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Aloysius Koehler (Cole)

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Aloysius Koehler (Cole) Empty Aloysius Koehler (Cole)

Post by Aloysius Koehler on Sun Apr 26, 2015 9:57 pm

"I have read the RP Rules and agree to follow those rules or accept the judgement of the administration for any infractions I may cause. If I have any concerns or questions, I understand to refer to the aforementioned regulations or ask the staff before proceeding further. I understand that I am responsible for my character's information and actions in the story."
~ Quantum_Rain

Aloysius Koehler (Cole) KqfHPEN

Additional Images:

Aloysius Koehler (Cole) QMJUVZY
Aloysius Koehler (Cole) KfabSYA
Aloysius Koehler (Cole) Wltt4gU

Name: Aloysius Koehler
Nickname: Cole
Title: Gunslinger
Race: Quincy (Human)

~Personal Information~
Gender: Male
Nationality: Germanic
Age: 16
Birthday: January 20th
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 168 lbs (76 Kg)
Build: Athletic, Slim
Skin Tone: Pallor-Caucasian
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single
Tattoos: None
Blood Type: O
Medical Disorders: Mild Autism, Claustrophobic
Physical Disabilities: None

Unique Characteristics:
Cole's eyes, when very passionate, focused, or otherwise emotionally engaged or riled up, will start to glow with flames. When he is more in sync with his Seishin spirit which shares his body, those flames turn to a blue color rather than the normal orange-red.

Beyond that of survival and a normal human education, he has to resort to self-teaching based on what little he had learned from his great grandfather. He also has had some combat training from Fukaku.

Familial Ties:

Alexander Koehler (Great Grandfather) (Deceased, Natural Causes)
Elisa Koehler (Great Grandmother) (Deceased, Natural Causes)
Christoph Koehler (Grandfather) (Missing, Unknown)
Diana Koehler (Grandmother) (Deceased, Natural Causes)
Justus Koehler (Father)
Lydia Koehler (Mother)
Jonas Koehler (Younger Brother)


Cole is a socially awkward foreign exchange student who tends to keep personal affairs hidden from others. Despite this, he tries, and perhaps too hard, to converse with others if only to blend in as well as he can. This tends to fail as while he may smile in joy on the outside, he is as distant as an island to those around him. It is uncertain whether this is out of choice or not.

He can be obsessive at times, and enjoys victory to an abnormal degree. The two combined ensure that he refuses to back down until he is slain, almost regardless of circumstance or the power the opponent possesses. That being said, his intellect, and perhaps luck as well, has kept him alive in the past thus far. He does tend to be lazy when his life or those of others aren’t at stake though…


Hailing from Germany, Cole is a foreign exchange student living in a normal household of familial friends. While he might be abnormal, his caretakers are not, despite them knowing Cole’s actual powers and history. On the surface of things, and for a time now, Cole has adopted the life of normalcy, going to high-school like any normal teenager, having his own hobbies, and hanging out with what few friends he does have. In private, however, Cole can be found honing his skills and ignoring his homework, either out of laziness or disdain… (The morning rushes are a daily adventure, and let’s not even talk about “Mondays.”)

While Cole keeps much of his past to himself, it is known that his great grandfather, though advanced in years and died of natural causes when Cole was eleven, he was Cole’s teacher at the time. When Cole expressed interest in his mentor’s odd “aura,” he was told of what he really is. His grandfather, father, and brother may have the abilities of the Quincy as well, but the grandfather has long since “disappeared,” the father does not speak of it, and the brother is likely untrained.

Cole has two Quincy crosses: One gifted to him by his teacher, which he uses, and the other is his Great Grandfather’s, which he keeps for sentimental value. While only the basics of Quincy powers were imparted to his then young mind, Cole is ever attempting to master his own abilities and acquire new ones. He requested to be a foreign exchange student so as to gain a broader understanding of the world and to learn more of his abilities.

~Profession Information~
Occupation: Quincy
Affiliation: None
Previous Affiliation: None
Operating Base: Karakura Town
Team: n/a
Rank: n/a
Partner: n/a

Quincy Cross (Cole's Grapevine Cross, Alexander's Coptic Cross): The trademark focus for the Quincy, the cross is their central symbol and the means of conjuring the Quincy Bow. The bows are a figurative name, as the weapon can be of virtually any variety or style. Each is unique to the Quincy themselves, and to the cross they bear. Without the cross, a Quincy cannot conjure their bow.

