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Post by Jason Reeds Thu May 07, 2015 4:17 am

Basic Character Attributes:
Measures physical strength and capabilities. Good for melee-focused characters, where sword strikes and hand-to-hand combat are improved.

Measures overall movement speed, improving both ones combat speed and reflexes. It does not improve the maneuverability of a person as Agility does. Good for offensive and dodge-heavy characters that do not want to invest in defenses.

Measures maneuverability and the speed of body limbs, as well as the reflexes required to utilize them properly. Good for offensive and dodge-heavy characters. It does not improve movement speed like Speed does.

Measures the ability to maintain in combat scenarios for longer periods of time than average. All techniques and maneuvers use Stamina, and without any Stamina, a character will be unable to fight. Good for all characters.

Measures the ability to survive attacks without any other defensive technique, with little to no penalty to one's stamina. Does not offer protection against loss of limbs or functionality of other body parts if hit with a powerful technique. Good for all defensive characters.

Combat Style Specific Stats:
Measures the overall ability to hit a designated target exactly, repeatedly, with little to no deviation. Good for ranged characters or those that require precise targeting of abilities.

Measures the skill at which one wields a blade, as well as the effectiveness of techniques that utilize bladed weaponry. Good for melee-focused characters, such as Shinigamis.

Measures the skill at which one can fight at close range, without any weapon, as well as the effectiveness of techniques that require unarmed combat. Good for melee-focused characters that lack any weapon, such as Reiki Users.

Shinigami Only:
Measures the effectiveness and power of all Kido abilities. Excellent for Shinigamis that rely on Hado or Bakudo to supplement their combat styles.

Quincy Only:
Measures the effectiveness and power of Ginto techniques. Good for spellcasting Quincies that rely less on other techniques and more on their Ginto abilities.

Measures the effectiveness and power of Blut techniques. Good for Quincies that rely on physical abilities over range or Ginto. Especially good with Seele Schnieder heavy characters.

Hollow Only:
Measures the effectiveness and power of Cero techniques, increasing their overall damage potential. Good for Hollows that rely more on techniques than physical confrontations.

Reiki User & Human Only:
Measures the effectiveness and power of reishi-based techniques. Good for human characters that rely less on the power of their physical capabilities and more on their other techniques.

Former Combat Strengths not recognized as stats:
Durability - Combined with Endurance.
Precision - Combined with Accuracy.
Reflexes - Combined with Speed and Agility.
Intelligence - No longer clearly improves anything in combat.
Hoho - Secondary speed stats not allowed.
Reishi Absorption - Disapproved as a stat.
Zanjutsu - Same as Swordsmanship.
Hakuda - Same as Hand-to-Hand
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