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Akumu (VI. Hollow)

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Akumu (VI. Hollow) Empty Akumu (VI. Hollow)

Post by Akumu on Wed Jan 28, 2015 5:56 am


Akumu (VI. Hollow) 6Hollow_zps5a0b29ce
Akumu (VI. Hollow) Akumu_zpsfa8b7eef
Name: Unknown
Nickname: Akumu (悪夢: Nightmare) (Known Title)
Title: Master of Deception
Race: Hollow
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 162 lbs
Gender: Male
-While on missions or other assignments, Akumu wears a black cloak adorned with blackish-red symbols along the arms. It most closely resembles a trench coat than a normal cloak.

Eye color: Red
Hair color: White
Tattoos: N/a
Medical disorders: N/a
Blood type: N/a
-Akumu’s personality is dark and sadistic, enjoying the pain and torment of others. However, he has a more clam, stable side to his personality. He ultimately has an unstable mentality, a dual-personality disorder.

Combat Style Description:
Akumu fights erratically, but to a tactical advantage. He switches his tactics often, all the while exploiting the weaknesses displayed in others, and while analyzing their thoughts for other clues to how best to torment and break them.

Base Reishi: 2500
Available Skill Points: 35
-25 from Reishi.
-10 from rank ups.

Combat Attributes:
Total: [35]

  • Strength [12]
  • Speed [8]
  • Agility [4]
  • Stamina [4]
  • Endurance [4]
  • Cero [3]

Hollow Hole Location: Left Eye
Mask Remains: Base of the neck & around the left eye

Resurrection Name: Pesadilla (Nightmare)
Resurrection Description:
Due to the nature of Akumu’s powers and personality, he is in a constant resurrection state. He retains his sword and doesn’t appear to be in a resurrection state, but he has constant access to his powers and his spiritual pressure would defy such assumptions, where he not to keep it suppressed when necessary.

Resurrection Abilities:

Analizar (Analyze): A passive ability that Akumu wields is the ability to read the thoughts of his opponents. This is a powerful ability, in which it allows him to ascertain what his opponent will do next, whether they act on instinct or calculate their approach.

Mente Aplastar (Mind Crush): By boring into the thoughts and emotions of his opponents, Akumu can literally bend, remove, or create new desires or motivations in his opponents as he sees fit, altering their personalities and fighting styles. This ability can be resisted by those of strong wills and stable mentalities. As well, Akumu has a difficult time altering deep-seated desires.

Realidad Fractura (Fractured Reality): This ability allows Akumu to alter the perceptions of his enemies. In this way he can deceive his enemies to percieve him as either their friends, to percieve others as enemies, hear things that aren’t real, see hallucinations, etc. The effectiveness of this ability is largely determined by the victim’s mental state. Stable-minded individuals will not be affected by hallucinations or hearing non-existant things.

Volver a Escribir (Rewrite): At the peak of his abilities, Akumu is capable of outright rewriting the personality, the very essence of a person. While the changes are temporary should Akumu be defeated, they can be drastic and soul-shattering. This ability requires Akumu to have weakened the target significantly, both physically and mentally, before being capable of such high-level manipulation.

Extirpar (Eradicate): Akumu’s most powerful ability is to leave his opponents devoid of intelligence, of personality, of self-awareness. Akumu does not lock away such facets of the targets, but outright obliterates them, leaving no traces behind. This ability still requires the target to be weakened enough mentally and physically for this to occur, and it drains Akumu considerably to do so. However, it is an absolute victory, leaving the opponent’s disarmed and lifeless almost. Eternally crippled.

Bio: Akumu as a being is an oddity amongst the other hollows. He is, in truth, two hollows sharing the same host body, occasionally swapping between one and the other, and both having drastically different personalities altogether. How this came to be, as well as why he is serving Fumetsu, is unclear, but one thing is certain. Neither hollow will waste a second obliterating the enemies of Fumetsu.

Boss Theme: (Code Geass - Nightmare)

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