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Elwine Gerit (WIP)

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Elwine Gerit (WIP) Empty Elwine Gerit (WIP)

Post by Elwine on Sat May 02, 2015 10:33 am

"I have read the RP Rules and agree to follow those rules or accept the judgement of the administration for any infractions I may cause. If I have any concerns or questions, I understand to refer to the aforementioned regulations or ask the staff before proceeding further. I understand that I am responsible for my character's information and actions in the story."
~ Elwine Gerit

-Image Optional-
Elwine Gerit (WIP) Weapon11

Name: Elwine Gerit
Nickname: Gerilt
Race: Quincy (Human)

~Personal Information~

Appearance: -Optional if you have an image-

Gender: Female
Nationality: German
Birthday: 6-20-1992
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 136
Build: thin-athletic
Skin Tone: light
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Black
Hand Orientation: Right handed
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single
Tattoos: None
Blood Type: O+
Medical Disorders: Claustrophobic, Monophbic, Agoraphbic, Acrophobic, Slightly Hemophobic. ~Something other then 50 cent mental disorders after I think of some ~ Razz
Physical Disabilities: None

Unique Characteristics:

Familial Ties: - Grandfather Missing - Grandmother Living - Mother Living - Father Missing - Sister Living -

Education: Third year collage

Personality: Elwine is a very loving person, able to get along with most anyone she meets. Normally a quite girl, Elwine is afraid of a lot of things, she has a hard time in a lot of situations, but she is normally able to pull herself to gather when someone is in need, or if her life is in danger.

Background: After Elwine graduated top of her archery class as a small child, that her Grand Father taught her how to call upon the Quincy's cross to summon a bow. For years she trained with her Grand Father in the Quincy arts. Her younger sister was taught to use her Quincy cross along side her, but she didn't take an interest in it as Elwine had. Her Grandfather disapaired on Elwine's 16th birthday, the day he had promised to take her to Karakuri town, he went missing while on his way to get his morning coffee at the local coffee house, the most likely captor being the Shinigami of the Seireitei. Elwine voes to find her grandfather, with the support of her family, Elwine sets off for Karakuri town to begin her search...

~Profession Information~
Occupation: Quincy
Affiliation: N/A
Previous Affiliation: None
Operating Base: Karakura town
Team: None
Rank: N/A
Partner: N/A


Quincy Cross (--Shape of Cross--): The trademark focus for the Quincy, the cross is their central symbol and the means of conjuring the Quincy Bow. The bows are a figurative name, as the weapon can be of virtually any variety or style. Each is unique to the Quincy themselves, and to the cross they bear. Without the cross, a Quincy cannot conjure their bow.

Seele Shcneider - Elwine carries a belt and/or vest with many Seele Shcneider arrows, she uses these arrows as daggers while in close combat. At range she uses these arrows to fire explosive shots at her targets.

~Combat Information~
Combat Style: Elwine would rather wait in ambush for her prey with her over sized bow then draw attention to herself, but in close combat she uses her Seele Schneider to great effect.

Combat Attributes:

   Stat 1 (Acuracy 1)
   Stat 2 (Reflexes 1)

Reiatsu Color:
- Green/Black
Reiatsu Shape:
- Crow feathers
Reiatsu Type:
- Elemental
Reiatsu Affinity:
- Stone
Reiatsu Amount:
- Significant

[/center]~Characteristics Of Spirit~[/center]

-Image (Optional)-
Spirit Type: Seishin
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Unique Characteristics:

~Release Forms and Techniques~

Base Kojaku Name: Bernhardt
Base Kojaku Firerate: (100/s)
Base Kojaku Appearance:
Elwine Gerit (WIP) Weapon10

--Mastered Kojaku--
Mastered Kojaku Firerate: (Limit 5/s)
Mastered Kojaku Appearance: Elwise brushes her hand over the limbs of her bow with a reshi generated crow feather, as she moves the feather to the end of the bow it starts the transform, and grows black feathers outwards from the limbs.
Elwine Gerit (WIP) Konach10

Mastered Kojaku Abilities: (Limit 6)
--Passive Abilities--
Heavy arrow:
Elwine fires large arrows, these arrows heavily slow a target's limb that it lands on (1 post) subsiquent hits can cause paralysis, or deals high damage if it lands on their torso as well as causing the target to lose their breath becoming winded, and severly slowing their movements for (2 posts).
These arrows don't penetrate as well as normal arrows, but have much greater force behind their impact.

These arrows require Elwine to expend large amounts of stamina to fire.

This skill comes into affect even if Elwine hasn't released her Kojaku, but the skills stun is replaced with a slow that lasts for the same durration. and the slow when hitting the torso of a target is less protent, but lasts for the same durration.

This skill also comes into affect if Elwine has released her Kojaku to it's "Ginrei" state, with it gaining a slow for a targets limbs for (2 posts) after the stun wears off, and increasing the slow when hitting the torso by (2).

--Basic Abilities--
Huntsmen's blade:
Elwine takes one of her Seele Shcneider and a Ginto capsule, releasing the contents of the capsule onto her Seele Schneider Elwine extends the length of the blade by 1 meter, and adding the strength of the Ginto capsule to the arrows power. This action causes the arrow to impart more power into the ability it's used for, or to allow for more range in melee engagements.

Hundert Pfiel:
Readying her bow, Elwine, aim towards the sky above her target area, firing a large number of small glowing white arrows into the sky, these arrows fall over the targeted area for 3 posts, dealing
minor damage to anything in the area for the duration.
This skill does not produce the effect of "Heavy Arrow".

--Advanced Abilities--

--Superior Abilities--

--Ultimate Ability--

--Ginrei Kojaku--
Ginrei Name:
Ginrei Firerate: (100/s)
Ginrei Appearance:

Ginrei Abilities: (Limit 6)
--Passive Abilities--

--Basic Abilities--

--Advanced Abilities--

--Superior Abilities--

--Ultimate Ability--

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Elwine Gerit (WIP) Empty Re: Elwine Gerit (WIP)

Post by Elwine on Sat May 16, 2015 8:59 am

Would like to see if anyone wouldn't mind giving me their take on these skills I've got so far.
Planning on adding more shortly, some things with the Seele Schneider, (This Schneider doesnt steal reishi) for some more close range attacks.

This characters main idea is to fire over sized arrows, that slow or stun her targets, they expend larger amounts of stamina aswell as reishi to fire, and are slow to be fired.

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Elwine Gerit (WIP) Empty Re: Elwine Gerit (WIP)

Post by Kirino Yamazu on Tue Jun 02, 2015 9:10 pm

good, so far your on yoru way to approval

Elwine Gerit (WIP) Tumblr_n04vs0ym7l1rn9uh8o3_500  
`One kills a man, one is an assassin; one kills millions, one is a conqueror; one kills everybody, one is a god`
Elwine Gerit (WIP) Tumblr_n04vs0ym7l1rn9uh8o1_500
Kirino Yamazu
Kirino Yamazu

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Elwine Gerit (WIP) Empty Re: Elwine Gerit (WIP)

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