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Asumu Godai, The Lone Wolf [WIP]

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Asumu Godai, The Lone Wolf [WIP] Empty Asumu Godai, The Lone Wolf [WIP]

Post by Asumu Godai on Wed Feb 11, 2015 5:05 am

"I have read the RP Rules and agree to follow those rules or accept the judgement of the administration for any infractions I may cause. If I have any concerns or questions, I understand to refer to the aforementioned regulations or ask the staff before proceeding further. I understand that I am responsible for my character's information and actions in the story."
~ Asumu Godai

Asumu Godai, The Lone Wolf [WIP] 596MD2Z

Name: Asumu Godai
Nickname: Shiro
"L - The Lunar"
"A - The Authority"
Left Hand of God
Lone Wolf
Race: Echt Quincy

~Personal Information~

Asumu Appearance(s):

Asumu Godai, The Lone Wolf [WIP] 45xqAYL
Asumu Godai, The Lone Wolf [WIP] HfnVNNA
Asumu Godai, The Lone Wolf [WIP] IIkWZFi
Asumu Godai, The Lone Wolf [WIP] SWolR0A
Asumu Godai, The Lone Wolf [WIP] 9q9aXti
Asumu Godai, The Lone Wolf [WIP] CrM2Iqc
Gender: Male
Nationality: Japanese
Birthday: June 1st
Height: 180 cm (5'11")
Weight: 143.3 kg (145 lbs)
Build: Strong
Skin Tone: Pale
Eye Color: Sky Blue (Azure)
Hair Color: Silver-Grey
Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous, however he prefers his right hand
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status: Single
Tattoos: N/A
Blood Type: A
Medical Disorders: N/A
Physical Disabilities: N/A

Unique Characteristics: N/A

Familial Ties:
Makoto Godai, Sister
Seikatsu Godai, Father
Chishiki Godai, Mother
Yūga Godai, Grandfather
Any member of the Godai Clan

Education: Teachings of Fenrir, Quincy Teachings

Personality: Asumu is a humourous character by far, he enjoys amusment and is a funloving person making many jokes, some of which at his own expense. He although humorous is also very intelligent being an intelligent character and also inventor of equipment and techniques. He has no ill will to Shinigami and is kind to them as he is usually seen to be to other people, as a kind person he can be seen frowning and appear serious but only when he

Background: (One paragraph, five sentences)

~Profession Information~

Occupation: Quincy
Affiliation: Schatten
Previous Affiliation: "Vandenreich"
Operating Base: Various locations including Hueco Mundo and the World of the Living
Team: Schatten Leader
Rank: "A - The Authority" and Leader of the Schatten
Partner: Unknown at this time.



Quincy Cross: The trademark focus for the Quincy, the cross is their central symbol and the means of conjuring the Quincy Bow. The bows are a figurative name, as the weapon can be of virtually any variety or style. Each is unique to the Quincy themselves, and to the cross they bear. Without the cross, a Quincy cannot conjure their bow.

Spirit Weapon:

Gram: By gathering his own Spiritual Energy and fusing it with the Reishi of the environment surrounding him, Asumu can create a rather hollow blade initially that is made out of his own, dark blue spiritual power. From herein, he places his hand on the blade, running down it and causing his own Spiritual Energy to become more prominent in the fusion, thus causing the blade to take on the appearance of a greatsword with a golden handguard and a dark blue handle. With an incredibly sharp blade and long reach.

Actions to summon Gram: Asumu places his Quincy cross at the empty scabbard  of Gram and draws the grip and handguard of the reishi, he continues to draw it however his quincy cross is now in the centre of Gram's handguard, the blade of Gram forms as it exits the scabbard until Gram is complete.

This can be done without the scabbard however it is preformed with the same method.