"Nachladen" Ginto Clips: Two specially designed ginto clips that are made to combine with Cole's Kojakus to allow for faster technique charging or improved firerates. They offer a readily accessible source of reishi which Cole can call upon, and automatically recharge after being spent, making them efficient.

~Combat Information~
Combat Style:
Aggressive and quick-moving, utilizing the surroundings as an advantage due to his agility. Several of Cole’s abilities have the capability to charge while in combat. What this would equate to meaning is his attacks would be noticeably weaker while he is holding back absorbed reishi, which will then be used for the correct ability.

Combat Attributes:
Total: (14)

  • Agility (6)
  • Speed (4)
  • Stamina (4)

Reiatsu Color: White with Red Outline
Reiatsu Shape: Eagle
Reiatsu Type: Elemental
Reiatsu Affinity: Fire
Reiatsu Amount: Significant

~Characteristics Of Spirit~
Aloysius Koehler (Cole) ColeMentor_zpsd56ec746
Spirit Type: Seishin Spirit
Gender: Male
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 162 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Unique Characteristics:
-Ages at the same rate Cole does.
-Lacks memories of his previous life.
-Eyes glow like blue flames when angered or happy.

Special Abilities:

-On occasion, he can swap places with Cole, turning into this appearance while his weapons, being the exact same as Cole's, are set ablaze with a blue flame instead of the original red outline.
-His kojakus also use the reverse order of the Quincy crosses that Cole uses.
-He has all the same abilities and weapons as Cole does, including his Kojaku, Ginrei, and later on his Seishin.
-He has one additional ability of transforming his kojaku, of any form, into a blade of flames. (Not learned yet.)
-His combat attributes replace Cole's when the two switch places.
Combat Attributes:

Total: (14)

  • Speed (5)
  • Agility (4)
  • Strength (2)
  • Stamina (2)
  • Endurance (1)

~Release Forms and Techniques~

Base Kojaku Name: Igurutaron (Eagle Talon)
Base Kojaku Firerate: 50 bolts per second
Base Kojaku Appearance:
A white pistol with a red outline and a red Grapevine cross adorning the front, acting as a reticule. The bolts (not bullets) fired from the gun are also white and red in color and can be numerous as well. The gun only fires when Cole pulls and holds the trigger.

--Mastered Kojaku--
Mastered Kojaku Firerate: 100 bolts per second.
Mastered Kojaku Appearance:
Upon further mastery of Igurutaron, a second handgun may be called into existence in Cole’s freehand, and with all the same abilities as the first. This effectively doubles Cole’s firepower and fire rate. One kojaku can be unsummoned for other purposes, but such halves the fire-rate of the kojaku overall. The triggers must be pulled and held for the guns to continually fire

Mastered Kojaku Abilities
--Basic Abilities--
Danmaku (Barrage):

Cole fires his handguns at seemingly random, using either one or both of his handguns to create any size wall or grouping of bolts. The bolts, remaining at where they were placed, then collide upon Cole's command, crashing into any chosen targets at an astounding speed. The bolts can furthermore be manipulated by Cole in-flight, allowing for a number of potential gambits and feints. This technique can be used multiple times before the bolts are even fired, allowing Cole to set up the battlefield. The bolts themselves are the standard fiery bolts that Cole usually fires, and are only dangerous when compounded in this nature. This technique is incredibly easy to use and costs virtually nothing in stamina, but it is more difficult to set-up properly.

For a moment, Cole is able to conjure a third Igurukuro, and then combine them into a sort of tri-hand-cannon. This cannon will then cover the target(s) in a volley of fiery small bolts which combine into a larger inferno, burning reishi away in a decent-sized area. This is a pre-charged ability, and while potentially painful, it does not last long. The bolts and the fire both deal damage if they come into contact with the enemy.
Taiyo Yosai (Solar Fortress):

An ability that allows Cole to conjure small barriers of flames, which can take the form of bracers, greaves, or other means with which Cole can use to defend himself temporarily. These can burn enemy attacks or bar their path, though aren't nearly as effective in physical defense. Their size is quite limited, but it can be used to great effect and is generally easily and quickly made. To be conjured at other locations aside from directly around Cole, it would need to be fired from his kojaku. Longer periods of charging allow for much larger and thicker barriers, though again, it does not take much time for this technique to be used.
Sutapiasa (Star Piercer):

Combining both handguns into one, larger magnum, Cole unleashes a pre-charged beam of fiery reishi energy, which is designed to burn through reiatsu and reishi defenses, as well as pierce the target with pinpoint accuracy. The beams are incredibly fast, but lack much in terms of size, making accuracy a must for them to useful. This can be charged for longer before using this ability to allow additional shots. The beam itself is quite thin however, and thus its power comes in its effects and where it impales the target. (Think like a Cero, but much smaller and less destructive. More emphasis on potency and lethality.) Roughly five beams can be used in one volley, with larger volleys requiring more than one post in charge-time.

