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Warmode Testing Part 2

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Warmode Testing Part 2 Empty Warmode Testing Part 2

Post by Aloysius Koehler Thu Dec 29, 2016 1:04 pm

---Warmode Simulation Test 2---

Objectives to test for:

  1. Communications breakdown
  2. Customizable Command Squads
  3. Dynamic Drop-ins and Drop-outs
  4. Dynamic multi-front conflicts.
  5. Increased Player count (+1)
  6. General stress testing of format and rules.

Participating Players:

  • LoneWolvernSoul
  • Rizu Minamoto
  • Alessandra

Warmode Testing Rules
Revision 2


  1. Enemies and Allies are grouped together into units.
  2. Units may vary in size radically according to the scenario.
  3. Units may not merge. (It'd be a bit complicated to keep track of tbh.)
  4. Reishi Scores are the overall effectiveness of a group. Commanders add onto the score with their own.
  5. Commanders are players or special NPCs assigned to a group to command it and the battlefield.
  6. Player Commanders directly command a squad of their choosing.
  7. Squads not under the direct leadership of a commander may be directed in-character to perform specific actions.
  8. Squads under the direct command of a player must have their actions accounted for in their post. (This includes damage taken.)
  9. Squads not directly commanded are under the control of the presiding Admin.
  10. This is a PvE set-up currently. All players must be on one side or the other of the conflict.

Combat Rules

  1. Combat for Warmode flows and functions similarly to normal combat with these exceptions:
  2. Turn order is enforced.
  3. Turn order is determined by role, then power level. Melee go first, then ranged, then else. The strongest of each role goes first.
  4. The Game Master will simulate indirectly controlled squads as required.
  5. For this test, additional squads may be assigned to commanders to be directly controlled.
  6. Each squad has abilities unique to it that may be used on demand (normal technique rules apply).
  7. Player commanders are permitted to use any ability or technique at their disposal in-tandem with their squad's.
  8. Each ability is ranked according to their role and potency. Higher ranked abilities are used less frequently.
  9. Exhausted squads which retreat count as casualties for this mission. (In actuality, this will not be true for later ones.)
  10. Each Squad is classified according to a Role.
  11. The Roles are as follow: Melee, Ranged, and Kido (Or Ginto/Cero/Reiki for other races).
  12. Melee use short-range weaponry strictly, and have abilities that follow suit.
  13. Ranged utilize long-ranged weaponry such as bows or guns, and thus have abilities that match this stance.
  14. Kido do not often utilize weaponry, or are not proficient in such, and rely heavily on their abilities. They are often the most powerful units on the field in reishi score.
  15. Kido Healing squads may be present. These are strictly aid and support squads capable of recooperating or supporting the combat ability of others, but have no defensive or offensive capabilities otherwise.
  16. During combat, a Commander may switch from one squad to another, taking the first post to leave and the next to assume command of another squad.
  17. In Combat, if a Commander uses an ability on their character sheet or from a tech list, they must post that ability in a spoiler tag. (So that I have an easier time of things.)

Customization Rules

  1. Custom Player squads must be larger than 3 members, excluding the Commander, but smaller than 10.
  2. Squads must have a preset role according to the above-provided list.
  3. The Squads will have 3 ability slots overall, 1 for each rank.
  4. Kido squads will have 4 ability slots, the extra being a basic ranked one.
  5. The abilities must be from the tech lists.
  6. For this mission, the members of the squad must be from the same race as the team. (Quincy or Shinigami in this case.)
  7. Limit one custom squad per participating player.
  8. Players are not required to start in direct command of their squad.


The setting for this warmode simulation will be a historical battle of the Quincy war.
The year is uncertain, though the battle will have taken place during the First World War. Player commanders will have been dropped in from the future by Jason Reeds.

Players must unanimously choose a side for the conflict and achieve its objective. It will be offensive Shinigami attacking a defensive Quincy army in a landscape favorable to the defending team. The offensive team will therefore have additional squads at their disposal to compensate.

The landscape chosen is a decrepit star fort in Europe, utilized by the Quincy as a staging and supply center for the conflict. Seishin Quincy are confirmed to be present. Shinigami captains were also deployed.


  • For Quincy Victory: Seishin priests must survive past an unknown time limit.
  • For Shinigami: Seishin priests must be defeated within an unknown time limit.

  • Bonus Objective: A player Commander must engage another enemy Commander directly.
    (Note: This will cause that Commander to drop out for a time. This is to test the dynamic drop-outs.)

  • Bonus Objective: The southern pass into the fort must be blockaded (Shinigami) or kept open (Quincy).
    (Note: Reinforcements will arrive from this route to further test dynamic drop-ins.)

Failure Conditions:

  • Upon a Player Commander being defeated.
  • Over 50% of the player chosen side's forces are decimated.

Ally Command:
Aloysius Koehler
Aloysius Koehler

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