Asumu Godai, The Lone Wolf [WIP] 7EQEA4Z

Heilig Pfeil: The primary and signature ability of all Quincy, Asumu can generate his Heilig Pfeil arrows by aiming his Spirit Weapon at his target and generating two "arms" from it's blade, making it resemble a crossbow of sorts. These arrows are fast and powerful, with one of them capable of destroying a single building within Hueco Mundo.

-Secondary Forms-

Artillerie: Artillerie is a variant of Asumu's spirit weapon, this variant has Asumu's Quincy Cross floating in the very centre of it. The spirit weapon is a large bow however it has four cannons protruding from it, these cannons can be fired simultaneously or individually, the arrows of course are formed as cannon balls which explode on impact, there is the problem of that Artillerie is not very accurate due to there being multiple barrels, it is also slow to move with due to it being very large.


Asumu Godai, The Lone Wolf [WIP] 2qxykbU

Heilig Pfeil: The primary and signature ability of all Quincy, Asumu can generate his Heilig Pfeil arrows by aiming his Spirit Weapon at his target and generating an arrow within the turrets of Artillerie which then fire out. These arrows are fast and powerful, with one of them capable of destroying a single building within Hueco Mundo.

Urteil Gottes: Asumu's original spirit weapon is a bow much like other Quincy. It takes the form of a thin cross with points similar to arrow heads finishing off the crosses points. The centre of the bow (Where Asumu holds his bow) has three thin circles similar to threaded circles, the circles overlap with one another, these circles can also be manipulated into threads to be utilised and his arrows form to the right of the bows vertical line.

Asumu Godai, The Lone Wolf [WIP] XjLwY02

Heilig Pfeil: The primary and signature ability of all Quincy, Asumu can generate his Heilig Pfeil arrows by aiming his Spirit Weapon at his target and generating an arrow within the firing area of the bow which then fire out whe released like a normal arrow. These arrows are fast and powerful, with one of them capable of destroying a single building within Hueco Mundo.


~ Artifact Name: Seele Schneider (Soul Cutter)
Artifact Description:The Seele Schneider is a weapon much like a chainsaw, with Reishi making 3 million round trips per second around the edge of the blade. The vibrations of the Seele Schneider are not just for cutting. Through its vibrations, the Seele Schneider loosens the bonds between the Reishi of whatever it cuts in order to make them easier to capture. The Quincy fight by gathering the surrounding Reishi and using them as their own personal weapon, and the most powerful manifestation of that is the Seele Schneider. The Seele Schneider is not a sword, but an arrow.

The Seele Schneider is a thin, silver-colored weapon which, when activated, sports a glowing blue blade.
Artifact Purpose/Ability:

Anhäufer (German for "Gatherer"): The Seele Schneider's second ability is to collect Reishi during combat by absorbing the opponent's attacks. The more Reiatsu and Reiryoku they release, the more powerful the Quincy wielding it becomes. It basically allows an opponent's Reishi to become the user's.

Sword & Arrow Functionality: Since a physical high-speed impact can be destroyed by a spiritual high-speed impact, the Seele Schneider can do more damage to someone physically strong when they physically attack than when using a spirit-based attack.  It mainly cuts through Reiatsu impacts. The Seele Schneider makes for a powerful blade in combat, but can do even more damage as an arrow. The lethality of the Seele Schneider at full power depends not on its power, but the arrow's trajectory.

Ginto required for use: Sprenger: This technique uses five Seele Schneider to create a pentagon-shaped seal which, when activated, creates a massive explosion within its borders. The Seele Schneider function as accumulators, gathering the necessary amount of Reishi to create the explosion, with the liquid inside a Ginto acting as the trigger. ~

~ Artifact Name: Ginto (Silver Tubes)
Artifact Description: As their name suggests, Ginto are small silver tubes, approximately 5 centimeters in size. By condensing their Reiryoku into a liquid state, Quincy can store it within the tubes. Despite being considered antiquated tools, they allow Quincy to perform special techniques powerful enough to subdue Hollows, though their effectiveness is dependent on the user. These various attacks are triggered when the stored liquid Reiryoku is released. Like Kido, some of them are activated by calling out various commands.