--Advanced Ability--
Taiyo Furea (Solar Flare):

Cole focuses his gathered reishi into his kojakus, causing them to catch fire and blaze brightly. For a short period of time, his bullets have a fiery aura, burning through reishi and reiatsu significantly more than before. More time spent gathering reishi, the longer this effect lasts. As well, Cole can expend more energy per bullet for a stronger effect. In essence this technique vastly improves Cole's firepower, making the bolts larger and more potent while not sacrificing fire-rate in the least.

--Ultimate Ability--
Shainingusuta (Shining Star):

Cole takes both Kojakus and unsummons them. Then, several kojakus form around the targeted area and begin spinning wildly around in a spherical fashion, firing incessently for a moment. The bolts fire form a larger sphere shape around the targeted area, preventing any form of retreat, as a large, bright-burning sphere forms from the kojakus and ignites the area in blue flames. The flames themselves prevent movement as Cole holds one palm forward at his intended target. With a dropping motion, the bolts collide into the target, soon followed by the sphere of energy. In all total, the collective energy ignites into a massive inferno of fire and reishi, virtually obliterating the opponent(s).

--Ginrei Kojaku--
Ginrei Name: Sutaraito Igurutaron (Starlight Eagle Talons)
Ginrei Firerate:
They both have a combined fire-rate of one-thousand bolts per second, but have a secondary capability of firing concentrated bolts at two-hundred bolts per second, clearly sacrificing speed for power.

Ginrei Appearance:
Utilizing two Quincy Crosses, his own and his mentor’s, Cole can conjure forth two medium-length-barrel magnums which are connected by a string of reishi that runs along the sides of his arms and across the back of his shoulders. The magnums both have small reticules in the shapes of the Quincy Crosses that were used to conjure them. One kojaku can be unsummoned for other purposes, but such halves the fire-rate of the ginrei as a whole. The triggers must be pulled and held for the guns to continually fire.

Ginrei Abilities:
--Passive Ability--
Shunkan-en (Flash Flame):

While his Ginrei is activated, all Heilig Pfiel that are fired also have a small fire-based bonus effect, applying a negligable reishi-burn effect as well as causing physical fire damage. The reishi-burn effect is minor, but compounds with each successful hit. The Heilig Pfiel are noticeably different as well, being red and aflame, displaying this change in his normal attack.

--Basic Abilities--
Sutakira (Star Killer), Sutafurea (Star Flare), Sutakugeki (Star Void):

-Sutakira (Star Killer) (Basic):
Similar to his previous Sutapiasa technique, Cole concentrates his gathered reishi into both magnums, each now capable of firing a number of concentrated beams of fiery reishi energy. The blindingly bright and lethally fast beams are capable of slicing through powerful reiatsu with relative ease, but lack true firepower if used to counter enemy attacks. However, once they impact against a concentration of substantial reishi, such as the targeted opponent and, depending on how successful it was in piercing their reiatsu defenses, it makes a small detonation on contact, burning away their reiryoku and causing physical burns. If it unsuccessfully detonates against their reiatsu, the effects are negligible, making highly-concentrated defenses effective against the technique. Furthermore, the beam, while blindingly fast, makes a loud screeching sound as it travels through the air, giving opponents a split-second to react. The technique's ability to pierce through basic-ranked and passive defenses and inflict substantial damage with repeated hits, as well as its relatively fast charge-up period make it effective in high-speed combat.

Same-post use - 4 beams
-Noticeable sound when in transit.
-Beam can only fire straight, does not track.
-Deflection negates effects.
-Piercing ineffective against concentrated defenses or counters.
--Some high level basics or advanced and higher techs.
-Pierces through reiatsu.
-Applies physical and reishi burns on target.
--Small detonation provides minor additional damage.

With the activation of his Ginrei, Cole also has access to two different, increasingly more potent variations of his Sutakira.

