually home in on a traget making it extremley deadly and almost impossible to avoid.

Cero Bestia (Animal Zero): is a Cero that takes a physical shape. By bending the Cero emmited from the user's hand, they can create animal shaped Cero beings. Each Cero Animal has aztec shaped markings along their body and lack eyes. They do not make noise, speak or growl as they are just condensed energy.

Impacto Cañón Cero (Impact Cannon Zero): A special form of Cero. It is unlike any other Cero, it does not explode, and it deals no external damage.
   To perform it, the user must connect his arms, legs, or fists against the enemy's body. They then release a burst of Cero energy from the connected body part that passes through the enemy's skin, dealing no external damage, and directly attacks the enemy's insides. Using it on a limb, such as an arm or leg, can leave the muscles so damaged that the limb goes numb. When used on the torso, the victim can sometimes begin to cough up blood from the internal damage. However, Firing it repeatedly can put the user in severe fatigue.

Cero Vacío (Cero Void): A very unique cero that takes a substantial amount of time to charge and is unable to deal damage to an opponent due to its structure and energy type. By creating a cero of opposite nature and power to the targeted concentration of reishi, even high-level techniques can be cancelled out with this technique. However, it suffers from its aforementioned slow charge-up and draining effect, as well as requiring sufficient knowledge of the technique it is targeting. Because most people have a denser, more focused reiatsu around themselves, this cero will wash over them upon impact and deal no damage. ~Product of Quantum_Rain~

Cero Pesadilla (Zero Nightmare): A powerful cero that emits a loud scream when charging up. While requiring a substantial time to charge, this cero is designed to slice through reiatsu with relative ease and impact directly against the target's reiryoku. Its black with a white-outline colored beam spins in a circle as it speeds to its target. When it impacts against a target's reiryoku, it destroys part of it, permanently weakening the target for the remainder of the fight. ~Product of Quantum_Rain~

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