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The reishi/EXP system explained

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The reishi/EXP system explained Empty The reishi/EXP system explained

Post by Ruby rose on Fri Apr 24, 2015 8:24 am

A quick explanation of reishi and stats.

Starring Fukaku Nayamasa.

Hmph. I, Fukaku Nayamasa, am here to explain to you the new system by which we evaluate power. This new system is being put in place in order to make a more balanced system and allow for experience to be more balanced in terms of play. In other words, it’s to help you fools out with little power and allow you to be just a bit less useless to me in combat.

Firstly, there is a new statistic in your character sheet called “Reishi”. this will function much like the old exp system, determining your overall power in every category.

If you haven’t activated your character sheet already, I suggest you hurry to do so. I won’t tolerate or acknowledge your reishi unless you keep your amount written down in the character sheets, and keep it updated, nor are any opponents you fight expected to do so.

What’s that? You don’t know how much reishi you have? *sighs*
Let me put this in simple terms for you, with small words so you crawling neophytes will understand.

Every new character starts with two hundred(200) Reishi.

Reishi increases in one of two ways.
Increases of rank can grant reishi. This is the most common way. Reishi boosts, however, will become less and less common on levelling up as you grow in power.

the same can be said of your available ranks, though I’m told the administration will attempt to make certain that as many ranks exist as humanly possible in order to accommodate your growing EXP bars, with new ones added if new thresholds are reached.

the second way to increase Reishi is to do something, usually in an event, that makes you deserving of extra power. these are given out at the administration’s notice and will be logged. The amount gained depends on the difficulty. Not all events are guaranteed to give you reishi as a reward. Some give other bonuses.

That covers Reishi fairly well. At this point they just need to read the character sheets and - What? I need to cover skill points too? This wasn't part of the deal! Ugh, very well, I suppose I've wasted enough of my time as it is. I can waste a little more.

First, as a very important announcement:

Strengths and weaknesses are hereby thrown out and inconsequential. they are no more.

The system did not work as well as hoped and had quite a few balance issues, so we’re getting rid of it. You may wipe them from your sheet, or you may choose not to, but regardless of the choice you make, they will no longer be acknowledged in any way.

Instead the beings who oversee this site have decided to institute a new system to allow differences in character play

Stat points:

Stat points are similar to strength and weaknesses points, but different in a few key ways.

For one, we’ll have none of that ridiculous ambiguity that strengths and weaknesses possessed.

Stat points are each worth 100 reishi in that specific area.
this means that someone with 500 reishi but 1 stat point in strength will have the strength of someone with 600 reishi, for instance.

stat points stack additively, and there will be limiters on how many you can put into one stat.
you may only increase any stat to the point you double your basic capability in any area
To put it simply:

Your stat points can only double your reishi in any specific area.
In other words, a character with 500 reishi can only have 5 stat points in strength, allowing them to have effectively 1000 reishi of strength. at 600 reish, they can have 6 stat points in strength, at 700, 7 stat points, and so on.

this will be a system that rounds down, so a being with 650 reishi, for instance, may only add 6 stat points to any specific statistic.

Stat points, similarly to reishi, can be gained by ranking up or through events.

if you gain a power that increases your reishi, by some form of multiplier, stat points will not be similarly increased. an ability that doubles reishi, for instance, will not also double stat points.

The reishi/EXP system explained Tumblr_n05ma6gXJh1r5c50bo1_1280
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