-Sutafurea (Star Flare) (Advanced):
By increasing the charge-up period and focusing all of the gathered energy into two beams rather than several more, Cole can effectively double the beams' piercing capability and firepower while sacrificing quick usability. Upon successfully charging up, the two magnums turn ablaze with wild red flames, each one capable of firing a significantly sized beam of fiery energy per. The beams are capable of literally burning away reiatsu and reishi as they travel, while not sacrificing in speed, thereby rendering more concentrated defenses ineffective. When the beam nears the target, it splits off into multiple smaller beams that flank them and collide, creating a small detonating inferno to encompass them and deal similar burning damage as Sutakira does, i.e. inflicts more severe burns and damages reishi/reiryoku. The limited number of shots, coupled with the longer charge-up period make this technique require more planning. Furthermore, it has the same weakness as Sutakira, with its screeching sound giving the target a split-second to react, though at a close-range, this weakness is negated.

2 post charge - 2 beams
-Noticeable change in appearance.
-Noticeable sound when in transit.
-Beam can only fire straight, does not track.
--Smaller beams have limited tracking ability on target in order to surround target.
-High capability to pierce enemy counter-attacks.
-Burns through reiatsu.
-Detonates on contact with opponent, engulfing in a small inferno.
--Applies a substantial physical and reishi burn effect on target.
--Beams cannot slice through opponent, but can cut if grazing hit.

-Sutakugeki (Star Void) (Superior):
With an even more heavily increased charge-up period as well as a higher cost in general compared to Sutakira, Cole can increase the potency and explosive effect of his attacks even further. Sutakugeki allows Cole to fire two highly condensed beams, held together and refined by his reiatsu. Similar to ceros, the beams are smaller than even normal Sutakira, and pack more of an explosive punch on impact. As well, its small form allows it to pierce through defenses even more effectively than before, potentially punching through and engulfing multiple targets in a row or piercing through enemy counter attacks and burning them away with explosive, blue infernos, depending on the strength of said targets, though the effects of the beam degrade with each pass. It is furthermore even faster than a normal Sutakira, though as it is fired, it produces an ear-piercing roaring sound, akin to a sonic boom. This sound is their only warning short of the magnums having a blue-blazing appearance during charge-up. The technique, however, can be exhausting if used repeatedly, even more so than other superior-ranked techniques, and the two shots cannot be fired simultaneously or sequentially without a short break in-between.

3 post charge - 2 beams
-Noticeable change in appearance.
-Highly noticeable sound upon firing.
-Exploitable pause in-between beams being fired.
-Can be exhausting to use more than once or twice.
-Beam can only fire straight, does not track.
-Can only pierce multiple targets if it can cut through the one before.
--Piercing ability and detonating effect degrades with each successive hit (halved damage each pass).
--Can be stopped from slicing through with strong enough defenses or substantial reiatsu.
---Detonation effect still applies on impact.
-Punches through reiatsu with ease.
-Can pierce multiple targets before stopping (up to 3).
-High speed limits reaction time.
--Applies a physical and reishi burn effect on each.
--Detonates on each impact.
--Targets can be substantial (Basic+) enemy attacks in this instance, not just people.
---The higher the tech rank, the less effective the beam is at cutting through it, depending on circumstances and tech effects.
Hoshi Kishi (Star Knight):

An upgraded form of the Taiyo Yosai (Solar Fortress) technique, Hoshi Kishi (Star Knight) has more flexibility and potency when used. As before, it can create barriers when fired normally like a bullet, but the range has been substantially increased, and the size of the barriers are even more adaptive, capable of forming into different shapes or sizes, with limitations on how far it can stretch. The larger it is, the weaker the barrier is overall, as it stretches to cover the area. Furthermore, the barriers can be infused with more reiatsu, to create tighter nets designed to be physical barriers as well, though doing so increases the drain on the user. The barriers, as before, still burn reiatsu and reishi on contact with enemy techniques, though the physical variant can cause very minor damage to enemies as well. It is quickly charged and can be repeatedly used, though it is ineffective against more powerful techniques.

Same-post use - Limit of 2 normal or 1 reiatsu-enhanced
-Ineffective against advanced+ techs.
-Destroyed by more powerful basic techs.
-Does not cover all angles.
-Larger barriers are weaker than smaller ones.
-Burns reiatsu and reishi in enemy techs used against barrier, on contact.
-Very minor damage against physical opponents on contact.
-Can block physical and reishi or reiatsu based attacks.

--Advanced Abilities--
Moeru Yoake (Burning Dawn):

By channelling energy into himself, Cole is capable of unleashing a number of energy beams from the chains, with each beam acting as a small missile. Each beam is similarly shaped as such, and are designed to cut through what they can and then detonate in a flurry of fire. Each beam can be guided and controlled by Cole, and are quick and agile. The beams can be used to target multiple targets, though that depends on Cole's ability to keep track of them. They detonate on contact, catching said target, or targets, aflame. While a single missile's effect can be negligible, a compounded effect is more painful, capable of burning away an opponent's reiatsu and reiryoku, as well as inflicting increasingly more serious burns, all in preparation for a potential follow-up attack. There are, normally, sixteen beams that emerge from the chains on Cole's back, though the number can be increased or decreased in accordance with how much time Cole had to prepare, with it potentially being half or double that number.