The Ginto that she uses is in the original silver case although the case is lined her sealed cross in the colour of deep blue though.
Artifact Purpose/Ability: A capsule-shaped tool used by Quincy to store their Reiryoku. It is an antiquated tool, but the use of it allows Quincy to perform certain techniques. She uses it to preform Ginto Spells as she can preform them all to a high standard.

Wolke: Cushions the impact of a fall with Reiryoku contained inside a Ginto.

Gritz: A film of Reishi emitted from a thrown Ginto surrounds the enemy.

Heizen: Instantly gouges and purges whatever is enclosed in the space within the four tossed ginto. It is tremendously effective even against a Menos Grande. ~

Artifact Name: Sanrei Glove (Spirit-Scattering Hand Envelope)
Artifact Description: It is a white glove which extends up the forearm, stopping two inches from the elbow. The glove can also have variations such as being black or multiple colours etc. as the glove can also be varied in it's overall appearance such as a belt or other wearable accessory.  
Artifact Purpose/Ability: This is a powerful Quincy artifact that can increase a Quincy's power exponentially, but requires a dangerous and exhausting type of resistance training by wearing it for a week while constantly firing spiritual arrows to master. The glove works by scattering the Reishi in the surrounding area, making it much harder to form a working bow.


A Quincy's power can be significantly enhanced using the Sanrei Glove.

The glove operates by repelling Reishi, making it far more difficult for the Quincy to summon their Bow. The first step is to simply create the Bow.

Next, a Quincy needs to complete a week of intense training in order to be able to use the glove effectively. This is a difficult task, as the user must keep their bow from dissipating while simultaneously firing arrows as frequently as possible. Even without the glove on, such a feat would be taxing on the wielder, and it eventually causes some injury to the his/her hands by the end of the week.

After the week of endurance training, any Quincy who is able to successfully utilize their powers while wearing the glove can thus reach much higher levels of power, as they are now far more skilled at collecting Reishi. His/her power, speed, and stamina have now all been increased to a degree which is at least equal to a higher-seated Shinigami officer (3rd seat - 6th seat.)

• Enhanced Spirit Weapon
• Enhanced Hirenkyaku
• Quincy: Letzt Stil (One use only, and removes all of the Quincy's powers afterward.)
• Quincy: Vollständig

It is possible to remove the Sanrei Glove, but this is done only as a last resort when the user is facing an opponent beyond their current level of strength.  The glove completely dissipates after removal, since the user is going beyond their limits as a Quincy. The glove should be removed only in the most desperate of situations or to protect one's pride of the Quincy. After it is removed, one can never use their Quincy powers again, unless they are aided by another Quincy. The Sanrei Glove is the only known way a Quincy can gain access to the powerful Quincy: Letzt Stil.

The only way for a Quincy to regain their powers after using the Quincy: Letzt Stil is to first exhaust themselves both mentally and physically, then be hit exactly 19 mm to the right of their heart with a Heilig Pfeil. After this, a pentacle-shaped scar will form on the point of impact, and their powers will be restored.

~Combat Information~

Combat Style: (Short paragraph)

Combat Strengths:
Total: (#)

•Strength 1 (#)

•Strength 2 (#)

Combat Weaknesses:
Total: (#)

•Weakness 1 (#)

•Weakness 2 (#)


Reiatsu Color:
- Light, Transparent Blue
Reiatsu Shape:
- Fire or a pillar

Asumu Godai, The Lone Wolf [WIP] 5XuFVlH
Reiatsu Type:
- Elemental
Reiatsu Affinity:
- Fire when Heiliges Feuer is active
Reiatsu Amount:
- Immense

~Release Forms and Techniques~


Reishi Absorption and Manipulation: The most basic and primary function of a Quincy, Asumu can bend and control Reishi in his surrounding area to his whim, allowing him to perform a variety of different techniques. He can be seen as adept or masterful at this aspect of Quincy abilities due to him been seen able to rip apart a large collection of Seele Schneider into reishi and then form it into a large throne, later reversing the process with ease and perfection.

Hirenkyaku: A Quincy application of High-Speed Movement. In order to use Hirenkyaku, Asumu coats the bottom of his feet or boots with Reishi, which vibrate at extremely high speeds, and "glide" Asumu to where he desires to go. If he pushes the Reishi vibrations to their maximum, he can move at the same speed as a Shinigami using Flash-Step.

Kasaneawase Hirenkyaku: This variation of Hirenkyaku is only available to those who have mastered the technique. Coating his entire body with Reishi, Asumu initiates Hirenkyaku but leaves the Reishi coat behind, which upon separating from it's creator, becomes a clone of himself, with basic function and even having a heavy resemblance to him, although the clones eyes are always glowing. These clones can perform basic actions, such as firing Heilig Pfeil and the like, but they can be easily destroyed. Asumu sometimes laces the energy in these Clones to expand upon destruction, which can cause an explosion that will damage the attacker.

Blut: Blut is a technique that is considered vital for a Quincy's survival against his enemies. For Asumu, Blut plays into almost all of his actions, from defending to attacking, both of which involve different forms of Blut, and as with all other Quincy, Asumu can only use one of these two Blut forms at a single time.
Blut Vene: The defensive variation of Blut. Blut Vene grants Asumu the highest calibur of defense that a human can carry. With this technique activated, hitting Asumu's body is the same as hitting a wall of pure steel, and to penetrate it requires incredible force, Captain level or beyond. As a tradeoff, however, Asumu cannot attack while using Blut Vene
Blut Arterie: The offensive variation of Blut. When using Blut Arterie, Asumu is capable of physically hitting his opponents with the force of a train. The use of barriers and shields could be rendered almost null, as a single punch from Asumu is capable of blowing through an Espada level Arrancar's Hierro defenses when they aren't properly prepared. An interesting thing to note about Blut Arterie is that Asumu is still capable of defending himself while using it, but his defense in this state is no where near as effective as it is when Blut Vene is in use.

Stahlhaut: Stahlhaut is a defensive technique that is viewed as the successor to the already durable Blut Vene. In order to activate Stahlhaut, Asumu must pour specialized Reishi particles into his skin. These particles release Reishi fields that form a sort of barrier around the layer of skin that can protect Asumu from attacks that Blut Vene would not be able to, such as force based attacks like Ikkotsu or Soketsu. Asumu can generate this entire field around his body to provide maximum protection, but he must take time before any battles to do so. What makes this technique even more formidable is that Asumu can still use both Blut Arterie or Vene while using Stahlhaut, which means that when using Arterie, Asumu can still have increased attack power while defending with Stahlhaut. When using Blut Vene and Stahlhaut at once, Asumu acquires two extremely dense layers of protection, making him even harder to damage.

Ransotengai: By creating Reishi chords above him, Asumu is able to suspend himself and control his body if he were ever paralyzed or if certain parts of his body were broken. He is also capable of using this technique to control the body of his opponent when they themselves are immobile. The technique is often used to use himself to still fight however he cannot use it on himself and his opponent simultaneously as such is is quite useless to manipulate his opponent when he is unable to move himself.

Heiliges Feuer: Through the gathering of reishi and condensing it to it's utmost limit, Asumu ignites the reishi, which manifests as immensely dense blue flames. The power of these flames are enough enough to set fire to the rocks and sand of Hueco Mundo, that usually cant burn, and are able to set alight all things made of reishi. The most common method of using these flames are in the forms of giant pillars, and, using his ability as a Quincy to absorb reishi, Asumu is capable of standing within the pillars, unharmed, for a surprise attack. This is the most common method of using Heiliges Feuer.