Each beam has a similar effect, though substantially weaker unless in numbers, as Sutakira beams. They are of a similar speed, however, and obtain the ability to change directions to make up for the lack of piercing ability. The technique requires a minimum of a two-post charge time, granting eight beams, with a four-post maximum granting up to thirty beams launched. The ability can be used at any range, and the beams emit a similar sound to Sutakiras. Furthermore, the chains grow medium-sized reishi wings when charging up, offering another warning sign to those that are aware.

2 to 4 post charge - 8 (2), 16 (3), or 30 (4) beams
-Noticeable change in appearance.
-Highly noticeable sound.
-Beams rely on Cole's senses and reflexes in order to track targets.
-Inflicts increasing physical burns with each hit.
-Inflicts increasing reiryoku damage with each hit.
Goka (Hellfire):

Cole's magnums glow a bright blue and catch fire, also blazing in the same color but with a black outline. For a single post, when activated, Cole's magnums are akin to flamethrowers, though with a catch. His Kojakus emit beams at first that break off into wide-angle  of fire that are designed to catch multiple targets aflame and even burn the surrounding environment if uncontrolled. This offers Cole a close to medium-ranged attack to deter close-combat scenarios, as the flames are blisteringly hot, causing reiatsu to burn and inflicting substantial burn damage on a target. The flames also linger on a target, fed by their reiatsu until being self-extinguished a post afterwords, or by a logical counter even earlier than that. This attack can also be used to literally melt cover away. Furthermore, the range can be adjusted from medium to close-ranges, allowing some on-the-fly adjustments as needed.

2 post charge - 1 post use
-Obvious attack is obvious.
-Noticeable change in appearance.
-Not long-ranged.
-Does not burn reiryoku or reishi on contact.
-Lasts only one post.
-Burns reiatsu on contact.
--Effect lasts one post past tech being used.
-Can melt/blast through some forms of cover due to extreme heat.
-Inflicts physical burn damage on contact.

--Superior Ability--
Washi Dageki (Eagle Strike):

A powerful technique that forsakes all defenses in an effort to burn away a single target in a blazing cataclysm, it requires a significant amount of reishi and time to prepare before it can be used safely. Unsummoning his magnums, Cole conjures a cross shaped like his own Quincy Cross, metallic and covered in swathes of fire across its design. The cross itself is the arrow, with which Cole takes aim and launches with a single motion, casting it at an astounding velocity at its target. The arrow, while in transit, appears to screech like a bird, giving some warning before impact. Before impact, it detonates in a brilliant blazing twister reaching up towards the sky. The blaze encompasses a significant area, being roughly fifteen meters in diameter. Those unfortunate to be caught within the twister are burned alive, the flames intense enough to leave the surroundings charred and burned. The flames are designed to cause intense burns and burn away reiatsu and reishi in equal measure, with the currents intended on deflecting some of the enemy's attempts at retaliation upwards. The overall inferno lasts a single post, degrading from the ground up and leaving a thick flurry of burning embers and ashes in its wake, and until the effects die out or are neutralized in some way, Cole is unable to perform any other techniques and is lacking his magnums.

4 post charge - 1 spear-like arrow cross
-Long charge up period.
-Very noticeable sound.
-Area Effect large, but still limited.
-Arrow lacks tracking ability once fired.
-Caster unarmed until effect is countered or ended.
-Intense flames cause severe burns and reishi burn.
--Reiatsu ineffective at defending against fire's effects; burns reiatsu.
-Basic ranked techniques are largely deflected by the flame's currents when it erupts.
-Arrow design and vast speed permits some piercing ability; basic-ranked defensive techs ineffective at blocking.

--Ultimate Release--

Likes: The color crimson, victory, Stargazing.
Dislikes: Losing, large groups of people, personal questions.
Favorite foods: Spicy foods
Least Favorite foods: Cooked Vegetables
Theme song(s):
Main Theme:
Aldnoah Zero - Bre@th\\less -a0v ver- (Sapphire Cover)

Battle Theme:
Resident Evil 6 - Heat on Beat 2012 (Mercenaries Theme 1)

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Updated theme music and redid Ginrei abilities, awaiting re-approval.
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Aloysius Koehler

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