Asumu Godai, The Lone Wolf [WIP] YWinHpR


Sprenger: This technique uses five Seele Schneiders to create a pentagon-shaped seal which, when activated, causes a massive explosion within its borders. When an object or a person stands within the middle of the Pentagon the placement of the fifth Seele Schneider can trap them by wrapping and binding their legs to the ground with dense spirit particles. The Seele Schneiders function as accumulators, gathering the necessary amount of spirit particles to create the explosion. The liquid inside a silver tube acts as the trigger. The preparations for the technique combined with the charging time for the Seele Schneiders make its use in battle impractical unless Asumu has a partner that can stall to buy time, or has enough strength to create the formation while under attack.

Gert Sprenger: Gert Sprenger is a variation of the regular Sprenger technique which involves Asumu firing a single Seele Schneider at the intended target, which then stops in mid-air, surrounding the opponent with a high density barrier of reishi. Minuscule cuts created by Seele Schneider cause reishi to flow out of the target's body. Asumu then throws a Ginto at the Seele Schneider, causing the barrier to implode, culminating in an enormous explosion.


"The Lunar": One of few Sternritter to possess an animal-based ability,
Asumu is capable of drawing power from the moon when it is visible, be it in the day or night; the longer he stays exposed to the moon, the more powerful he becomes. His strength, speed, defense, and overall Quincy abilities become bolstered and augmented, which makes his already formidable presence all the more difficult to overcome. When his power grows from the moonlight, his body also slowly becomes more wolf-like in the process, namely when he starts to grow white fur on his body, his teeth become sharper and elongated, and his ears also begin to become more canine. After several minutes of exposure to the moon, Asumu transforms into a full-blown white werewolf, which becomes his fully-powered state. Here, he is able to easily outmatch weak Bankai-enabled opponents. If Asumu reaches this state on the night of a full moon, he is capable of activating  
his Quincy: Vollständig.
Full Powered State:

Asumu Godai, The Lone Wolf [WIP] FrUXslE

The Lunar: Harbinger: Harbinger is the only named ability of "The Lunar" that Asumu can use, and it is only capable of being used when Asumu is in his full powered werewolf form. By taking his Quincy cross in his hand, Asumu forms it into a bright ball of energy that he aligns with the moon, before tossing it into the sky above him. It then proceeds to fire a beam of energy down at Asumu and he emerges in a slightly weaker version of his Quincy: Vollständig. Typically, this is an easy way for Asumu to access his most powerful state and abilities without having to wait on a full moon, however, it is not as strong as it would be on the night of a legitimate full moon.

Enhanced Heilig Pfeil: When in his Werewolf state, Asumu's Heilig Pfeil become much stronger. Rather than fire them from his Spirit Weapon, he instead forms his arrows, of which are now much larger in size, with his hands and throws them like javelins. Extremely powerful, these arrows are capable of pinning a Captain level opponent to a wall with little effort. However, because of their charge time, Asumu does not use them often.

Enhanced Heiliges Feuer: The azure Reishi flames that Asumu can use also become much stronger when in Werewolf form. He now releases them from his mouth rather than from his weapon or hands, and due to the power and speed of the flames, he can cover a massive radius in front of him with this technique. It is capable of burning the sands of Hueco Mundo, something previously thought to be impossible.


Auriel: Asumu's Quincy: Letzt Still takes the same name as his "The Lunar" Vollstandig. When Asumu releases his Quincy: Letzt Still his outfit changes drastically to his regular outfit, he dons a jacket which is forced open by the change to reveal his dark blue undershirt. The jacket is plain on his left side, on it's right side it is covered by a vest has a Quincy Cross line symbol on it as does his collar. It has a shoulder pad made of armour attached to it with line designs.

He also has armour from his right hand to his elbow and his lower body has intricate line designs down it, the lower body seems to be a robe which parts to allow movement. Finally in his Quincy: Letzt Still he has the traditional single reishi wing with a small metallic bow covered in translucent blue reishi.

Asumu Godai, The Lone Wolf [WIP] NqKI0pb

-Bestowed Abilities and Techniques-
Enhanced Heilig Pfeil
Reishi Dominance


Auriel: Asumu can only activate Quincy: Vollständig when he is in his full-powered werewolf state during the night of a full moon (this can be overcome by his ability "The Lunar - Harbinger"). When this requirement has been filled, Asumu lets out a loud howl and is engulfed in a column of Reishi that forms itself into a large cross, similar to other Quincy transformations. It then shatters like glass, revealing Asumu's new form: He remains in a werewolf state, but is slightly more muscular. He is now adorned in his usual Reishi armor, but the color scheme has changed from dark blue with gold trims to black with blue trims. Two wings of pure Reishi extend out from his upper back, connected by an arch, and he has a crescent moon shaped halo hovering over his head. In this state, Asumu's mouth is always radiating light blue smoke or fire.
Quincy: Vollstandig Appearance:

Asumu Godai, The Lone Wolf [WIP] YEPdCFa

Flight: Using his wings, Asumu is capable of flying in the air at high speeds.

Gram (Spear Form): Due to his great increase in size, Asumu's Reishi greatsword, Gram, is changed into a long, cross shaped spear with a glowing blue blade. He now has much longer reach than before. It was rumoured he could break any material in existence with Gram, however it has not been tested and is only a rumour.

Grey Iron: Asumu's ultimate attack. Svalin's glowing outer ring forms into the arms of a long bow with a thick Reishi string shaped like a chain. Asumu then takes the spear-like Gram and hooks it to the string like a typical arrow. A great amount of Reishi is gathered into the spear's tip before Asumu releases it and sends it hurtling straight towards his intended target. Upon making contact with said target, all of the gathered Reishi expands rapidly, resulting in a massive globe-like explosion. It is near impossible to survive this attack, as a massive portion of Asumu's own power is used to fuel both the spear's strength and it's trajectory.

Complete Reishi Dominance:  In this form, Asumu can absorb the surrounding structures of spiritual environments, which are made up of reishi, by breaking down reishi molecules and absorbing them, transforming them into his strength for an indefinite period of time. The wings and the halo produced by this form not only enable Asumu to fly, but they are the fulcrum in which he can absorb reishi to boost his power. Asumu's absolutely precise control over spiritual particles is incredibly impressive, as he can break down everything that is born from spiritual particles within milliseconds and utilize it as a fuel to power his particle-based techniques. He is capable of absorbing a large amount of reishi at the tip of his bow to use in a powerful attack. Asumu can absorb the trees, sand, rocks, and even the buildings in Hueco Mundo or Soul Society; showing no upper limit to what he can and cannot absorb.


- Science
- Nature
- Cherry Blossom Trees
- Peace
- Free Will
- Silence
- Fellow Quincy
- Reading
- Writing
- Archery
- Ignorance
- Cruelty
- Arrogance
- Hollows
- Excessive Noise
- Disrespect
Favourite foods: Has no preference of Food and eats just about anything with exceptions.
Least Favourite foods: Anything that smells or gives off the appearance of being bad.
Theme song(s):
Asumu Godai
Asumu Godai

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Asumu Godai, The Lone Wolf [WIP] Empty Re: Asumu Godai, The Lone Wolf [WIP]

Post by Haruko on Sun May 03, 2015 11:20 pm

Firstly - apologies for the lack of available material for your perusal. we're still re-adding the quincy technique/level sheets, so for that much I do apologize.

That said: it is impossible for any quincy to immediately start at sternritter rank, nor is the sternritter system complete as of yet. you also do not start with that level of techniques available to you, as quincy start, like all other races, with 2 basic techniques alone, gaining more as they increase in rank.

As a result, this sheet is currently invalid as it's currently written.
If you have questions about your sheet, feel free to PM me or one of the other admins - the relevant quincy material will likely be available within the next couple days for you

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